Live from the bathroom – Lieberman
Published: 12.04.11, 00:08
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1. so what?
lol... ynet, your content is deteriorating with each day...
2. hahahahahahahahaha....
Dana Rothschild ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.12.11)
I can;t remember when I laughed with tears streaming down my face... :)))))
3. Did he wash his hands after? Could water be heard running?
ben yaacov ,   herzliya il   (04.12.11)
4. Actually very clever !,
Dan ,   Canada   (04.12.11)
Kol hakavod Avigdor!
5. interview
Menti Rosso ,   NYC   (04.12.11)
can't be true, you are kidding... he did it? I can't stop my laugh. He is certainly unique! can't be true. Post the section of the interview please so we can all hear it.
6. Avigdor
Fabio ,   Argentina   (04.12.11)
We need him like prime minister of the world!!!
7.  “bathroom incident”
RC ,   USA   (04.12.11)
Hahaha. Maybe just talking about Hamas makes him want to take a dump, and like they say, when you gotta go you gotta go. At least no one got a whiff of it over the airwaves.
8. i better than what clinton was doing
david ,   usa   (04.12.11)
9. ROTFL I love this guy! What a message!
Jew   (04.12.11)
10. This guy is great!
Sonny ,   New York, USA   (04.12.11)
11. Bathroom
Chuck ,   San Francisco, USA   (04.12.11)
President Lyndon B. Johnson famously used to carry on political negotiations while sitting on the toilet, so the precedent is there (as well as the odor)
12. LOL, only in Israel.
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.12.11)
13. I guess the editors of ynet are like pharaoh
Chuck ,   USA   (04.12.11)
They don't ever use the bathroom. Do you have nothing better to report? C'mon what a ridiculous piece of trash article!
14. Anyone Who Is Above Using a Toilet is Justified to Complain
Dallas ,   Canada   (04.12.11)
Otherwise let it go and laugh!! Besides, best to put it in the context of the conversation about Hamas! Funny!!
15. I'm sorry, but I absolutely love this guy...
Jeff ,   Chicago, IL   (04.12.11)
16. Funnier Than American Politics
emanon ,   USA   (04.12.11)
17. Love Lieberman...
Malone ,   Hfx   (04.12.11)
That's what he thinks of Hamas,lolol.Probably pals in general.
18. people who do NOT flush toilets
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (04.12.11)
People who do NOT flush toilets after they use them are not qualified for public office. Liebermann is showing the world that he IS qualified; this we can not say about Barak!!!
19. Chuck, So You and the Rest of the Far Right Say
Nicole Czarnecki ,   B'HaGalut   (04.12.11)
The point was how low class FM Lieberman was.
20. It's about TIME he did to to the media what you do to HIM!!!
Evgenia ,   Tel Aviv   (04.12.11)
21. other sound effects....
Mea   (04.12.11)
Squeeking bed springs...IDF Raid Whoopie Cushion.... Horn blasting.... Wolf call....
22. no worse than
Aryeh ,   Bat Ayin   (04.12.11)
that momzer who has no birth certificate 0bama putting his feet up on the desk that is the property of the American people and showing us the soles of his shoes when talking on the phone to our elected Prime Minister
23. Lieberman is taking the ME war of water to a high level,
observer ,   Egypt   (04.12.11)
24. PR for new Jewish invention of automatic flushing
observer ,   Egypt   (04.12.11)
that works with every live radio interview,
25. Classic!
Dan the Jafa ,   Auckland, Aotearoa   (04.12.11)
Such a terse message. Such a clear meaning. New Zealand can only dream of politicians of his caliber.
26. lol
darryl ,   israel   (04.12.11)
its the most intelligent thing that liberman has ever done
27. Next interview will be from his prison cell
Haim ,   Tel Aviv   (04.12.11)
28. Proof that Lieberman is full of shit.
Reb L. Yell ,   Carmiel, Israel   (04.12.11)
29. Live from the bathroom?
Marco ,   Spain   (04.12.11)
This confirms what I have always thought about Lieberman: HE IS FULL OF $HIT...
30. I am ashamed to be an Israeli.
Yunan Amram ,   Israel   (04.12.11)
Look at the role models for our kids: Katsav: ( A convicted rapist), Olmert: (Indicted for corruption), Netenyahu: (Investigated for theft and double billings), Lieberman: ( Will be indicted in the coming few days for corruption)
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