US to help pay for Iron Dome
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 11.04.11, 08:36
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1. "Israeli" survival depends on American taxpayers!
Salma ,   Palestine   (04.11.11)
America deserve most blame for Mideast Peace dilemma. America cannot be an 'honest broker' between us and "Israel".
2. See What Happens with Budget
Mark ben Josuf ,   USA   (04.11.11)
They are cutting food for children and health care for the elderly, probably. Our own military is short of spare parts to keep ships in the water and seaworthy. And last week they almost cut off shipments of bullets and food and fuel resupply to troops in battle. It just might be that Israel will have to tax itself. It is almost certain all foreign aid will be on the block, along with our military, food for the poor and the elderly - all to preserve the bonuses for Wall Street bankers and hedge fund managers so they can drive the economy into the ditch, AGAIN. The new age of the Robber-Barons is upon us.
3. Most frightening of all is ...
Ashira ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.11.11)
... to think about what concessions Israel was manipulated into giving in return for the extra defense monies. Perhaps we would be better going it alone with fewer Iron Domes, our amazing IDF/IAF and most importantly of all, Divine Providence and Protection! It would cost a lot less than $205 Million for a little bit of teshuvah.
4. after recieving money the Dome will be mum
observer ,   Egypt   (04.11.11)
extorting money and raising the spirits are good enough objective.
5. When this is going to end ? ,...
split ,   US   (04.11.11)
We're borrowing money from China so we can give it to Israel ,...
6. Ooooo thanks very much!
Talula ,   Israel   (04.11.11)
Obama has now gone from minus 100 on my human rating scale to minus 50. Keep it up!
7. #1 tut tut tut Salma
Talula ,   Israel   (04.11.11)
Why don't you try and find out where all the billions of dollars are hidden that Yassa Arafat stole, which was destined for the Palestinian people. Or, better still, let's fast forward to today. Where isHamas getting all the money for missiles and weaponry while most Palestinians don't have food or jobs? And let me tell you something, no-one gives grad rockets for free. Do you HONESTLY think that the USA would give you billions of dollars worth of ammo to use to destroy my country? Think again. And while you're thinking - and I know it's hard - but while you're thinking, try and get a clear vision in your head about the who is to blame for the real conflict over here.
8. They should pay for it seeing that they forced
david ,   uk   (04.11.11)
Israel to leave gaza
9. Salma
Ilana   (04.11.11)
while you may wish you were correct, you really are not. Things are not so simple, black and white.... Explanations are unnecessary as I dont really care enough about your "sophisticated" opinions to bother getting into the issue. But more importantly, where do the Gazans get their support and money and weapons from? What does your survival depend on? Who?
10. Salma, these are not even offensive weapons
Boaz ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (04.11.11)
Do you approve of hamas targeting our children with missiles?. And Mark, #2; try to look at this this way. Every life saved will be buying American products. Will that make you happy or are you just pretending to care about the American economy?
11. #1 Utter rubbish
Jay3 ,   Israel   (04.11.11)
You falsely claim that Israel depend on Americas to survive?????? Is that why Israel had a 60 billion dollar surplus last year?
12. We need the money, becuse we have to
jason white ,   afula, israel   (04.11.11)
fund anti Zionists with our tax money. We must stop giving money to all anti Zionist groups. No more child allowances to subsidize draft dodgers and parasites.If all those that did not serve in the I.D.F. were to pay a 100 shekel tax for each member of their family that did not serve we would have enough money each month to pay for two or three Iron Dome batteries. We have to stop taking aid from the U.S.Let them instead guarantee to sell us a minimum of $5 billion a year in weapons and ammo.And not to sell, give or lend hi tech weapons to our enemies.
13. That's right 1 & 2. Israel is the 'big bad wolf'
Ypip ,   Canada   (04.11.11)
who blows houses down. Care for extra bacon?
14. money should come from palestinian taxes
eddie ,   london UK   (04.11.11)
as compensation for war crimes
15. Beggars from Ur
Nour ,   One-State   (04.11.11)
Old habits die hard?
16. I have a question , I need honest answer plz.
Salma ,   Palestine   (04.11.11)
Can you imagine "Israel" without Mama America?! Babies need Mothers.....don't they, Talula ?!
17. #1 no
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (04.11.11)
There are two winners and one loser from US funding. The first winner is the corrupt Israeli elite who live well from the money. The second winner is the Arabs. US funding of corrupt politicians and Leftist NGO in Israel is the only reason that the fake refugees still demand Israeli land. The only losers are Israelis who are told that "victory" is cowering in a bomb shelter while blustering IDF generals say they could win a war but they are too humane. #2, #5: please demand that the US stop sending money to fund the Arab-Israeli war. We don't want it.
18. salma
JK ,   Israel   (04.11.11)
And Gaza survival depends on Israeli Taxpayers. Enjoy the 15,000 tonnes of aid we send you every week and the buckets of cash while Hamas fires missiles at oiur civilians. Also the Americans gave you more money than they gave Haiti. The difference is we put it to good use.
19. turning a blind eye
Ilana   (04.11.11)
Salma and Noor, even when you cover your eyes, the truth is still there.
20. Hush Hush... The American Taxpayer may wake up.
Peter Morris ,   New Zealand   (04.11.11)
Many federal and state government activities are being curtailed in US but always the politicians who rely on Jewish funding are only too willing to sacrifice the livelihood of their constituents to support Israel. Much of the funds Israel gets from US are indirectly put through the American system which in turn is siphoned off to pay politicians and media. A circle that is hard to break and given the level of understanding by Mr Average American will continue for some time.
21. #15
James ,   Herzeliya   (04.11.11)
Palis receive 7billion in aid every year...and have nothing to show for it. Who is the beggar?
22. #1, #15 Haha! World's biggest schnorrers are preaching!
Tahl   (04.11.11)
How much money did the PA schnorr from Europe and the US? Do we see any evidence of this money being used for a good purpose? Aside, of course, for Karine A, the Victoria, the shipments in Sudan, and Suha Arafat's wardrobe?
23. @12 Pay for your own war
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (04.11.11)
We need our money. Israel has enough money. We are a poor country and can't afford to give our hard earned tax dollars away. This is not our fight. That 200 million dollars can go towards scholarships for college or American teachers who barely earn $5,000.00 dollars a month. I support Israel but not with my tax dollars. It is a wealthy country relative to it's size it should raise taxes and let its people pay for it. Israeli's earn more money than Americans and the cost of living in Israel is lower than in America. Also get rid of the draft and pay your soldiers 10-20 thousand NIS a month you wouldn't have draft dodging problems. This is what the US does.
24. I'm an American tax payer.
TheAre ,   Brooklyn, NYC   (04.11.11)
And I'm happy some of our tax dollars go to supporting Israel. I never would go to the army in the US but if Israel was to be attacked tomorrow then most of the men in our family and many of our friends would go to fight for Israel by any means possible.
25. How much goes back into the US economy?
Racheal ,   Rehobot   (04.11.11)
It would be interesting to see where that money goes. Is it like arrangements of the past where the money went back into the US or does it stay in Israel? Anybody?
26. #15, you know the "Palestinian" economy
Danny   (04.11.11)
is over 50% aid right? You are also aware that US aid to Israel is around 1% of Israeli GDP or 0.02% of US GDP?
27. #20, yeah when the US taxpayer
Danny   (04.11.11)
finds out that he can't get a big mac meal because of Israel he will go nuts. 3 billion per person in the US is 10USD. You know of course the US was giving 700million a year to Lebanon and well over a billion to the Palestinians. How angry do you think US taxpayers would be about that?
28. Your friend with the deep, deep pockets
Cameron ,   USA   (04.11.11)
29. #5 You gotta appreciate the twist of fate, split
Tahl   (04.11.11)
A mere few days ago, you were gloating and sneering about how much money is being sucked out of Israel's economy, when a $40,000 missile is used to intercept a "$100 flying pipe made in Salma's garage". Now it turns out the last laugh is on you. Your tax money is being used to protect Israeli lives. Cheers mate.
30. To: No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.11.11)
The United States can benefit from Iron Dome technology, because it does not presently have in its arsenal a missile defense system that does what the Iron Dome is designed to do. The United States only has long-range missile intercept systems. That said -- what have the ersatz "Palestinians" done for the United States lately? For that matter, what have the ersatz "Palestinians" done for ANYONE lately? Massacre a sleeping family? Attack a school bus? Quite a resume the ersatz "Palestinians" have there, Salma. You must be so proud.
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