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Metzger: Obama must free Pollard
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 20.04.11, 15:39
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1. if the price
fad egypt   (04.20.11)
of relection of hussein obama is to free pollard so no need to free him !!!!!!!!!!!!! it would be better that pollard remains in prison than to see hussein obama leading the US more four years after 2012 !!!!!!!!!! enough is enough shalom and happy passover
2. Go to He!! He is a traitor and should rot in Jail
Sheik ,   USA   (04.20.11)
He betrayed his country. He will stay in jail and he will die in jail. The American people will not tolerate a traitor being released to a foreign country where he is not a natural born citizen. Israel should spend more time trying to get GALIT SHALIT released then expending its diplomatic capital on an AMERICAN traitor that is in an AMERICAN prison.
3. Metzger: Obama must free Pollard ,...
split ,   US   (04.20.11)
Or what ? ,...
4. You don't know what a traitor is!
Lila ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.20.11)
Treason is defined as giving "aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war." Pollard was convicted of ONE COUNT of passing classified information to a non-enemy country - and you think that deserves a life sentence? The US just sentenced a man who had been spying for China for 10 years to 3 months in jail. It's all about Jew-hatred bud - just like you!
5. many US agents in russia were killed, because of pollard...
eporue ,   europe   (04.21.11)
and ISRAEL ! and the US has been your best friend and ally... (1) one doesnt do such a thing... (2) you shouldnt threaten neither further harm your friend over this guy...
6. Rabbi Metzger keep your nose out of politics
Haim ,   Tel aviv   (04.21.11)
Pollard is a spy and his actions endangered the american people. He was judged by the americal legal system and is not doing his sentence. All this BS from the likes of Metzger just because Pollard is jewish is an insult to the american justice system and american people.
7. Pollard
David Katz ,   Saint Louis, MO USA   (04.21.11)
Chutzpa. The rabbi has heard from G-d? An apology for spying would be in order.
8. He spied on an ally, like the US does !!
Don Rosenberg ,   Palatine USA   (04.21.11)
Its plain and simple racism against Jews. Many christian spies, and there are many, were not given the same sentences. Pollard should have been freed years except for the racism of the many stupid gentiles in this lovely country. Hey shiek, goes back where you came from !!!
9. Look, we caught your damn sneak
Cameron ,   USA   (04.21.11)
He will not be released for a hero's welcome in Israel. That is the way of it.
10. Pollard has paid the price..release him
Galut ,   selah   (04.21.11)
11. #3 -Or what?
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (04.22.11)
Pulse de Nura, of course.
12. Pollard had the misfortune of getting caught after...
Galut ,   Selah Wa. USA   (04.22.11)
the Walker family of spies were apprehended. At that time the security establishment was in no mood to be lieniant so Pollard and john Walker got the maximin that the law allowed. I personaly think Pollard deserveed some time in Prison ...But the amount he was given was excessive.
13. Rabbi Metzger has the audacity...
Mark Wilson ,   U.S.A   (04.22.11)
to say that if U.S president seeks second term, he must release jailed Israeli spy... How about minding your own business Rabbi Metzger? How about trying to deal with the increasing number of Rabbis implicated in sex scandals instead of interfering with American politics? Get a life Rabbi...
14. No. 4 It's all about "Jew Hatred"
John Robey ,   Austin Texas   (04.22.11)
Of course it has nothing whatsoever to do with a soveriegn nation protecting it's security interests from foreign spies. It was all a giant American anti-semitic plot to stir up hatred toward our Hebrew brothers. I hear Obama will announce his true adherence to the principles of Nazi National Socialism any day now. Damn those jew haters.
15. No, #5, Aldrich Ames was responsible for the deaths
Alan D. ,   Mérida, Yuc. México   (04.22.11)
Talkbacker #5 is living in the past. Perhaps Jew-despising Weinberger really thought Pollard responsible, but we have long learned that the CIA's Aldrich Ames turned over lists of US "resources" in the USSR to that government. Rabbi Metzger is wisely saying enough to the wildly disproportionately heavy sentence Mr. Pollard has paid. Enough is enough -- let Pollard go to his family!
16. Rabbi Metzger and Yonatan Pollard
amos` ,   jerusalem, israel   (04.26.11)
Rabbi Metzger IS minding his own business Mark - releasing a hostage is a mitzvah and because 'hostage' is what Yonathan Pollard actually has become after all these years.. There is a lot of hypocrisy here - ev erybody knows that the US spies on on every other country including Israel - so get off your high horse!
17. pollard
teresa ,   u.s.a.   (04.27.11)
let him go.he has paid the price and is a sick man. may God have mercy on him. let obama put his words were hjs mouth is and back a important country isreal.
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