Salafi groups pose challenge for Hamas
Elior Levy
Published: 16.04.11, 13:56
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1. They sure are good liars
Marcel ,   Florida   (04.16.11)
They take responsibility and then they deny responsibility. Sounds like a mental disorder. With Islams return to it's roots ,you can be sure that the truth will not come along. And Israel makes agreements with them and naively thinks they are worth anything ? Israel surely has been dumb-ed down by the process.
2. Salafists, Hamas, same thing
John ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (04.16.11)
The real mistake is for one to think that there is any fundamental difference between the Salafists and Hamas. Maybe a slight difference of degree, at most. They both disregard the fate of their own people for their religious causes.
3. it's in Israel interest to not weaken Hamas
observer ,   Egypt   (04.16.11)
Israel knew that keeping Hamas strong makes it capable of controlling other faction.
4. Salafists
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (04.16.11)
It seems that they did not do anything and according to Hamas the crime was done by Israel to avoid the flotilla. Now it seems that the salafists killed the italian. What is the next version? At the time of the crime I was watching TV so I did not do it just in case they looking for more BS
5. With which branch of Islam to make peace?
Joe ,   Canada   (04.16.11)
Once more the Palestinians in Gaza like many other Muslim people in the Middle East demonstrate their instability & upheavals resulting from their divisions, rivalries, religious & political upmanship of the extremists. Their undemocratic reliance on the irrational belief in the superiority of Islam & theocratic regimes makes any peace with democracies a fanciful dream of those who are day dreamers in the West. To sign a peace treaty with the Palestinians shall Israel deal with Fatah, or Hamas politicians in Gaza or those in Syria or the military wing of Hamas or one of the other clans? Or perhaps with Iran which pulls so many puppet strings among Palestinians? And which one of those factions is going to last long enough for the ink of the signatures to dry? How secure are even the peace treaties with Egypt & Jordan when you watch in the current news the downfall of supposedly stable regimes ? When will there be enough secular Arabs & Persians to demonstrate in streets without fear against their religious oppressors? Only the small Christian minority in Lebanon has so far protested for secularism in their country.
6. So now Hamas are the good guys?
Roger the Shrubber   (04.16.11)
If the peace with Egypt is lost due to radical Islam, the same must also apply to the Palestinians. Who can guarantee that any future peace agreement, with such Salafi groups lurking behind the scenes, is sustainable?
7. So sorry. What a waste! Would such good looking,
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (04.16.11)
Latino type Italian guy ask me about going to Gaza, I personanally assure you he will alive.
8. Who can believe Hamas?
Frank ,   Canada   (04.16.11)
Arabs are pathological liars. Hamas may be responsible for this murder.
9. #3 If you call yourself observer, then try looking
Phil ,   Ireland   (04.16.11)
So what the Palestinians are offering is a terrorist organisation that officially calls for the killing of Jews or a terrorist organisation that thinks that is not extreme enough. Great choice. Bye bye Gaza.
10. #9 the bye bye guy
observer ,   Egypt   (04.16.11)
Egypt is now unpredictable. Twice think before byebyeing.
11. #10 You observe a lot from history
Phil ,   Ireland   (04.16.11)
Egypt was defeated by Israel in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973 and realised eventually that in order to stop loosing, it was necessary to negotiate peace with Israel. So you want to start that cycle again?
12. Egypt Oberver
Kerry Bogouis ,   Canada,Quebec   (04.17.11)
Iran will take care of you and their mullas, bye bye Egypt. egypt is nothing now and will loose all hopes for dignity and prosperity because of Idiots like You
13. Salafism demands a return to original Islam
William ,   Israel   (04.17.11)
"when Islam was pure" Was that at its inception when Muhammed's biggest supporters were Medina Jews as it taught peace, love, and coexistence... or was it after Muhammed's violent turn-around which advocated robbery, forced conversions, and violence, after which he gained support of local Arab tribes then slaughtered the Jews of Medina? Which "pure Islam" are Salafis referring to?
14. It would be nice to see them fight again
Iranian Jew ,   La   (04.17.11)
in a larger scale. Not that I'm suggesting anything here. But we can help them move to glory faster.
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