Itamar massacre solved; 2 arrested
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 17.04.11, 12:21
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1. Jewish blood is no longer cheap
Eran Levi   (04.17.11)
I told you there's no hole deep enough for the vile murderers to crawl into. These two soulless savages can expect to spend the rest of their lives behind bars. Let it be known throughout the world that Jewish lives are no longer forfeit and Jewish blood is no longer cheap. Those days are forever gone, never again.
2. OK, now things are clear
Yossef   (04.17.11)
3. Now convict them and then hang them.
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (04.17.11)
4. Death Sentence
moshe ,   Jerusalem   (04.17.11)
Take them to a high cliff and stone them to death and then push them off
5. Of course they have no remorse
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (04.17.11)
They will have T.V.s be able to receive or cook food of their choosing be able to receive and make phone calls to relativesThey also will have visits from friends and relatives as the Red Cross.Israel always says should we stoop to the Muslims level and treat them badly?yes in certain cases this is the only solution unless you give them the death sentence and a humiliating one.
6. Congrats on the capture
deebo_ ,   Holon   (04.17.11)
Glad they've been caught. Just waiting for the BBC and CBC headlines to show up as: "Israel Expands Settlements and Arrests 2 Palestinians for what Israel calls a "Terrorist" Attack".
7. Accomplished NOTHING
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (04.17.11)
I hope the 2 suspects, and all like minded folk read this: You Have Accomplished NOTHING! You did not martyr yourselves, when you could have; so you are cowards. You did not improve the lives of your fellow Palestinians. You did not weaken the resolve of the Jewish people. You are failures, cowards, children and murderers. You will spend the rest of your life in jail. If you wish to call that an accomplishment, then so be it.
8. The faces of absolute evil!
Talula ,   Israel   (04.17.11)
We MUST bring back the death penalty for despicable and vile murder crimes such as this. Infact, I'm rather disappointed with our security forces for bringing them back. They should have been interrogated on the spot then shot in the head – should have settled the score there, not here. I don't want to pay for them to live a life on Easy Street, get themselves educated and have three meals a day, all cosy in a prison cell - I want to see them both dead - nothing else will suffice.
9. Itamar Massacre
richie ,   Dublin, Ireland   (04.17.11)
How cold and inhuman these people are. They just wanted to kill Jews and if they had ben aware of other children they would have killed them too. This is just pure evil. They weren't born evil, they learned it at home from their families that tried to cover for them. I feel sick this morning reading this story
10. Go figure
Shai ,   il   (04.17.11)
And here all along, it was supposed to be an upset Thailandi who did it, or even a "Settler", since everyone knows that the "Palestinian People" don't have it in them to do it. The Palis have a very, very sick society - that they denied that these men can have come from amongst them is proof of how oblivious they are to how sick their society has become. What's worse, they will evade even this and blame it on the "Occupation".
11. Don't give those SOBs the satisfaction
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (04.17.11)
I opt not to give them a death penalty because they want to die a martyr's death. Lock them both in solitary confinement, and put them in such incredible circumstances that in the end, they take their own lives.
12. no taxes spent on their prison welfare
a jew's view ,   israel   (04.17.11)
they should be executed for their inhumane crime
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (04.17.11)
When you raise your kids from birth to hate people simply for being Jewish. Then teach them the lies and false narrative of history, what do you expect. The Arabs have committed a form of mass child abuse. They have created an entire generation of psychopaths. Look up the word Here: "a mental disorder in which an individual manifests amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc." Why do they keep fighting the same war and losing over and over again: "Failure to learn from experience". What are they taught? that their religion is the best and all others inferior "egocentricity". These guys have no remorse "amoral and antisocial" behavior. Who else could justify cutting a 3 month old babies throat, and consider it "resistance", Then of course we have the apologists for them. Their family that tried to cover it up. The anti-Israel writers who make excuses. Just go to the website "", they simply translate Arab programing (TV, Radio, Newspapers, schoolbooks, etc.) into English. Then take a look at the children programing, from talk shows to cartoons, these are some incredibly sick and perverted things. This includes murder, suicide bombing etc. on kids programs!! Mickey Mouse advocating murder, or the Bugs Bunny character, The Famous Bumble Bee. Watch little girls reciting how all Jews and Christians are the descendant of "monkeys and pigs". How sweet. See little babies (10 months old) dressed as a suicide bomber, vest included. Such a cut baby picture. So this is the result, 18 and 19 year old psychopaths. Welcome to Hell. The parents should be prosequted with these punks. Anybody trhat knew about it and kept silent. Here we would give them the death penalty, and be done with it. In Israel I fear they will go to jail, and get traded out for Shalit. Then being so young, they will kill some more Jewish people. If they are dead, you never ave to worry about that.
14. Itamar Massacre Arrests
Yehuda Ben Moshe ,   Kfar Saba, Israel   (04.17.11)
Please bring back the death penalty and apply it to these beasts.
15. So Sad!
Salma ,   Palestine   (04.17.11)
if it's true and not just "IDF" fantasy , do us a favor and hang them.
16. death penalty is needed here.
eyal ,   idf   (04.17.11)
17. And out of curiosity....
Shai ,   il   (04.17.11)
What's the difference between these guys and the ones we'd agree to release to get Gilad Shalit back? What prevents Hamas from asking these guys be "returned" to them, too - and those who will "pay any price" to give in?
19. Psycho Killers
Alon ,   Israel   (04.17.11)
Please Please Government of Israel DO NOT RELEASE these nutters in the future. They are phychopaths who show no humanity , guilt or remorse for murdering innocent children in cold blood.
20. i wonder
peter graafland ,   holland   (04.17.11)
i wonder how many beloved ones of hakim and amjad have been murdered before.
21. SALMA !
27054 ,   World   (04.17.11)
22. what next?
Mohammed ,   jerusalem   (04.17.11)
always israel replied by more walls and more checkpoints and more military action! but never thought one day what these people want.. how we can let these people and these youngers to live better life and forget about such actions maybe by make it easy for investers to make businesses in the west bank so as people there live a normal life and not to feel in prison!!! enough is enough depressing... i think we should all pray for "those" who were killed and think twice!!
23. This massacre was celebrated in Gaza
Reminder to everyone   (04.17.11)
1. The massacre was celebrated with sweets on the streets of Gaza. 2. People on the village of the 2 terrorists helped them to hide, despite knowing what they did.
24. the case isnt solved YET
william ,   tel aviv   (04.17.11)
a case is solved when a court passes a conviction and sentence. neither the police nor the public are the judges here. let's not thirst for blood but for justice. their relatives were killed by israel. what they did was wrong and they will be punished. but let's think about what we as a country were responsible and try to stop it happening to us, to palestinians and to families like the fogel. hanging and vengeance and bigotry dont solve anything...
25. #13 - let us "foreigners" not get too carried
seadog1946 ,   ArthurKill, NY   (04.17.11)
away with this incident in Israel... the crimes of US gang bangers and other "community" members can also be attributed to the parents and prevailing "culture (gangstas, rap, ho's, drugs, etc.)" within their villages/ghettos. Tell me, enlightened one, how many people were assaulted, knifed, shot, murdered, fri. and sat. night, in Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, etc. Never mind, cracker, the total is definately more than 5.
26. how many children were killed in Gaza
mary ,   greece   (04.17.11)
we need peace and not just showing that palestinians are bad people!!!
27. violence lead to more violence
nadia ,   india   (04.17.11)
violence lead to more violence!! lets start peace talks and finish this stupid issue
28. Shalit's freedom got a little more difficult now r now...
Marco ,   Spain   (04.17.11)
ZIONIST!!!!!!!!   (04.17.11)
30. Question for Marco
Tahl   (04.17.11)
If this case had been reversed, i.e. Jewish settlers stabbing in cold blood a family of 5 Palestinians, would you: A. Give a similarly cynical and stupid comment such as the one you made in #28, or: B. Rant and scream to high heaven about Israeli war crimes? Don't bother answering though. For a hypocrite antisemite like you, the answer is already known and obvious.
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