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'Eichmann craved post-war recognition'
Published: 21.04.11, 08:18
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1. Eichmann , in hell you will burn forever
Philippe Delaporte ,   Marseilles France   (04.21.11)
like a flame remembering the six million jews you murdered.
2. Oh YAH BABY, you wanted post war attention well you got it
so now we can forget your ass while your asses float to the bottom of the sea
3. Adenauer would have given him a bear hug.
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.21.11)
4. There is no hell
k ,   US   (04.21.11)
Sadly he pretty much got away with what he did, he had a quick and probably minimally painless end to his life, but sadly he and Germany pretty much got away with what he did
5. Got off easy...
Ze'ev ,   Jerusalem   (04.21.11)
till this day it hurts me that Eichman got hung, see I'm against the death penalty, because its quick and painless, they should have made his life a living hell, just like he caused to soo manny others during ww2
6. Deniers debacle
Hal ,   Usa   (04.21.11)
Only imbeciles and ahmedinijad can possibly deny the fact of the Holocaust/Shoah. The simian of Teheran will believe that Eichmann was co-opted by Zionists to purposely lie in order to further the Zionist cause. Only imbeciles...........!
7. Eichmann
Bondi ,   Sydney, Australia   (04.22.11)
He should have had a life sentense as a leaving proof of evil and sent periodically around the world in the cage for people too see.
8. How about other methods Ze'ev?
Devasahayam ,   Reston, VA, USA   (04.22.11)
Specifically, one I saw from horror-films--such as dipping him in oleum (ultraconcentrated sulphuric acid) feet-first at rate of 1" per 24 hours?
9. I do not believe this article
Pumpkin Pir   (04.24.11)
If Eichmann wanted so much to take credit for what he'd done, he could have bragged about it during his trial in Israel. Incredibly, when this man was apprehended by the Mossad, he actually told his captors that he was "always on the side of the Jews." EXCUSE ME?? Unbelievable. No, this man was basically a coward, a punk, a sick wretch, an insect, evil incarnate. He is proof of how very ordinary can be the face of evil. May he burn in hell.
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