Teen hit by anti-tank missile dies of wounds
Ilana Curiel
Published: 18.04.11, 01:27
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1. so sad .Daniel Viflic ZAL
2. Ha'Shem! Serve justice!
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (04.17.11)
One more victim of liberal complacency.... reacting? Instead of striking preemptively?
3. May you rest in peace....
cj ,   paris france   (04.17.11)
my heart bleeds for your loved one. Love to you and your family from Paris. xxx.
4. May G-d avenge the spilled blood of this innocent boy!
Vladimir ,   Yerushalayim   (04.17.11)
5. Baruch Dayan Emmet
Tamar Wisemon ,   Beit Shemesh   (04.17.11)
Daniel was the gentlest, kindest teenage boy you can imagine. Always polite, and helpful, always a smile on his face. He will be deeply missed by everyone who knew him.
6. More Jewish blood on the hands of the
jason white ,   afula, israel   (04.17.11)
government and the general staff. Always afraid of world opinion and refusing to strike the terrorists and civilians of gaza. Afraid to cut off electricity and fuel to them. Afraid to stop medical supplies and food from entering gaza.Refusing to sink the terror supporters and their flotillas. We need new elections and we need to elect people who care more about our lives than they care about appeasing our enemies.We need to tell the general staff of the army to prepare to hit gaza without worrying about civilian casualties there. Also we must hit their leadership as well as the terror leadership in the p.a.
7. Condolences to the Family, May G-d comfort them
Israeli   (04.17.11)
8. OYE! #2 Please wait until he's buried...
Silent respect at this time is a good thing.
9. Very, very sorry to hear this
Neil Turner ,   Watford, UK   (04.17.11)
I'd just like to pass my condolences to Daniel's family. They must be heartbroken I know how I would feel if this happened to my son who is the same age Daniel will be with His God now, who will wipe every tear from his eyes
10. May his family be comforted that he is with Hashem.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.17.11)
11. As afather of two Israel Soldiers I appeal to the PM
Al   (04.17.11)
to do his job of protecting the Jews of Israel. That is you job...Do it or leave office. Pining for the cameras and brown nosing a nevela like an Obama will not bring safety to the Jews of Israel. Only a strong Israel who will actively protect its interest, will bring peace to the Jews. The enemy must know they will be made to pay in spades for any transgression. We should spare no mercy on these cruel lifeforms. G-d please comfort the family of the Kodesh. G-d bless all of Isreal.
12. ISRAEL <3
Peace seeker ,   LA, USA   (04.17.11)
One day there will be peace.
13. So sad
Rachel ,   US   (04.17.11)
The family has my sympathy.
14. To #6 Jason
Rachel ,   US   (04.17.11)
I have faith but with our PM it is so hard. Who is an alternative?
15. Condolences. Sorry to hear doctors couldn't do more.
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.17.11)
It was in doctors' hands and they worked very hard to save this boy. But medicine could not help and there is nothing else. Let us hope there will be more coming down in medical research to help in the future. Human brain still remains the least understood part of our body. Heartfelt condolences to the mourning family.
16. Daniel Viplic (A'H)
Lawrence I. Stern ,   Los Angeles, USA   (04.17.11)
Baruch Dayan Emet....
17. Baruch Dyan Emet
Wise Saba ,   Ma'agalim   (04.17.11)
May the family be comforted among the mourners of Zion & Jerusalem
18. religion of peace triumphs again
19. Where Are the Voices of Justice???
Jake in Jerusalem ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.17.11)
Firing an anti-tank missile at a school bus is a war-crime if EVER there was one!!! Where is "Judge" Goldstone? Where is the UN Human Rights Commision? Where are the indignant Security Council resolutions? Where is Ban-Ki Moon? Where are the Voices of Peace? Where are the writers and authors, the singers and rock-and-rollers? Where are the boycotters? Where are the Anarchist Columnists? Where is Helen Thomas? Gideon Levy? Tom Friedman? Linda Gradstein? Where is NPR, NYTimes, BBC? Where is J-Street? Don't worry. They'll be back - just as soon as they can invent something else to bash Israel with. HYPOCRITES!!!
20. #13 Rachel :)
21. he is in a better place
jorge stern ,   mexico   (04.17.11)
we will avenge his death !
22. Teen hit
debbie ,   israel   (04.17.11)
So so sad to hear this.
23. haniyeh is responsible for this
alexi   (04.17.11)
haniyeh should pay for this . There is no point in distinguishing hamas from jihad. They are all the same. Take haniyeh's clan. We'll see how much he wants it.
24. Dr Ben Alofs and Salma
Emma ,   London   (04.17.11)
Have you nothing to say about this? Are you not ashamed of the people who fire anti-tank missiles at a school bus, why so silent? Or Dr Alofs, do the psychiatric staff at the ward where you are only allow you access to the internet at certain times? Salma - are you too busy handing out candy to write something?
25. only God can do real justice
hadad ,   london uk.   (04.17.11)
but he is waiting for am yisrael to return to him so he would finish rhese wild beasts off
26. I will remember You, beloved unknown victim of hate + terror
Fritz ,   Germany   (04.17.11)
27. I am very sorry
Fritz ,   Dortmund, Germany   (04.17.11)
28. It is extremely discomforting,
RJK ,   Canada   (04.17.11)
to understand how someone as Mr.Bibi, who campaigned on a platform of controlling the terrorists, to protect Israelies lives, can be so nonchalant at events such as this. Is he sincere in his comments for the protection of the very people he was elected to protect? Or, has he chg'd since getting the Primeministership? He appears to have done the latter. Until he shows his true colours to Israelis, by showing unmitigated support for those who are trying to live their lives in peace(Israelis)he is just blowing wind from his backside. In doing so, it is propelling him outwards as someone with plenty of words but little of context or import. Your constituents are beginning to wonder who you have morphed into Bibi! You were elected to protect all Israelis. They expect you to do so. Otherwise, of what use are you?
29. #21 Jorge stern
Yunan Amram ,   Israel   (04.17.11)
If you were living in Mexico, anywhere will be a better
30. daniel
miri ,   miami usa   (04.17.11)
to the family of daniel, my deepest condolences. he seemed so special.
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