Israel’s pacifist tragedy
Giulio Meotti
Published: 12.04.11, 23:26
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1. I can understand Arna Mer
Yossef   (04.13.11)
I have been one of them, I believed in the same utopia. But now game changed.
2. Useful idiots: take note ( they dont want peace)
3. How is working in Jenin different from living in Itamar?
charlie ,   USA   (04.13.11)
As I understand the Jewish narrative this is all part of living and working on the land and making it safe for Jewish settlement. So why is this author so against working in Jenin, but NOT so against living in Itamar?
4. does this mean that all leftists r Arab wannabees? Really?!
Ivory Ebony ,   Israel   (04.13.11)
"Mer’s lineage comprises the entire history of Israel’s anti-Zionist Left. He was the son of an Arab Christian who was among the founders of the Communist Party, the Red Bolshevik utopia that rejected the Zionist plan, was loyal to Moscow and pushed for a bi-national state."
5. Murdering pacifists: PA is DEFINITELY ready for statehood!
EZ ,   US   (04.13.11)
Uh...ofcourse these murderous bastards will kill a pacifist...or any other person who is not one of them, including their supporters. Look at Rachel corrie: she stands in front of a bulldozer while her cowardly male and female compatriot palis hide behind the dunes of dirt at a safe distance. She's warned, doesn't move, driver doesn't see her...now she's dead. Pals are the most cowardly group of terrorists which is why they use children and emotionally distraught women to set of suicide bombs (which they test on donkeys---really! Just ask PETA!). You'd think the idealists out there would realize that "supporting" terrorists is pointless, fruitless and dangerous, but unfortunately NOT. And look how they end up! The only way to help the pals: kidnap their children, raise them in a normal, loving environment and when we have enough them: give THEM a state. But, with thes idealist lefties, talking to them is like talking to a brick wall that barks, bites and hates anything or anyone who isn't exactly like them. Pitiful.
6. #2 Some of them do not want peace
Yossef   (04.13.11)
a useful idiot ;-)
7. Was Juliano Mer-Khamis a pacifist? Hardly
Lbnaz   (04.13.11)
From the New York Times: "During this period, some of the budding actors became hardened fighters; many others died. The youngest of them joined Islamic Jihad and was killed in a clash with Israeli soldiers. His brother, known as the joker of the group, went on a suicide mission with a friend, fatally shooting four women in the Israeli town of Hadera before police officers gunned them down. A third led a group of militants and was killed. Today, the core of the Freedom Theater staff and its supporters say they do not oppose armed struggle and that the Palestinians may resist the Israeli occupation by all means." So not opposing armed struggle and supporting both "resistance by all means" and a one Arab Islamist state from the river to the sea to replace Israel, as well as glorifying and encouraging suicidal combatants who target and have targeted non belligerent non-combatant civilians in Israel for murder made Juliano Mer-Khamis a pacifist according to Meotti? Even Juliano Mer-Khamis rejected pacifism as his ideology in the following excerpt from an interview he gave: "What we were doing in the theatre is not trying to be a replacement or an alternative to the resistance of the Palestinians in the struggle for liberation. Just the opposite. This must be clear. I know it’s not good for fundraising, because I’m not a social worker, I’m not a good Jew going to help the Arabs, and I’m not a philanthropic Palestinian who comes to feed the poor. We are joining, by all means, the struggle for liberation of the Palestinian people, which is our liberation struggle. Everybody who is connected to this project says that he feels that he is also occupied by the Zionist movement, by the military regime of Israel, and by its policy. Either he lives in Jenin, or in Haifa, or in Tel Aviv. Nobody joined this project to heal. We’re not healers. We’re not good Christians. We are freedom fighters. … Art, in our case, can combine and generate and mobilize other aspects of resistance. All I care about is resistance. I’m not doing art for the sake of art. I don’t believe in art for the sake of art. I think art can generate and motivate and combine and create a universal, liberated discourse. This is my concern about art. On the other side there is the therapeutic level, and the therapeutic level is not to heal. This is very important if you can point it out — it’s not to heal anybody from his violence. It’s to create an awareness they can use in the right way. Not against themselves." Meotti should stop aping Amnesty International's Orwellian language when it comes to any war criminal who targets Israeli Jews for murder and instead stick to Mer-Khamis' own words repudiating any pacifism on his part and stick to dictionary definitions for pacifism.
8. Biggest ommission-Rabin.
Avi ,   NYC, US   (04.13.11)
How could the writer forget the best example of a peace seeker murdered by a terrorist, i.e.-the murder of Yitzhak Rabin?
9. Barbaric..
RJK ,   Canada   (04.13.11)
comes to mind. This paints a picture of incomprehensible butchering. It makes one wonder of the actual possibility of creating an environment where these individuals become part of a common goal. That goal being the advancement of the Pals society. At every turn we are confronted with the reality that they don't want to change the status quo. So very many who have made the attempt(even the mere mention of the word co-exist)of both entities uniting in working together, for a common good, have paid the ultimate price, their lives. What other message are we to take from this action, and so many others similar? A hand, like a word, the first step in any attempt at assistance, is quickly and maliciously amputated. That is the least...what comes next,... amputation of the head(Itamar). How, do you begin the actual process of assistance then? When one tries...their very life is in the balance. What is the message we should take from this action and others similar. It appears, the picture being painted is that they(Pals)don't want anyone to do anything that even resembles changing the way things are, the status quo. How else are we to interpret their actions? They have been given(continuing) humungous amounts of financial aid, with the donors thinking that in itself will provide them with what they need. It sure ain't workin. Irony on irony...so many other groups in similar, if not worse need would be gobsmacked and quick to utilize in self-advancing fashion. Yet here, the opposite seems the norm. So how are they to be addressed? It begs the question. Is it more than likely that they would be better served to not be served at all? Perhaps, they would prefer it just that way. They must enjoy the world they currently live in. The most certainly don't wish anyone to change it. Are their very actions not speaking volumns to that reality?
10. insane leftist's still don't get it,and never will
chaim.s ,   54th st. brooklyn ny   (04.13.11)
don't you delusional leftist's realize by now,that the arabs don't hate us because we are building in YESHA,no'they hate us because we are jews and live in their middle east,for them it is a religious hatred,which will never go away.as long as there is one arab living in Israel,there will not be peace,the ONE and ONLY solution,is rabbi Meir Kahane's solution,THEY MUST GO
11. Written with compassion, a remarkable article.
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.13.11)
Thank you Mr. Meotti. I have no doubt the Pacifist movement will go on in Israel. Like the Quakers, who opposed the U.S. entering the Second World War and who are continuing believing Pacifist ideas will prevail, the world wide Pacifist movement is going strong. Although religiously based, the Quakers gave the U.S. two Presidents who were secular, of course. Secular Arna Mer and her son will be the heroes of Israel for a very long time. Eventually, they will be the heroes of Palestinians also, but not in my lifetime.
12. You equate anti-Zionism with pacifism?
Tahl   (04.13.11)
There is absolutely nothing which even remotely resembles "pacifism" or "idealism" in opposing the right of Jews to have their own homeland, and voicing support and understanding for violence and suicide bombings for the purpose of driving the Jews out of Israel. I believe the words "terrorism" and "fanaticism" are much more appropriate. So let's set the record straight. Juliano Mer was no pacifist and no idealist. He did not believe in coexistance. He was a fanatic terrorist-supporter.
13. Mr. Meotti: Juliano Mer-Khamis despised
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (04.13.11)
the state of Israel. He once "mooned" a group of Holocaust survivors. I've seen him in Tel Aviv. He always wore black, supposedly in honour of the poor Palestinians driven to "despair" by their Jewish counterparts. He did a good deal of harm to Israel in the international stage. He was a pretentious man who did not deserve our country and enjoyed taunting us yet he was buried, not in his "beloved" Jenin amongst all his "cohorts" but in a Jewish cemetery in Israel next to his mother. Those former five students you write about who became suicide bombers was not by chance: They imbibed and believed all the hate-filled stories about Jews and Israel Mer-Khamis dramatically related time and time again.
14. Mer was WHAT?!!: a pacifist?!! Are you out of your mind?
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.13.11)
15. Israeli pacifist? It is one of the most agressive creatures.
tanya ,   tel aviv, israel   (04.13.11)
16. No better than Orwell's pacifists
Ilan ,   Ariel   (04.13.11)
Orwell criticized the pacifists of his day as "objectively pro-Fascist". Israelis supporting PA terrorists who murder children in their beds are no better, and arguably worse since they know who they are supporting.
17. LMAO @Meotti...
If Juliano Mer Khamis isn't a pacifist (which it doesn't look like he was, at least not in the tradition of Gandigee or Martin Luther King Jr) then Meotti's whole argument falls apart. At the moment his whole argument is very transparently right wing!
18. show me your friends and I'll show you who you are
golan ,   Modiin   (04.13.11)
this guy was not a pacifist. His friends were terrorists. He mad propaganda videos for terrorists. He excused, supported, and helped these terrorists. Pacifist my A..
19. And Arafat as well as Hitler were pacifists
Moshe ,   Netanya   (04.13.11)
Hitler was against unfair treaty.
20. A much older reason
Rinah   (04.13.11)
The reason Juliano stood for Israel (like many others among the Arab brethren) is probably because he was one of the lost sheep of the House of Israel. i trust he has a special place in the world to come.
21. LOL, Michael #11
Tahl   (04.13.11)
"Arna Mer and her son will be the heroes of Israel for a very long time"? Perhaps as much as Ann Coulter will be the hero of America for a very long time. Probably even less.
22. conclusion
droreidhen ,   israela   (04.13.11)
no beleive on the arab sory if i dont know to write but i hope that the massage anderstand
23. This is one Mer we can spare
HaifaGuy   (04.13.11)
One more self-hating venom-spewing death-loving judopervert killed by his own brethren. Which makes him ONE LESS! Living with scorpions expect no puppy love. Salamat, Jew-liano ))) PS Oh, and i still dont believe in Jew/Arab marriages, call me a racist.
24. HaifaGuy you're right!
C.d.G. ,   italy   (04.13.11)
Was he a pacifist or a terrorist, or maybe a wonderful experiment of arab-jewish blood, or even one of those famous idealist-marxist? Who cares. The main thing: he's gone. By hand of their friends. There's justice from above.
25. Pacifism is the ultimate enemy
American Sabrah   (04.13.11)
Most people - particularly from the left wing segment have fallen victim to pacifism. Its a very unfortunate tragedy.When you are living in a bubble of illusion envisioning a Utopian society that doesn't exist thus refuse to reconcile with reality is proven to be very self destructive. Sure I would like to witness a day where we can coexist peacefully but until that time comes, I have to come to terms with the barbaric nature of our enemies who seek for our demise.At this moment, I think its crucial to put our politically correct relativist sentiments aside and focus on our survival. If you show compassion to your enemy,you will show cruelty to your friend.Your enemy will do anything but reciprocate the compassion.Know who your friends and enemies are.
26. 5 of 6 became suicide bombers
jbsfsax ,   Freiberg, Germany   (04.13.11)
This statement is a bomb, I never heard about that connection and this strong evidence for a completely inadequate approach to the problem of Arabs and Jews in the Land of Israel. Could somebody provide a citeable source for that fact? I would like to relate to this to people who are very sceptical about Israel here and keen on gloryfying "poor" Arabs and their "will for peace".
27. Mer- Khamis was a PLO terror supporter
Tomer ,   Herzeliyya   (04.13.11)
He believed Israel should be made to disappear by arabs mounting so called "resistance" attacks. I will not mourn this Drek's passing!
28. we already know israel doesnt believe in peace
deutronomy 28 ,   world   (04.13.11)
so this article was written in order for us to come to the conclusion that israel believes that peace and being a pacifist isnt a good option, we already knew that israel thought that so what else is new? LOL
29. #8 Rabin was a peace seeker?
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (04.13.11)
Tell that to men he machine gunned while they were swimming to shore from the Altelana.
30. 4 words
Gennady ,   new York, USA   (04.13.11)
2011 Darwin award finalist
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