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Observing Shabbat in Gambia
Itamar Eichner
Published: 20.05.11, 14:28
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Ester   (05.20.11)
2. Evangelical Christians ... living as Jews
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (05.20.11)
They sound like Messianics to me. "Tell me, what do you think of Jesus?" a "Jew for Jesus" asked me many years ago. Had the Ambassador asked that same question, he might have been surprised by the answer.
3. Are all of You insane? These are not Jews!
Phoenix ,   Israel   (05.20.11)
Who makes this insane articles? These are evangelical NON jews from a third world country. Non Jews are JUST non Jews. Why to waste a second of time on these people? All the Thirdworlders suddenly want to be Jewish in order to scape their countries.
4. Christians would never convert to Judaism
cynic   (05.21.11)
with out some sort of ulterior motive such as a desire to live in Israel. If you are brought up as a Christian you have an inbuilt unshakeable perception that Judaism is backward and that Christianity is a modernisatiion of an ancient religion that had become empty rituals. You only have to read about Jesus to see how he despised the rabbis of his time and their ideas.
5. african jews
wamuwi changani ,   Zambia   (05.21.11)
I wish African understood their real heritage as part of Israel .
6. Craving for Judaism
Hopefully their craving for Judaism is for the Torah and not the Judaism of many of the talkbacks including #'s 1, 3, and 4.. That kind of Judaism is racism not Torah. If you would hold out an olive branch to those coming nearer to Torah you would see the world change for the best!
7. Not Jews
Jake   (05.21.11)
8. #4, cynic, As a non believer I know ...
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.21.11)
I read a lot about Judaism and Christianity and know that Judaism needed improvement from its original version. So, from 2100 years ago Christians have "worked on it." I don't know whether the New Testament is a better writing than the Tanah (the Old Testament,) but I do know for sure that the hatred inspired by the Tanah is not present in unbiased Christian sermons. There were periods of hatred in Christianity, such as during the Inquisition period, but the political and economic causes to these aberrations to unbiased religion are well understood. So, I know that what you say, namely " ... Christianity is a modernization of an ancient religion that had become empty rituals." is intellectually correct.. However, I would be pleased to know you are seeking intellectual truth and not making here a hateful statement.
9. Gambian Jews
Michael ,   Victoria, Canada   (05.21.11)
I open the gates and welcome anyone who wants to be a Jew or wants to have a relationship with the Jewish people. I want to see Judaism blossom, as it should, throughout the world in its many, many forms.
10. (ex-)Christians for Judaism
Boaz ,   Israel   (05.22.11)
It's an interesting phenomenon this change from Xtianity to Judaism. There are dozens of communities all over the World, mostly in Latin America. We must receive everyone who's really interested in becoming a Jew, no matter where they come from. Some comments here are totally racist. If they were rich white evangelical christians, I doubt some of these comments would be done. Anyway, we have to watch careful about these people. Recently, I've heard about a Mexican man who passed an orthodox conversion in Israel and is now a messianic minister in Cancun, Mexico.
11. #8 What did you read
Eliyahu Konn ,   Powell, OH USA   (05.22.11)
Did you read the Tanakh in Hebrew? You wrote, "I do know for sure the hatred inspired by the Tanakh?" Maybe you could cite just one of places in the Tanakh you are talking about. There are no empty rituals in the Tanakh but there are many empty heads spouting things they know nothing about!
12. Support them
Aryeh ,   Israel   (05.22.11)
Even if they're not really Jewish, their connection to the Jewish people and support for the state of Israel is a strategic asset that should be cultivated.
13. #8
zion ,   israel   (05.22.11)
By hatred you wouldn't mean like the inquisition, pogroms, worldwide imperialism, racism and genocide and of course the Holocaust that the Church has funded, sermonized and push since its conception??
14. to #4 we pray from the same books
ghostq   (05.22.11)
actually the first Chritians were jews, so much for your blatant pointless BS.
15. to #8 only spanish Catholics did the inqusition
ghostq   (05.22.11)
pogroms weren't done by church order in east Europe, imperialism was mostly in Afrika by the Brits Queen order, you just named every event that isn't related to one another, with more than one type of Chritianity. it as if you will accusse SK with the fish situation in the Nord area
16. Can we swap them with Shas ?
Haim ,   Tel Aviv   (05.22.11)
At least they would work to earn a living.
17. Respect
Morris ,   New york, USA   (05.22.11)
Despite their love for Israel - the difference between Jews and Evangelicals needs to be RESPECTFULLY pointed out. If they want to support us then we should not turn them away. It's not a sin for them to support Hashem's nation.... its quite the opposite.. it's ideal from a gentile nation to support Hashem's people - Dont disrespect them or anyone, because that will turn them into our enemies - aside for making a large-scale Chillul Hashem..
18. #11Eliyahu, Tanah in Hebrew
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.23.11)
Yes, I read the Tanah in Hebrew. Not a bad reading along with "1001 Nights." The biggest mistake is the "ata bhartanu mi kol ha'amim." This has bread hatred for millenia and is being changed to "ata bhartanu im kol ha'amim." Also, in my opinion, the Commandment number 3 is a great mistake. Hopefully I have answered your question. I did look up your website and will look in it some more when I have nothing better to do. This kind of "work" must be keeping you off the streets.
19. Jesus Christ is the head of their "shul"
Daniel ,   Kinshasa, DRC   (05.23.11)
Having lived in The Gambia as the only frum Jew there, I know very well that these folks are not Jewish in the least. They stem from an evangelical group from Nigeria which has "kohanim" as their spiritual leaders in their central Bais Hamikdosh where they shecht chickens. Their literature is clear: Jesus Christ is the head of their church. While I hosted some for Shabbos, they are NOT Jews and this seems like a typical African scam to get money for nothing...
20. you are a racist
paul mcshane ,   u dont need to know   (04.11.19)
go home you racist
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