Quartet meeting on Mideast delayed following pressure from US
Associated Press
Published: 12.04.11, 20:52
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1. It is evident who the trouble maker is.
Al Mujahid   (04.12.11)
2. The US merely stopped an initiative it initiated in the...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (04.12.11)
...first place by way of putting pressure on Israel. The Obama White House, having felt the resistance from the American voters to his hostile ttitude towards the nation-state of the Jewish people, its leaders, its institutions and its people, pretended to back away from his hostile attitude, having requested the EU country to appear to take the lead. Now, that Obama's White House realizes that Israel has RED LINES with regard to its national and security interests, and the Muslim-Arab leadership, e.g. PLO's PA, has no intention of ever accepting Israel's right to be, to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish people, and has no intention of accepting a peace treaty as the "end of the conflict and end of all demands", the Obama's White House has no choice but to back down, instructing the Europeans not to push. I wonder what will be the next tactics of the President with so much built-in hostility towards Israel, its democratically elected officials, its institutions (Israel Supreme Court is one) and its people....?? It is time for a change....!!
3. #1 Al Mujahid,I'm muslim too.Don't be Mujahid only for Arabs
ihsan ,   Kosovo   (04.12.11)
A racist bloody "bankrupt" Quartet that was watching Srebrenitza later Kosovo until US. They HATE Camp Bonsdstell. In Muslim Kosovo you can see flag of Israel everywhere. During Bosnian War, Germans were sending food aid parachutes (over Muslim villages) which was only PORK. This Quartet is loosing economical ground against Asia & America slowly, day by day. This Quartet's banks are full with toxics and submerged with Trillion Euros. Stop irritating Middle East with your evil, insincere plans. Hypocrite Bloodsuckers. Merkel will solve the middle east conflict. Haha..made my day.
4. Europeans are not pro peace
uria   (04.12.11)
Europeans are anti - Israeli They just want their peace and do not care if it's on the Israeli account Of course they do not realize it would not help them They will be criminals thare will be still terrorist attacks
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (04.12.11)
The Arabs do not have any unified government to make deal. So really what's the point? It seems the others in the Quartet just don't get it. First, Fatah and Hamas are in a civil War.They have been unable to resolve their issues. Hamas started killing people in drive-by shootings immediately when talks were to start last year. Second, we have seen recently (last 2 weeks) within Hamas, there is a rift in leadership. The Political and military leaders are in fight about who is in charge. So there is NO chain of command in Hamas anymore. How can this obvious split be ignored by the UN, Britain, EU etc., and they want to go forward? When there is NO clear partner? Bizarre to say the least!
6. democratic security
Only Thus   (04.12.11)
The one state for two people already exists and is the best option for the next many years . The arab population in israel increases and this is good very good . But the jews must control security for the jews are the immense minority in the world .
7. Not right time for Obama running
Osborn ,   USA   (04.12.11)
for re-election after he just lost control of US House of Representatives and of US Congress; and US opinion against him on the issue; as Japan faces a Chernobyl disaster which atomic agencies knew weeks ago; while Hamas is split; and Abbas' office term expired two years ago and will loose next election, while the EU counties face economic melt down, and France, NATO are rudderless in Libya which drains US economy more; and he does not know what will happen in Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Tunisia etc, as Syria kills its dissenters. Bumbling Obama is panting to keep up with his changes but still wants to step heavy on Israel's neck "when time is right" as Iran builds atomic weapons aided by Pakistan and North Korea. What good change has he brought ?
8. the Quartet... Fixing the World
Amir ,   Rishon   (04.12.11)
Nothing else in the world needs fixing, right? If only they get to vote on the Israeli/Palestinian peace issue, the Messiah will be here. Lybia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, the Ivory Coast, Ireland, Syria, Egypt..... all will be resolved once they can deliver another slap to Israel - the world's greatest problem.
9. By read the daily comments, I know why Israel has image prob
Neo ,   EU   (04.12.11)
By reading daily news, on several newssites, including israeli media, its easy to understand why Israel has a image problem. Typical jewish comments are like, "Israel is perfect, we never make anything wrong, but everybody is against us and everybody is antisemit and nearly every country and folks do or did (in history) a crime"..
10. # 2
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.12.11)
In the meanwhile Bibi is considering plans to hand over more territory to the Palestinian Authority-more retreats in Judea & Samaria.
11. #2, Jehudah, you are absolutely right...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.12.11)
Hussein Obama is Israels most dangerous enemy, far more dangerous than the European wimps... He is just holding back, because the US election is drawing nearer, but he certainly will try to pull off yet another dirty trick at the very first occasion... Too bad, that his buddy Assad from Syria has come into some unexpected political turmoil...
12. 2012 election gearing up
Rachel ,   US   (04.12.11)
Obama can not get into a mud fight with Israel now even if he wanted to. Abbas should have taken advantage of Obama's first 2 years in office. He could have gotten pretty much what he wanted.
13. 9 Where did you see that the Jews say that Israel is perfect
uria   (04.12.11)
Besides your reaction By you are trying to blame your hatred on Israel You just proves Europeans are anti - Israel
14. #9 Neo - PROVE it!
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (04.12.11)
Do show SPECIFIC posts that SUPPORT your claims regarding comments that carry these EXACT words : - Israel is perfect - we never make anything wrong, but everybody is against us - everybody is antisemit (sic) - nearly every country and folks do or did (in history) a crime
15. borders
colin   (04.12.11)
The quartet do not know how to handle the arabs states EG Lybia Tunisia etc so they try to keep their sick filty ideas in pushing Israel The islamic american president feeling the power of Israel also knows he will not be able to push his anti-Irseal anti semetic attitude and has lost his attempt to regain the presidency and now wants to get back in the jewish favour TO LATE FOOLS jEWS WILL NOT ALLOW ANOTHER HOLOCAST
16. #9 Neo, do me a favor
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (04.12.11)
Do me a favor and compare Israel's defensive action against Hamas in "Cast Lead" against the US/Europe massacres in Libya. I will help you: Motive: Israel defense against Hamas genocide vs. US/EU greed to steal Libyan oil Legality: Israel acted according to legal norms of self-defense vs US/EU illegal regime change, encouraging rebellion and sneak attack Results: Israel kills only 1 civilian for every 3 dead Hamas soldiers, an unprecedented low rate vs estimates of 2 dead civilians for every dead Libyan soldier due to indiscriminate US/UK and French aerial bombardment of cities.
17. Prepare yourself to annexation
Yossef   (04.12.11)
18. Obama, the Un-Bush or just W. with a hipper groove?
Chris ,   Dallas, USA   (04.12.11)
Obama has been weakened since he came into office vis a vis his stance on things Arab. Oh, yes, he was going to bring peace to the region and be the Un-Bush, which lasted about six seconds in terms of human history. Still, should he be re-elected as Prez he could bring more focus to the Arab Israel conflict. It all depends on how he views his party in the long run, which is pro-Israel by huge margins in terms of actual power. Will he thwart both the Congress and his own party in order to further his ambitions in the region or was his whole schtick in 07, 08 just a slap in the face of W. Bush for tactical purposes? We shall see.
19. Quartet
Max ,   Washington DC   (04.12.11)
The "Quartet" should restrict its activiities to making music and not pre-empt "Peace" negotiations by promoting their version of what borders and other security issues Israel must comply with. The last thing this world needs is another terrorist supporting state!
20. Of course it is not the right time
Cynic #2   (04.12.11)
It coming up to election time in the USA and because AIPAC and ADL say so.
21. Well, #9 does have a valid point, Israel Israeli
Cameron ,   USA   (04.12.11)
You are indeed the biggest pack of prima donnas on the planet. You have friends in the US, but we do weary of that posture, and, on a certain level, we are amused to see Obama spook & rattle the Hell out of you. The alliance is secure, but he did at least serve a useful end in that respect.
22. #5 Very lucid and well put .
Keren ,   IL-BR   (04.12.11)
23. Jehudah # 2. Thanks for being so correct about our President
Sarah ,   Washington, DC   (04.12.11)
and the way he attempts of fool the entire world, including the American voter. I am a liberal, not a conservative, but President Obama has caused me to re-think my opinion about the the Democratic Party.
24. #20 cynic...and wrong
solomon ,   bklyn   (04.12.11)
If AIPAC and the ADL had one one-thousandth the power you want to imagine, there would be no problem. The 'problem' is it's all in your wild imagination.
25. "wasn't the right time"...aka...
Greg ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (04.13.11)
...Obama is praying for the 3rd Intifada from his Muslim brethren.
26. Of course it's the wrong time . . .
Shaul ,   Sheboygan   (04.13.11)
Next week, Opposition Leader Zippi Livni will announce the formation of the Kingdom of Palestine which will be ruled by the dynasty of Hosni Mubarak.
27. #21 Cameron - well, Israeli does have a valid point
Chris W ,   Australia   (04.13.11)
You Americans are indeed the biggest pack of "holier than thou" pricks on the planet. You still have friends in the world but we do weary of that posture, and, on a certain level, we are amused to see the Arabs, French, Brits, Russians and the Chinese spook & rattle the Hell out of you. The inter-state alliance is secure, but the O did at least serve to be a useful idiot in that respect.
28. Well that's alright, #27
Cameron ,   USA   (04.13.11)
The final cynical grin is always ours when you, inevitably, come to pound on the door to beg favor in handling this or that problem. So it was in the past, and so it will be in the future.
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