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Poll: 82% of seculars conduct Seder
Published: 17.04.11, 16:19
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ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.17.11)
to All the TBers,the secular and the orthodoxe .
2. Hilonim,Misoratim,Datim, and Haredim.....
American Sabrah   (04.17.11)
must put their differences aside and focus on their commonality. Passover is not the holiday for the religious only. We all should observe all the holidays with just as much joy and cognizance. We must unite to defeat our enemies that rise to destroy us.The anti semites do not discriminate against our religious affiliations. They hate all Jews equally and seek to kill us all. Jewish live is too precious and valuable to be wasted.We must not take it for granted.
3. Ora , hag sameach vekasher for you
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (04.17.11)
In our bith town i've met someone i think you must know . .
4. 3 Happy to be back HOME?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.17.11)
Hag sameah,Charles.
5. Hag sameach to the left and the right! Find it in you
Jordan ,   Israel   (04.18.11)
to give some level of respect to each other, even if it means taking the higher road now and again. never give up. when youre dead thats when you can give up, but not while your given the free gift of Life.
6. Secular Seder
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.18.11)
We are getting together with some friends here in California for some matzo ball soup and other traditional dishes. No religion, just culture, and definitely no "ata bhartanu mi kol haamim" will be recited. I am bringing the kibbutz version of the Hagada, but since nobody else speaks Hebrew, I will have a hard sell to make for letting me read from it. If they will want to hear, I will read "ata bhartanu im kol haamim" and explain the difference. Hag sameah im kol haamim.
7. Happy Passover to all..Lets hope and pray Isreal will one
Al   (04.18.11)
day live in true Peace. Till then praise the Lord and pass the ammo. Peace comes thru strengh.
8. Can you define 'oxymoron'?
adam eliyahu   (04.18.11)
YNET is very hard pressed to continue the myth that "Israel is majority secular". Their definition of 'secular can include Jews who have a seder, keep kosher, observe (in some way) the sabath, etc. My opinion is that torah and mitzvoth are usually positive things, binding Jews to their past and each other, and bringing good intot he world. Secular Zionism has too much hatred in it for my taste, and is an oxymoron. Israel is a Jewish state. Separation of church (bet knesset?) and state in the Jewish state is self-denial and creates too many obvious problems.
9. 6 Michael Kol Hakavod
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.18.11)
Remember,the Afikoman is an important part of the Seder. I wish you a successful and an intense true joyful Seder. Hag Sameah,Michael.l
10. 7 Al Next year YOU in Israel....
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.18.11)
enjoying together with your children the Seder. Hag Sameah Al.
meir elazar   (04.19.11)
Remember to go into all the browsers on your computers and delete ALL your cookies for Passover.
12. #11 Meir
Devorah   (04.19.11)
LOL Thank you for the reminder. That was cute!
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