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Israelis defend Palestinian bookseller
Published: 11.04.11, 07:45
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1. This is an excellent bookstore!
ER   (04.11.11)
It is a center for peaceful meetings between people of different backgrounds. So why not give the owner permanent status?
2. Indoctrinating Diplomats with Pali Propaganda.
Moish ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.11.11)
I'm happy they're going to deport him, I doubt he carries anything Israeli in his bookstore. I guess Journalists and Diplomats only want to go from the Bar to a Pali propoganda library, if it's within stumbling distance.
3. #2 how can u talk about a book store u've never been 2?
that's like the height of showing your stupid proudly!
4. Israel annexed e.Jerusalem in 1967 after
jason white ,   afula, israel   (04.12.11)
the jordanians invaded and conquered it in 1948. The jordanians destroyed the Jewish Quarter, destroyed Jewish houses of worship, desecrated the Western Wall and used Jewish tombstones from the Mount of Olives cemetery to build latrines, stables and pave roads. If these authors are for this bookseller, then he should be deported today. What they think is good is bad for Israel.
5. Do I understand this properly?
shira z ,   J'slm, Iseael   (04.12.11)
The article states that after the 1967 war, "Israel... offered locals citizenship, but many refused, not wanting to accept Israeli sovereignty." If I understand correctly, the gentleman in question refused Israeli citizenship when such was offered to him. Why should we now have to afford him the rights that go along with the citizenship that he refused?
6. ~1, #3
Non-Jew ,   England   (04.12.11)
You might want to read this: #1, I think we can see that, although this store may serve as a meetingplace for people of 'different backgrounds', most of them will probably be people of just one particular ilk, this being one that is antagonistic to the country they are in. Why would any country wish to bend its own immigration laws to retain an illegal immigrant who is, at the very least, engaged in providing a 'meeting place', plus a cornucopia of propaganda, to abet those involved in / intending to attack the legitimacy of that country? Surely the man would do much better to sell up and move to, say, Jordan or Egypt, which have massive populations in comparison to Israel, the majority of which would undoubtedly lap up this kind of literature - the man would clearly make a fortune! (I assume, of course, that he could cope with the restrictions this would place on his lifestyle: if he is reluctant to move to such a country because the associated lifestyle restrictions would be intolerable for him, then why is he hypocritically abetting attemts to inflict them onto the Israeli population ?)
7. Only in Israel someone born on the has less
Abdalla   (04.12.11)
Rights then a Foreigner
8. Please educate yourselves
Dr. Smith ,   USA   (04.16.11)
@5 I don't think you know what you are talking about. The gentleman would like to recover his right to live in Jerusalem not his Israeli citizenship which he never had and most logically does not want to have. Israel unilaterally annexed East Jerusalem in 1967 an act uninanimously not recognized by the international community and every ruling from Israel related to is considered void by international law. I strongly recommend you to educate yourself about this issue before making inaccurate comments. @6 You are so wrong!!! The man is not an illegal immigrant. He is a Jerusalemite. Illegal immigrants are the Israeli settlers of East Jerusalem and any other parts of the West Bank You too should educate yourself before making such embarrassing commente
9. Fed up with leftist treachery.
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.02.13)
Israel needs treason laws with teeth and leaders with the guts to enforce them.
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