Report: 60% of poor Israelis work
Avital Lahav
Published: 22.04.11, 13:14
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1. "Weak enforcement of labor laws" - not partial to Arabs
5th generation ,   Israel   (04.22.11)
The trend of employers hiding extra hours to justify paying less than minimum wage is a fashionable enterprise affecting many Jews in Israel. This especially affects workers in education and healthcare, who do nothing less than enable the success and survival of the very people who break the law untethered.
2. Eat the rich.....
Alfie Knowkes ,   Golan   (04.22.11)
Agree with #1 about law enforcement; people are unable to declare their mis-treatment for fear of losing the small salary they have. Typically people like to portray the "poor" as lazy, the working poor sticks a pitchfork in that concept. Tax breaks and labour law enforcement are the way to go.
3. Israelis must decide who WE are...finally
EZ ,   US   (04.22.11)
The new generation Israelis have no doubt, swung in the direction of liberty to the extreme and naturally so. We' e partied it up to squelch the horrors of war, terrorism and the Arab worlds hatred of us. But just how long can we keep avoiding the task of defining ourselves. How long can we put our destiny on the backburner? The wage disparity in Israel...the distance between the haves and have-nots is the most extreme in all of mankind. Whatever happened to tzedakkah? What happened to the natural reaction to brotherhood amidst the hatred the world spews on us Jews? Division has always played a central role in the multitude of times we Jews failed, fell and collapsed into uspeakable ruin. We Jews seem hell bent on skirting any resolution to our deep, ugly and horrendous divisions. A little taste of freedom seems to have thrown us into a drunken stupor of irresponsibility or outright fanaticism. From the unrealistic beliefs of the left to the stalwart mindset of the right and the blatant prejudice of the haredi, any "middle road" we Jews have taught the world has disappeared into the oblivion of Our Balkanized social spectrum where Jews embrace the enemy and turn on each other, seek solutions from those who want our demise rather than holding dialogue between's no wonder there are still poor, suffering Jews and a rising handful of rich that holds billions over the heads of the hopeless. We self-righteous Jews have turned our survival instincts against each other and unless WE open a dialogue we each other and face the ugly threat from within...we just might have to settle for life in a permanent diaspora. Perhaps we are indeed foolish enough to let it happen again? Ashkenazim berate the mizrahi, Beta and ME Jews, religious turn in their secular brethren, "intellectuals" turn on the well-being of ALL of us Jews while the EU and UN tear us down peice by piece. It is a sad time in Jewish history to see so little cohesion, self-control and love. From the outside, one doesn't need to be pushed into saying: "what the hell is wrong with these people!? How many times do they need the opportunity to get things right without destroying themselves from within?" It's time to make a choice people: we live or dissolve: what's it gonna be?
4. 60 percent of poor
Marlene   (04.22.11)
Another factor is the high number of olim coming in with high degrees and not finding jobs due to their lack of Hebrew and the arduous job of upgrading their degrees in Hebrew, Another factor is the low minimum wage, it is an absolute disgrace. Add to that the high rental costs,high charges of arnona, water, gas, cell phones, land lines and exorbitant cost of food, these are the main reasons of why people are poor in Israel.
5. I've worked an entire lifetime here in the Golus
aL   (04.22.11)
and I have observed that Jewish Employers in general treat their Jewish workers like shit. They wouldnt dare treat a non Jewish worker like that or else they would have their heads handed to them That has been my observation. That golus mentality has been carried over to Israel and so most workers in Israel dont make a decent living wage. Its too bad, as this obviously detracts from israels capabilities. In effect you lose good people who up and leave for better climes.
6. Working Poor
Ian ,   South Africa   (04.23.11)
To no #4 you are correct I was one the individuals who made Aliyah but failed due to the costs living in Israel , I simply could not survive so with a heavy heart I had to go back to South Africa at least I have a decent job and not have to eat one meal a day. Another reason is the protexia mentality that has taken root is killing the country. Many say if you want to make it in Israel you will , well many have come in with reasonable expectations but have not. I only hope that the streets of Israel do not go into a state of rage like the Arab world .For the wealthy what happened to them during the French revolution will not suffer the same consequences !!!!!! As a coutry cannot have a handful of rich families enjoying the benifits of a country and in the process running raquets for everything due to their monopolistic behavour.
7. Ramon, Peretz, Anei
The Last Zionist ,   Eilat   (04.23.11)
The 3 stooges of the "new" Histadrut have recreated an organization that supports very few, very well off workers and sells out the rest. The histadrut itself in it's institutions supports the use of imported workers and fly by night "manpower" companies. When alternatives arise as at the the Open University, Anei joins with the management to try to bust the workers organization.
8. # 6 @ Ian
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.23.11)
Ian I was sorry to read that you didnt manage to make it in Israel. Did you not know at the time the SA Federation could have been of help to you?
9. The other israel newspaper must change the name, " Gazaa
ROSENVALD ,   BRASIL   (04.23.11)
The other israel newspaper must change the name, for " Gazaaretz"
10. The fiction of Unemployment in Arab sector
Carl   (04.24.11)
Statistically there is high Arab unemployment because much of their economy is under the table to evade taxes. Go into an Arab village. look at the houses and cars and tell me if you see poverty.
11. Age discrimination
Tel Aviv ,   Israel   (04.24.11)
If you are over 35 in Israel good luck! If your lucky you can be a mall security guard.........makes me sick and wanting to leave with a heavy heart which I plan to do at the end of the year........
12. Keeping workers poor is...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.24.11)
shortsighted. With less buyers,average price of each product gets higher.Result,less and less buyers. Finally,stop production.
13. Ora : Less demand = prices down
Charles ,   Petacfh Tikva   (04.25.11)
This is the way it goes . Those producing want to sell , so they lower their prices .
14. 5 Al, Orthodoxe employers ...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.26.11)
are(at least should be)respectful towards their workers.There are many laws about that.
15. Poverty
Michael Pielet ,   Boca, usa   (04.26.11)
This article is very misleading because a high proportion of arabs work for cash. Arabs as well haredim work in a cash economy. That way they receive all of the welfare benefits.
16. #10
Michael Pielet ,   boca, usa   (04.26.11)
#10 is absolutely correct. go to wadi ara and see how the wealthy arabs live. Only the frier Jews pay taxes.
17. Producers are not benefactors!
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.26.11)
No profit, result :no more production. As simple as that.
18. Producres LOWER their prices
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (04.27.11)
and still earn money . Big demand = price rises . Less demand = prices down . Some told that they have many friends . I know them : the PC , the screen and Ynet . Poor people .
19. 18 and still earn money? hmmm.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.27.11)
Tell the poor people,that the only way to have friends,is to be a friend.
20. What is the poverty level?
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (05.10.11)
It is funny they mention economic disparities but they never tell you what an average salary is and what is considered the poverty level. Are they ashamed of what the average Israeli earns compared to it's counter part in Germany or the US? Or do we have to guess or do research. Well I know that if I earned 30,000-40,000 shekels a month and lived in Israel it would be extremely difficult considering cars, gasoline, food, clothing is almost double as in the US and if you want comparable housing forget about it.
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