A tale of 2 stories
Donniel Hartman
Published: 17.04.11, 12:36
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1. Orthodoxe must also accept gently,.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.17.11)
without arrogance, secular s way of enjoying Pessah. May secular people feel as truely and intensely the joy of Pessah,as orthodoxe people do.
2. Well said, Rabbi Hartman. Todah.
Avi ,   USA   (04.17.11)
3. There's a time for wrath too
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (04.17.11)
Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) taught us there's a time for war and a time for peace, a time for love and a time for hate. There's a time to "remember what Amelek did to you". and there's a time to be merciless toward those who would slit the throat of a child. Like too of those Israelis call the "yefei nefesh" (which you can read as soft-hearted fools) and Americans call bleeding hearts, Hartman has no response to the presence of evil, and thinks ill of those who wish that the God of Justice should impose justice on those who do evil.
4. Myths like these
Sanity Bliss ,   Israel   (04.17.11)
At least with myths like these we won't have to wait for christmas.
5. my non-Jewish response
Enjoy   (04.19.11)
I read this interesting article. It came into my mind, that the Western societies are based on Jewish stories from the Tanach. We are reminded in the stories again and again, that there is God. God, who is interested in His chosen people, the Jews, whom He loves. The latter events then show how also the other nations came under His influence. What I realized, is that all development is based on the stories from Tanach. That there is God, who gave us everything we see, so that we would make this planet a better place. And there is still many nations out there who need to hear this Good News :-)
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