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Holland: New info on Jews' WWII arrests
Associated Press
Published: 16.04.11, 10:07
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1. i would not be surprised if many of these who were outed
were done so in a very not knowing and innocent way as those nasty germans can be very tricky.
2. the criminal Dutch Government and
Julie ,   Israel   (04.16.11)
it's continued crimes against the Jews. By all means protect the viscious criminals and their families. much more important than justice, honour and integrity. the dutch have none.
3. france will publish in the internet name of collaborators
rachel ,   usa   (04.16.11)
in 2015 .....why not now ? and why not before ? that's the question.
Frank-el ,   Seattle USA   (04.16.11)
By all means, war criminals should be prosecuted. However, your slam on the Dutch in general is in poor taste and personally offensive. Don't assume that only Jews suffered in the war. The Dutch were terror bombed and subjugated into starvation. Dutch citizens literally dropped dead on the streets by the thousands from starvation. Many Dutch were tortured and killed by the Gestapo, often while helping the Jews. My great uncle was shot by the Gestapo for helping escapees, my grandfather was enslaved in a labor camp in Germany, my mother was terrorized as a child when Rotterdam was flattened, and my aunt helped pick the dead bodies off the road...and they weren't Jews. So please stop the victim chorus and stop leveraging the holocaust for modern day political purposes - it debases the memories of the many decent Dutch Gentiles and Jews who suffered greatly.
5. #4 there is something dreadfully
Julie ,   Israel   (04.16.11)
wrong when it takes Holland 66 years to give the names of these people. no excuses please.
6. # 4 poor excuse
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (04.16.11)
Frank-el ! Yes 10% of Dutch Jews were saved by Dutch people, (Antisemitic Vichy France saved 80% of French Jews from the Germans) but the other 90% of Dutch Jews were handed over to the Germans by the Dutch administration,providing the Germans with te names, adresses of the Jews,and can you show when,and how was the greatest crime in human recorded history,used for political purposses ?.is it a crime not to let the world forget what the world did to the European Jews ?.You think Elie wiesel should stop talking about what happened to him and his family ?,how many books were written about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor ?.
7. #4-6
Coco ,   Israel   (04.16.11)
Dear Frank and others, First let's not condemn Frank's talk back as he shared some painful experiences his family endured and makes a good point that most of us must remember--that others did suffer and endured much hardship, even loss of life, to do what was right and just. Let's not overshadow those facts and only remember the evil that pervaded among many others and the governments. No, it is not right to downplay what the "world did" to the Jews; yet, there were righteous ones, as many honored as "righteous gentiles" by Israel. These memories must be lifted up and held onto as well, just as Anne Frank wrote of "....still thinking that mankind is good..." Also let's not forget the countless others--"political prisoners," Russian and Polish POWs, Gyspys, homosexuals, the list can go on and on, all who greatly suffered horrors at the hand of the Nazis and their collaborators.
8. #7 Coco re:#3 Frank
solomon ,   bklyn   (04.17.11)
Very well said, both of you; thank you. We Jews speak of the SIx Million. We should not forget the almost Twelve Million; 6 million Jews, almost another 6 million others. They were also human beings.
9. to #4 the informers industry worked very well
ghostq   (04.17.11)
in the Netherlands. none does generaliztion here but there were many Dutches that cooperated with the Nazi regim, aperently they were never brought to justice, since everyone blamed Germany.
10. @4
Saszka ,   boston US   (04.17.11)
I have to remind you, that your country was occupied by Germany and your people formed two SS Divisions /SS HOLLAND/, which combated against my people, Russian Army on the East Front,
11. Criminal Dutch Govt. differ only in nuance from other Govts.
Robert Blum ,   New York USA   (04.17.11)
The Netherlands brought about the murders of Jews in one way, the Vichy-Nazi collaborators in another way, the Hungarian and Lithuanian, Polish and Croatian Governments etc. etc. in another way, slightly different, but with the same deadly results. Even Franklin D. Roosevelt, who should never have been honored to have his face embossed on the American ten cent piece, contributed tremendously and deliberately to the murder of us, the Jewish people. Whether it was an Austrian or a German or a Muslim of the Mufti of Jerusalem, the virulent hate destroyed a great part of a beautiful often misunderstood (through jealous, hate-filled and twisted hearts) people, chosen by G-d to receive His Torah.
12. 300,000 collaborators-amazing
michael ,   NY NY   (04.18.11)
Wasnt hard to find NAZI sympathizers. Still isn't
13. Chai to the just & kind: Hell to the collaborators
EZ ,   US   (04.19.11)
Many Dutch were and are good but more were not. Chai to those who were and are kind: the rest can piss off. As for Jewish Collaborators: they have no place at the table: they're memories blotted from the book as it should be.
14. whatever happened
Mark ,   usa   (04.19.11)
To the veiw sins of the father can not be held to as a sin of the son. One of greatest lessons of the nazi era seems to be lost here in the talkbacks to this article, and one that has weight to the issue if that evil is never to repeat. Stress the human condition, and even a saint will throw you to the wolves. It is within the human condition, its fallacy, that when confronted with life and death stresses that your fellow man will choose the easy route. Lets not forget, it is by this process antisemitism enslaves and finds a new generation to carry out its wicked world view. Just some thoughts, not an absolution of the past.
15. The Loss to the World is Unfathomable
Karen ,   San Francisco CA USA   (04.29.11)
As a young girl, I read the Diary of Anne Frank and could really put myself in her place in my imagination. Her Diary really touched my heart then, and still does today. Imagine the gifts she might have given to us all had she lived. Imagine how much richer the world would have been, had not so many lives been cut short. Of course we will never know, so we should honor their sacrifice by learning something from it. Perhaps we are called upon by G-d to forgive, to love one another, and to never forget, so that we may never repeat the horrible agonies that wicked men thrust upon the world at that time.
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