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'At night I whisper – Gilad, come home'
Aviva Shalit
Published: 18.04.11, 22:40
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1. Son of Israel
Cindy Ahlgrim ,   Wildomar, USA   (04.18.11)
My prayers are with you. As a mother and a grandmother I cannot imagine what you have gone through. I hope this video I made of the Exodus & Passover and how it relates to my faith will bless you and comfort you as we huddle together looking forward to miracles and redemption.
2. Very moving. Our prayers are with you and your family
3. we are with you
susanna ,   israel   (04.18.11)
as our family sat around our seder table we filled our most precious cup with wine (the cup was my grandfathers) for your Gilad. my soldier son was home and i felt such happiness to have him and my other children and grandchildren around our table. we will all weep with happiness when Gilad comes home.
4. Over 9000 Palestinian families are whispering the same thing
Jeff, Ex-Marine ,   San Diego, US   (04.18.11)
Shalit Shmalit - At least he's being treated like a royal guest compared to the thousands rotting in Israeli jails. This soldier knows what his value is worth: roughly 1000 - 2000 Palestinian prisoners.
5. to Jeff-disgraced marine 4
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (04.19.11)
You are an absolute ignorant idiot-does Shalit get visitors,food parcels,TV,study for a degree,conjugal visits if married,celebrate Passover etc,Red Cross visits,family visits etc-etc. Royal guest my bum! You are a dog who barks at decent people.One day a real marine will get hold of you-I'll leave the rest to your imagination.
6. #4 - I couldn't disagree with you more
BillyBob   (04.19.11)
Gilad is worth more than 1 million terrorists in jail but it would be irresponsible to let out murders who will kill again for him. We don't need more dead like the Fogels at the hands of Palestinian murderers. as to conditions in Israeli jails - they get education, 3 meals a day, conjugal visits and Red Cross visits. Gilad gets none of these. So - educate yourself before spewing verbal diarrhea.
7. hoping for a miracle soon...
laurie ,   long valley, nj, usa   (04.19.11)
as a mother also, my heart breaks with this terrible situation that you did not ask for...may haShem be with you and bring peace to your heart as much is possible and bring your son home to you soon.
8. #4 Jeff Smeff
Faith ,   i   (04.19.11)
I'm surprised no one has said this to you by now: Shut your stupid mouth.
9. No deal..No swop for killers to kill more of our people!Forget it!
Alan ,   SA   (04.19.11)
10. hey, mister Jeff
eyal ,   israel   (04.19.11)
First, let the Red Cross visit Shalit, then talk about the "thousands rotting in Israeli jails". They, at least, see some sunlight and have visits from family members... as always... the Palestinians have their own rules, and the world expect Israel, the only democratic country in the area, and the only one who shares the same values with Europe and the US, to pay the price. Wake up, men... I think the french and the swiss people have strated... next time in the other side of your street.
11. sympathy with her
ihab ,   Ramallah   (04.19.11)
i want to express my deep sympathy with his family , i know it is hard on them all that they do not know any thing about him , i do not want to compared between him and paleestinians prisoners , they call their families and see them , as a human at the first and as a father and as a palestinian i support Gilad family , and pary to god he will free soon also for the palestinian prisoners . ihab
12. Severals years of Shalit's time were totally wasted.
Salma ,   Palestine   (04.19.11)
Shame on Netanyahu and Barak for destroying Aviva's heart : ( They must stop wasting time over the question of price ! pay the price before its too late.
13. We hope and pray for Gilad,
greek girl ,   greece   (04.19.11)
son of Israel... I hope God listen to us (non-jews)... happy passover
14. #4 Jeff the moran
Texan   (05.02.11)
what you smoking Jeff ??????
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