Murdered activist's mother vows to visit Gaza
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 17.04.11, 17:58
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1. sad very sad for this Italian mother...may G-d comfort her.
2. You have a better chance of reaching Gaza as a farm animal
William ,   Israel   (04.17.11)
snuck through one of the tunnels. Good luck with that.
3. Hamas closes crossings
William ,   Israel   (04.17.11)
exactly what crossings did Hamas close? They don't have control over anything. They have no control over crossings with Israel, none with Egypt, and no control over water crossings. Did they lock the door to the home hiding the smuggling tunnel entrance, and the road to a Gaza beach? Hilarious display of useless activity to give impression of actual power.
4. Poor mother - maybe they can make a play about him
William ,   Israel   (04.17.11)
and distort the facts to turn him into an angel ,like they did with Rachel Corrie in NYC.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (04.17.11)
It's hard for any mother or father to accept the fact that their kid died in vain, fighting for the wrong cause. Who killed their son, the people he fought for, why support those people? The Arabs love to use the leftists around the world, and take advantage of their stupidity (or Good Will). Another classic example was Rachel Corrie, many in her home town support her. But if they saw the pictures of her burning the American flag, that might change their mind. After all, an American on foreign soil, burning the American flag, doesn't typically bring you a lot of support from Americans, does it? Now, while I believe that both were brave in the sense they stood by their convictions, and I respect that bravery. Sadly, they sided with pure evil and picked the wrong side. As their friends continue to do, with the ridiculous and unneeded flotilla.
7. Peace activist? No, anti-Israel activist.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (04.17.11)
I don't know of any tattoo on his hand, but the prominent one on his arm in Arabic reads, "Resistance". (The Elder of Ziyon blog site has the picture.) That, to me, doesn't signify "love for the Palestinian people", but support for their war.
8. you'd think the lesson would be NOT to go to gaza
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (04.17.11)
solidarity with palestinians: was it worth it? hardly.
9. Cause of death: gross stupidity
stephen in New York   (04.17.11)
If you stand with Hamas, expect to die. No sympathy for those who stand with Hamas.
10. "Murdered peace activist's mother vows to visit Gaza"
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (04.17.11)
Apparently stupidity runs in the family.
11. They exploited the son, the are now exploiting the mother
Frank ,   Canada   (04.17.11)
These criminal Arabs have no decency and no humanity.
12. Vittorio Arrigoni slept with hyennas
Niro Corcoruto ,   Holon Israel   (04.17.11)
If you sleep with the hyennas (i.e. with Hamas), don't be surprised if you find yourself dead.
13. "... he sacrificed his life.." You are joking!!
Andy ,   Israel   (04.17.11)
In fact they wasted his life.They are wasting their own lives and they are wasting our lives.
14. He was murdered
Josh   (04.17.11)
in Gaza, by Gazans. His mother wants to go to Gaza. Sheesh.
Rome   (04.17.11)
16. These people are repulsive
Frank ,   Canada   (04.17.11)
They are dedicating their lives to the Arab genocidal project.
17. They'll kidnap her too! He didn't MEAN to give his life, the
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.17.11)
fool was kidnapped and killed, he was no hero, just an idealistic fool that was killed by the people he was trying to promote as poor disadvantaged waifs.
18. Really
Zyx ,   Boston   (04.17.11)
"Gaza security forces have closed all overland and naval crossings ?" I thought they under embargo both from Egypt and Israel. Is this a farce or what?
19. Hamas,?Peace
william ,   Canada   (04.17.11)
Somebody should have told this man Hamas does not Want Peace with Israel,everybody knows this,very strange.//
20. "Peace activist" ?
Zyx ,   Boston   (04.17.11)
Come on. What don't call this poor guy for what he really was; an antisemite activist.
21. Must be the most stupid woman born
canada ,   c   (04.17.11)
Your kid is killed by his friends and you go and offer yourself as another offering on the alter of hate.
22. really now...
Debbie ,   Ohio, U.S.A.   (04.17.11)
How stupid are these people? The people he was trying to help murdered him! What morons!
23. Lawrence of Arabia Syndrome?
Mike caton ,   USA   (04.17.11)
There may be an aspect to the character of this Italian naif that we have overlooked. I refer quite seriously, to what may be called the Lawrence of Arabia Syndrome. I believe that early on, this poor imbecile may have been struck by this disease of which the following is the symtomology: a belief that among the Arabs especially, one will find escape from the banal and the routine in one's own Western culture. Here among the Arabs, with their exotic keffiyehs and various other colorful vestments, this Italian journalist( he wrote for Il Manifesto, the Italian Communist rag) hoped to find adventure, the thrills of ever-present violence and threat, romanticism, exoticism, and a certain exultation by liivng among the "noble savages."Thanks for nothing, Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (04.17.11)
She hates jews and loves to support terrorist murderers.
25. She will inevitably blame Israel for her son's death
American Sabrah   (04.17.11)
Like every pacifist Israel hating leftist who is in denial of the true nature of the beast.
26. The Italian government should forbid her to do so
Ypip ,   Canada   (04.17.11)
Gaza is being terrorized by the hamas, and it is the responsibility of just government to protect its citizens.
27. I bet the mothers of the guards in the
jason white ,   afula, israel   (04.18.11)
concentration camps were also proud of their sons.Proud that they were helping to destroy Jews, just like this anus' mother.
28. I wish her a pleasant stay: just as her son's!
29. will the ISM activist tell her about the rape of non muslim
rachel ,   usa   (04.18.11)
ISM activists by arab men ? I bet not .they are trying to keep it as quiet as possible .....
30. Couldn't have said it better myself, Stephen #9.
Tahl   (04.18.11)
Very succint and deadly accurate.
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