Hamas: Body of kidnapped activist found
News agencies
Published: 15.04.11, 05:57
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31. I hope that they will keep him...
PO ,   Ramat Gan, IL   (04.15.11)
... forever. Who sleep with the dogs wake up with fleas...
32. They do sing well..
Gabriel ,   Jerusalem   (04.15.11)
...even though I don't speak Arabic, I hear "Shahida, Yahuda, and Hebron". I wonder if Memri will translate this music which is certainly filled with the typical vitriol. Still, it's propaganda with a nice melody!
33. Rats in a tight corner
Harvey ,   London   (04.15.11)
If you put enough rats in a limited space for long enough they start to turn on each other . This is precisely what is happening in gaza and for that matter throughout the Arab world This is what they are and what they do best
34. Pro-Pali activist kidnapped by Palestinians...hmmm
EZ ,   US   (04.15.11)
Sorry but maybe, just maybe, these left wing losers will start to understand just bow STUPID they are supporting terrorists. But probably not: left-wningers and idealists have the thickest heads on the planet. Unfortunately if this guy gets whacked, it's his own doing. Dont join a mafia if you aren't willing to kill for it, chop off your thumb for it, make a pact with the devil for it and die for it. he's gonna probably die so no one should be suprised. Living life among terrorists is just asking for trouble. Did this fool actually think the pals cared about him? They hate each other and other Arabs as well (look at how many of their own they killed...I mean c'mon!!! Who the hell in their right mind would put their trust in them!!? Hope all the pro-pals learn from this or they're gonna learn the hard way. It's not a game: these people are terrorists at war with a sovereign nation. It's a damn WAR ZONE! By the Pals CHOOSING!!!
35. He was just found dead...
EZ ,   US   (04.15.11)
Killed: 2 suspects arrested. That's what u get helping terrorists. Poor dummy.
36. too late
dan ,   canada   (04.15.11)
I am reading the news, he was killed. body was found
37. I have to admit! I did not believe this story.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (04.15.11)
Holy sh**! They are savage towards friend and foe alike. They ruthlessly kill their mothers and daughters. They are truly Satan's children. I hope Zoabi reads this as she is possessed of devil herself.
38. Don't even worth a word.
Yossef   (04.15.11)
39. "Action harms Palestinian goals"...
William ,   Israel   (04.15.11)
but nothing about it being a violation of human rights or anything that would take the focus off the "Palestinians".
40. No surprise here
mike caton ,   usa   (04.15.11)
This is often the fate of the semi-moronic, naive, "useful idiots" of the "palestinians" and radical islamiists, Hamas included. It is to be noted that he wrote for Il Manifesto, the Italian Communist rag. One more demonstration of the Western Radical Left/ Islamic axis. I feel no pity for him.
41. He is already
David ,   On this planet   (04.15.11)
42. I dedicate this story to the bleeding heart left.
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.15.11)
Better learn from this guys mistake before it's too late.
43. Italian Activist
Gershon ,   Portland OR USA   (04.15.11)
If they'll do that to one of their supporters.............................. WARNING - WEST Coming to a neighborhood near you.
44. Well said #24
Seth R ,   Boston, MA   (04.15.11)
45. Vittorio;s Wasted Life
Marcel ,   Florida   (04.15.11)
An Italian in Gaza working for Muslims against Israel gets the Muslim treatment as payback for services rendered.Another wasted life nurtured in stupidity,fed on lies dying at the hands of his Pal's. He joins the ranks of Saint Pancake Rachel Corrie in the hall of shame of those who lived as fools and died as fools serving evil.
46. i don't take pleasure in his misfortune
Barney ,   USA   (04.15.11)
however, maybe he will have time to reevaluate the reality. Maybe he will realize that Israel is not the bad guy. When was the last time you saw a video of a captive like this from Israel? never. never. never. Israel and the Jews are light years above this barbarity in spite of what these misguided idiots think
47. Yet another candidate for the 2011 Darwin award
Tahl   (04.15.11)
Looks like it's gonna be neck-to-neck, this Italian douche and Juliano Mer.
48. " In past, all kidnap victims have been released unharmed"
Mike, UK ,   Oxford UK   (04.15.11)
Really ISM? Tell that to Mr & Mrs Shalit who haven't seen their son for 4 years? Member of ISM play with fire when they openly support terrorists and should not be surprised when they get burnt.
49. Poetic Justice - YEEES!
Yaniv ,   Israel   (04.15.11)
50. Obviously the Palestinians are ready for a state
Mikey   (04.15.11)
Just in the past few weeks they managed to murder an entire family, stabbing kids cold heartedly, kill an actor who (foolishly) tried to support them, deliver missiles at Israel and abduct this (foolish) activist.
51. @28, They hate because their lives are empty,
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.15.11)
they find in it their purpose in life. As I wrote here previously, Gazans have nothing to live for. It's been like this for a very long time. I suggested the rich Arab states invest in Gaza and make it thrive as the Monaco of the Middle East. This will be a long step toward peace in the region and will benefit Israel also.
52. ''peace'' activist ? no way !
53. so ironic, so funny situation
54. he supported terror, he has been killed by terror
55. The 2011 Darwin Awards
Joshua ,   Pittsburgh, PA USA   (04.15.11)
Seems like they've gotten off to a roaring start.
56. Why are there no arab leftists?
Chatich   (04.15.11)
Where are the 'palestinian' versions of b'tzelem and peace-now protesting againt their war-mongering 'leaders'? Where are the arab Rachel Corries and Vittorio Arrigonis, throwing themselves in front of qassam launchers and demanding peace with Jews? Where are the enlightened, progressive, nuanced members of the muslim faith? There are umpteen different 'palestinan' movements in gaza and yesha, why is every single one a terror organization unyieldingly commited to the total destruction of Israel? Why do hordes of educated western leftists blindly support such people and never ask questions like these? Are they all imbeciles and/or hypocrites? /rhetorical
57. One Terrorist Kills another Terrorist
M. Duvduvani ,   Yokneam, Israel   (04.15.11)
One Terrorist Kills another Terrorist
58. Just tried to actually watch video
rachel ,   chutz4 now home soon   (04.15.11)
it is been taken off youtube. If anyone managed to download it, it would be interesting to have the song translated....really curious about the song. Sorry about the guy, but he should have known better.
59. here is the song
rachel ,   chutz4 now home soon   (04.15.11)
look for: redemption 1948 in google he uploaded this
60. Oh Yes, give them nation status ASAP
Moshe ,   Canada   (04.15.11)
With full rights and please welcome them into the international community....!
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