Clinton: Obama to reveal peace plan soon
Published: 13.04.11, 07:40
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David N. ,   Haifa, Israel   (04.13.11)
"And while it is a truism that only the parties themselves can make the hard choices for peace, there is no substitute for continued, active American leadership, and the president and I are committed to that," [Clinton] What arrogant nonesence. The US always has to be the cock-O'-the walk, the Big Man. So authority is based on size? What does Obama, a local politician from Illinois, and Clinton, a slick, ambitious lawyer have to do with Israel? Our future, and the peace of this region is a Tanakh matter, not the concern of a dying Anglo-Saxon empire. Butt Out!!
2. Independent country
John cone ,   USA   (04.13.11)
Israel needs to make a decision is she a independent country or not. If she is not make more retreats and concessions if she is a independent country bibi needs to tell obama to get lost. Israel has the military might to prevent any world dictate. Use it. Make it a situation that the pa and the world would loose more if israel is pressured into a deal than israel. Bibi be a Kennedy not a chamberlain.
3. Peace Plan
Rachel ,   US   (04.13.11)
Will Abbas be willing to make the concessions for peace?
4. # 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.13.11)
Agreed. We need to stand on our own feet, we need to tell them to stuff their aid money, we need to tell the rest of the world to take their noses out of our affairs & allow us to persue peace with the pallies at our own pace. Obama & his side kick Clinton want to leave their peace legacy as they go out the door. No thanks, we cant & we wont agree to your terms. Terry from Eilat, Sarah B. Mark from Georgia & the rest of our Israel supporters, I am eagerly awaiting your posts here. Am Israel Chai.
5. Oybama better than UN
Zionoid Entitiy ,   Occupied Kanata   (04.13.11)
I am no fan of the appeaser in chief but he is better than the UN. Israel faces a situation where she gave territory legitimacy and de facto statehood to the Pals only to get Hamas autonomy and the entire world against her without any concessions from the Pals. We have to cut our losses with Oybama rather than deal with sanctions and the UN. Better to at least set some conditions at this point or have the Palestinians reject a fair offer.
6. Still awaiting the "active American leadership"
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (04.13.11)
Sure there is "no substitute for continued, active American leadership" but we have not seen it since Obama was elected. All we see is appeasement at the expense of Israel
7. 4 agree so why you coming crying to us
Dave ,   NJ   (04.13.11)
for 3 bilion here, 209 milion there..tell us to stick our money where the sun don't shine and go at it yourself...but...if you continue to take our money...shut up and do as you are told!!...kapish??
8. oybama, the muslim, is the kiss of death for israel & jews.
debra ,   usa   (04.13.11)
oybama's partner is the iranian hitler and all the terrorist groups iran has created and funds, with their objective being to apply the "final solution" to israel.
9. So the UN Votes a State
Ron ,   OC, US   (04.13.11)
Then what. There will be no real economic boycots, no military action, no loss of American support and general Arab indifference. Then there is the matter of hamas in Gaza who don't want a settlement at all. Obama will want some division on Jerusalem, some settlement removal and probably little or no resettllement of refugees. Perhaps some land swaps including some Arab areas of green line Israel. That is about the settlement that either side is going to get given the circumstance. The Golan will have to wait.
10. The ONLY peace plan that can work
Lioness ,   Israel   (04.13.11)
Two-State Solution Jordan for the Palestinians Israel for the Jewish Nation Jordan OCCUPIES 78% of Mandate Land. Jordan IS Palestine.
Orao. ,   Srbia.   (04.13.11)
"And while it is a truism that only the parties themselves can make the hard choices for peace, - EXACTLY - there is no substitute for continued, active American leadership, and the president and I are committed to that," she added. - BUT ONE CAN NOT PUT THE WAGONS BEFORE OR IN FRONT OF THE HORSES, AS YOU IMBECILLES HAVE DONE HITHERE TO !. Orao.Srbia.
12. Payback for Iron Dome funding came promptly enough...
Tahl   (04.13.11)
13. Waste of time
Nice Bloke ,   UK   (04.13.11)
Who is mandated to speak on behalf of the Palestinians?
14. Another dirty trick from the Muslim in chief
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.13.11)
soon to be FUNNY.... This will NOT promote your approval ratings among the American voters Mr. Barack Hussein fact it will only hasten your demise... There is still the golden rule of politics at Israels disposal...simply IGNORE all of this b.s. peace plan garbage...NOTHING will happen...and Nobumma will be toast, not too far from now... NO THANKS...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15. # 7
Birdi ,   Israel & proud of it   (04.13.11)
Hey bright spark dont you see that my name is not Bibi Netanyhau but Birdi ?? I wish I had the power Bibi has because I would happily tell you to shove your aid $'s where your mouth is. Alas your great country has loads to loose by shoving Israel around. Think about it instead of telling me to shut up & do as I am told.
16. Another US speech? yawwwnnn
Muayyad ,   Palestine   (04.13.11)
Declaration of Palestine and global recognition is inevitable. It will be the case of an attack on Palestinin sovereignty.
17. Israel should just annex the territories and be done with it
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (04.13.11)
18. Stop Meddling, Mrs. Clinton
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (04.13.11)
Imposing solutions does not work. Two-states will not work. Land for peace will not work. Go away, Mrs. Clinton.
19. #7
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (04.13.11)
We've said it 1000s of times and we say it again: stick your money where the sun don't shine. Please contact your congressmen, senator and Obama and tell them to stop giving what you call "aid money". Kapish?
20. # 16
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.13.11)
Do tell us what would a state achieve for your people??
21. Butt Out Yanks
Vilhelm ,   USA   (04.13.11)
David, you ungrateful moron! If It wasn't for the millions of dollars of USA"s money and our country's (and more importantly GOD'S )continual support of your country, Israel would have no friends at all!
22. 21 Vilhelm
David N. ,   Haifa, Israel   (04.13.11)
You obviously do not know the half of it about the American government's "friendship." Many Americans are good friends of Israel, but the US government serves its own interests. I would dearly love to have the relative peanuts tossed to us tossed right back. The US government is in fact eroding the possiblility of peace by pushing irrelevant amateur-hour plans at us every few years. God and the US are entirely different--many of us here understand that Divine will and American will are severely at odds. Please do not confuse God with your secular, worldy, capitalistic government. I worship God Almighty in awe and reverence. America is something else entirely. Silly goose Vilhelm! It is written in the bible that ALL nations shall rise up against Jerusalem in Those Days. ALL means America against Israel, too.
23. Reuven Brauner Knows Hillary
Jeff ,   Cherry Hill, NJ USA   (04.13.11)
Reuven Brauner is right again. Hillary and Obama should not interfere. What ever happened to the Prime Directive? Rabbi Lau for PM.
24. But out Yanks.
Vilhelm ,   USA   (04.13.11)
Aflac... I am well aware that the current government definitly has an agenda not only in Israel, but in the whole middle east! Years ago when our country was run by GOD fearing people, they knew GOD's command ment to support Israel or face his wrath. Unfortunatly there seems to no longer be any GOD fearing people in our government. I support the Israeli people and wish them a lasting peace! Shalom
25. Netherlands? Or Nnether regions?
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (04.13.11)
hilarious and her Current clueless boss du jour have not the sleightest idea of the problem, nor how to address it. From refusing to read the history of the region to steadfastly remaining ignorant of reality and how the world really works when one removes one'self from Metro DC, these clowns could not organize a riot on aFfriday night in East LA, if they had Rodney King performing strange acts and government paid beer & weed. Do not look for anything that will effect Israel in any positive fashion. Oh. And Hilarious. Cut out the starchy foods and give a pass at the all you can eat tables.
26. #10
LNK ,   USA   (04.14.11)
YES! If only all these "leaders" could read history. You are exactly right. And, if only you Jews were not so hard working, innovative, intelligent and blessed and had not "tempted" the former Jordanians to covet your land, now that you have made it so productive. What they don't realize is even if they had ALL the land it would become as it was before - a desolate piece of dry wasteland, because they are NOT blessed; nor are they hardworking, innovating or intelligent. They are an unruly and wild people who like to bully and lie until they get what they want and they whey they destroy it they'll go after some greener grass in someone elses neighborhood. You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear.
27. Peace plan
delila ,   texas   (04.14.11)
Be very leary of ANY peace plan from ANY man.
28. I am sorry on behalf of the USA
B. Rhett ,   Dalls, U.S.A   (04.15.11)
I am sorry Israel...that I am not the President of this once great nation. It seems our current leadership does not have your back anymore. If it were up to me we would be backing up any choice you made. I am sorry to say, but it is going to get worse before it gets better...much worse. All countries will rise against you, but fear not...Jesus will come back to defend you when all hope is lost. He was and is your Messiah.
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