Israel claims Russian missle hit school bus
Itamar Eichner
Published: 11.04.11, 15:57
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1. good article
mohson   (04.11.11)
putin will sell israel out in a second purusing his dollars and geopolitical interests.. Many kornets are in hamas' hands and even more weaponry that will surprise. Weinstein had better not indict lieberman as israel needs him going forward. He is worth 2 divisions, the arabs are scared of him. Without him, barak either presses for a ceasefire like in this instance or waives the white flag of surrender when he advocates concessions because of the diplomatic tsunami. The hell with ban ki moon, tony blair and ashton and lavrov. Enough israelis have died becasuse of them. Bibi, don't get taken in by lavrov's assurances most of which are based on bald faced lies.And do not let barak handle sensitive military technology on his own as he is weak and he will sell it or give it to russia as he did drone technology and even you with the russian real estate in jerusalem.Russia is now spying on us and turning it ov er to th arabs. Do not sell iron dome technology to russia or its satellites and certainly not turkey. In fact, it should not be sold to anyone for some time as the united states has been very lax about paying their investment portion and had nothing to do with the R & D.
2. They also using M 16's there, there is need
Shmulik   (04.11.11)
to hault all US weapon shipments to the region till we find how it gets there.
3. unlike other countries russian sells to the highest bidder
zionist forever   (04.11.11)
They do not worry about how its going to affect local politics only money. If somebody wants to buy a Russian missile or if Iran wants Russia to build them a nuclear power plant if the buyer has their wallet open Russia will sell.
4. Diplomacy?
solomon ,   bklyn   (04.11.11)
Not "diplomatic crisis" but "crisis" without the diplomacy. Agreed with #1 that Israel is acting like a 'frier'; It sells technology to Russia (drones) while Russia sells technology to the arabs (missles) and Iran (nuclear technology). [Nuclear technology is nuclear technology; it doesn't have to be directly related to bombs. Bad enough that all nuclear technology is at least indirectly related.] Yes, Russia didn't sell the arabs their #1 missle, but is making up for it by selling them their #1-1/2. They are taking Israel for a ride. Open your eyes, please!
5. Israel Again Backs Down With Hamas, Why?
Noah Lev ,   HollywoodCAUSA   (04.11.11)
War crime, and what will Israel (and the UN) do about it? Going to the UN is a waste of time (futile). Israel has a few choices. Severe its relationship with Russia, which is counter productive. It could harm Syria for giving the missile to Hez/Hamas..and/or, strike harder at those terorist groups (called "militants" by reporters. If a group hit a US school bus in Cleveland, would they be called militants I wonder? Israel must get on with things, and not dwell or focus on Goldstone. (The harm has already been done). It can destroy the flotillas...get US promise of Obama's posture at the UN this summer, hit Hamas harder and no cease fire. So far, typicaly, its backing down from striking Hamas harder. The US tells Israel what to do, when there are strings to its larghesse and payment for Iron Dome, still a defensive system. Its called the M.E. guys.
6. One way to counter ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.11.11)
... this new and troubling development is for Israel to go ahead with the arms deal with the Republic of Georgia that the Russians hate so much and actually applied considerable pressure on the Bush White House, which got Israel to agree not to go ahead with the deal. Well, Bush is no longer in the White House, and there is no love lost between the State of Israel and Hussein Obama. Putin thus has considerably less leverage. If the Russians won't stick to their agreements and the results produce issues for Israeli security, then Israel can play the same game. I assure you that the problems that Putin has in Chechnya will seem like child's play when Ossetia and Georgia get thrown into the mix. It's not as if Russia doesn't have a LOT of problems on a LOT of fronts. They do need to learn to be a bit more circumspect with respect to the countries to which they supply arms, and where those arms are likely to end up. An arms deal between Israel and the Republic of Georgia would be just the ticket!
American ,   Los Angeles   (04.11.11)
Turkey is playing a big role along with Iran and Syria arming hamas and other islamic jihadists.
8. To Sarah B.
Peter ,   usa   (04.11.11)
Your talkbacks are always so good and I have agreed with every one I have read. You are definitely a smart dude, as they say.
9. #6 Sarah B: you cannot be serious...
Rafi ,   US   (04.11.11)
...suggesting that the solution to this situation is to provoke and threaten Russia? Just what Israel needs to do now - burn more bridges! Thank goodness you're not handling foreign policy. What Israel (and IDF) really should consider is re-occupying the Philadelphi axis in Gaza to sharply reduce the cross-border and tunnel smuggling.
10. 16 year old boy declared clinically dead today
justin ,   tel aviv   (04.11.11)
the boy who was hit was officially pronounced clinically dead today. Hamas targeted a school bus with an anti tank missle how typical
11. Renounce Road Map obligations unless Quartet boots Russia
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (04.11.11)
Russia can not participate in the Quartet while supplying arms to Hamas. Israel should demand that Russia allow an immediate international investigation, with full transparency, of the exact origins of the Kornet anti-tank missile that hit the schoolbus. Russia must then cancell all arms, spare parts and ammunition deals with the buyer nation that obviously transferred the Kornet to Hamas - a full and permanent embargo. If they refuse any of this, Israel should refuse to recognize the legitimacy of the Quartet and all past Road Map obligations until Russia is booted out and the US imposes stiff trade sanctions against Russia for being a state sponsor of terrorism, as US law requires.
12. The poor Bus...Another ORCHESTRATED EVENT...
hsrvey g ,   chadds ford pa   (04.11.11)
The Gaza theater is like a THEATER on Broadway...Israel controls all...
13. Israel's biggest mistake was...
Ted ,   UK   (04.11.11)
to stop "Cast Lead" operation before eliminating Hamas from gaza altogether...
14. Israel, why NO RESPONSE???
sk ,   USA   (04.11.11)
If the media does not inform the world that HAMAS shot an anti-tank rocket into a SCHOOL BUS, then bring this to their knowledge by OVERWHELMING DESTRUCTION of HAMAS Leadership's homes and businesses ... to bring this horrific war crime into the forefront of news. Most people will definitely understand Israeli wrath for targeting a bus with school children in it!!!!
15. Must stop the Israeli offensive
moha ,   ramallah   (04.11.11)
Must prevent the missiles of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinians, the Hamas government and right to possess what you want, is clear that Netanyahu is lying to everyone to stay in the position
16. rafi # 9
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (04.11.11)
There are no bridges between Russia and Israel. In the long run it is better to stand up to a bully which in this case is Russia. Sarah B has the right idea. Eventually Russia is going to try to invade Israel no matter what Israel does. Peace comes through strength. If Russia or anyone else wants to dish it out then they shouldn't be surprised if they have to take some of their own medicene.
17. The Rocket.....The Bus... ...Follwo to #12
Harvey G... ,   Chadds ford USA   (04.11.11)
....The US just made the PAYMENT of the $200M for the System...This whole exercise was for this... Israel will not attack Hamas..A matter of fact..they are THANKING them.. and who gets screwed...The American TAX payer...
18. reliable friends
Alexandre Chinovich   (04.11.11)
Friendship with Russia is more dangerous than that with Turkey. Mr Erdogan is what he says. Mr's MedPut look friendly but make love with our enemies.
19. 9 - dont waste your time on 6 and 16
Mark ,   NYC   (04.11.11)
those are the types that think the US will collapse with no Israeli support and the world would just go to pieces. They really do not belong here but in some institution but that is horse of a different color.
20. Sarah #6-better pressure point would be UAV cooperation
Stephen in New York   (04.11.11)
Not a good idea to provoke the Russian bear, especially in Georgia which the Russians consider to be “near abroad,” I.E. in the Russian backyard. A better way to go would perhaps be to restrict or modify Israeli UAV cooperation with Russia, something of great importance to Russia.
21. # 10
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.11.11)
Justin where did you get the information from that the 16 year old youth,who was critically wounded by the Hamas missile, is "clinically dead"
22. So what?
Salma ,   Palestine   (04.11.11)
Would you declare war against Russia? but wait a minute, Russia is not a weak or defendless country, "IDF" can not act there, right? : )
23. #8 Peter I Think Sarah Is A Women
Brazen   (04.11.11)
so to refer to her as a dude? Very informal.
24. Harvey #12: Usually I don't pay
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (04.11.11)
attention to your uninformed statements, Harvey, but we may have lost a boy today as a civilian casualty to Hamas and its brother operatives. In Israel, every life is appreciated and valued and we mourn those who have been injured, maimed or have died due to terror attacks including the severe ones which have been activated of late. For Jews, it is as though a member of our family has been hit. So when you make fun of the death or critical injury of a young male who absorbed this blow while riding on a school bus, I do take umbrage. I find it, above all, shameful that Ynet allows you to comment. Regarding your address, Chadd;s Fod, Pennsylvania, that is also the home of the great American painter, Andrew Wyeth. I think you put your own home town to shame when you publish your miserable posts. I'm sure the folks in Chadd's Ford would isolate you entirely if they were aware of how you desecrate their beautiful town. Just thought I'd let you know.
25. Russia wants Jews and arabs to kill each other off ..
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (04.11.11)
they don't care who wins or loses - they are for only themselves.Russia would like to own the entire region. Never trust Russia. Or the west - as they will say a big empty silence over this outrage. Trust only yourself Israel.
26. Arabs just understand "Putin Lunguage". Liberman now this.
ROSENVALD ,   BRASIL   (04.11.11)
Liberman is the new "Arick Sharon",the arabs fear him. He will finish with hamas and guet philladelfia border whit Egipth,and after this he will be deal betterr then Olmer and Barack did after the lebanon and Gaza war.
27. Mark # 19
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (04.11.11)
Thank you for not wasting your time on me. I appreciate it. You probably couldn't give this board a better gift.
28. # 27
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.11.11)
ROFL ! 10 gold stars for you Eaglebeak.
29. To: Peter at No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.11.11)
Thank you very much for your kind words, Peter. Permit me to point out, however, that I am a "dudette."
30. To: No. 9
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.11.11)
I am perfectly serious. First of all -- we don't HAVE a relationship with Russia. Does your idea of a "relationship" with a particular country include that country deliberately undermining and harming you by allowing the sale of weapons to countries that are state sponsors of terror (Iran, Syria) when they know perfectly well that those arms will end up in the hands of terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah? Mine doesn't. 2. Don't worry about "provoking" Russia. I cannot remember the last time they voted on the same side as Israel in the General Assembly, let alone the Security Council. 3. The Russian bear has lost its teeth and claws. Have you seen what is happening to them in Chechnya? I'm not all that concerned with "provoking" Russia or in enhancing a non-existent relationship with them. Frankly, if they think that their relationship with Israel includes providing relatively advanced weaponry to Iran and Syria (who promptly share it with terrorist organizations sworn to Israel's destruction), then there is no reason why our relationship with Russia should not include selling weapons packages to the Republic of Georgia. (By the way, in the event you haven't noticed, the Republic of Georgia has been a consistently loyal friend to the State of Israel. Which is more than can be said for Russia.)
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