Israel’s 10 plagues
Yair Lapid
Published: 19.04.11, 15:09
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1. All these plagues are contained in one person...
Toby ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (04.19.11)
2. A toast to Yair Lapid
P. Solomon ,   San Diego, USA   (04.19.11)
Sorry Toby, I couldnt disagree with you more. Mr. Lapid knows that you keep improving your society and people by asking questions and being critical. What's funny is that your contribution to his article and his thoughts of making your country stronger was to insult him.
3. 3. Self-righteousness 
Almog ,   israel   (04.19.11)
3. Self-righteousness, you talk about this and there is no doubt in mind it's ease for you to do so. My question is why are you not running for prime minster? There doubt that you should be, I would vote for you. Maybe it's time you stepped up - 3. Self-righteousness 
4. problems
sas ,   israel   (04.19.11)
the worst problem we have is that WE HAVE NO LEADERS with vision or courage. All our leaders are interested in their salaries/their cars/ their mobile phones etc. The last think they care about is the welfare of the country and the people.
5. where can i read this article in herbew?
6. absolutely
zblarochelle ,   usa   (04.19.11)
Right Mr Toby
7. #2 now thats a smart TB good job ;)
deutronomy 28 ,   world   (04.19.11)
8. 10 Plagues
Daniel Shir ,   Hallandale Beach USA   (04.19.11)
Thanks for depressing me!
9. America's identical twin
mea   (04.19.11)
Tea Party polarization, top heavy business world, crummy educational system, all all frosted over with massive self righteousness from every corner, whether it is indignant Palin hillbillies calling down anybody who isn't white and for Jesus, teachers lamenting that if they had more money they would teach better, or the day to day polarizing elements in every day interactions, America has each of Lapid's laundry list of traits. Sad but true. In Israel, I have noticed the rise in polarizing actions in language. People are vicious like never before. I will say each country has the same smoldering resentments but they usually remain suppressed until ultra-religious and political leaders begin using hatred to build their base. Sarah Palin is a fine example of someone with no brains, no vision, no intellectual curiosity, but became a leader simply by fanning those ugly flames of fear and resentment inside the hearts of ignorant people. A very interesting article --thanks.
10. A great column, worth reading and re-reading.Clean ur heads!
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.19.11)
11. To # 4
Dino Domingo ,   Vancouver, Canada   (04.19.11)
this article is not about leaders...its about individuals and your culture! everyone has choices...
12. #2 - Second attempt to reply
Toby ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (04.19.11)
Yair Lapid is a clever rhetorician and a brilliant writer. But he's not representative of the majority of us here in Israel. Yair constantly insults the Torah observant public and the majority who still think that Israel has a legal, moral, and historical right to the land designated for the Jewish State in 1922. Is it really an insult to point out that Lapid's constant sarcasm and mockery (insults) are actually a reflection of his own beliefs and actions? I count myself among those who hope that Yair will one day use his considerable skills and his clever mind to do something that will actually help preserve the entire Jewish State, not just the Tel Aviv-Herzlyia metro area.
13. only Israel
Rihard ,   The Hague Holland   (04.19.11)
Only the jews and Israelis are able to self evaluation on this level.Beautiful!
14. reality check israel brings most trouble on itself
yoshe   (04.19.11)
israeli policies are a invitation to critizism
15. Ces'l laVie,, Asi es la vida, that's life....
Rick ,   Los Angeles Ca. USA   (04.19.11)
In Hebrew there is no corresponding phrase...Ma la'asot? kacha Ze! Elle H'chaim! Yair, you can't have everything.
16. Yair, Please Read #2
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (04.19.11)
There's a reason Katsav chose you to interview him and not London & Kirshenbaum. You talk a tough game but when you have a chance to grill someone on your show, you get very limp.
17. Very Good
David Yashar ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.19.11)
Not every one of the 10 points is correct, but Yair is close enough. He raises issues that need to be raised, whether you agree with him or not. And the ad hominem attacks on him in these Talkbacks show how right he is. BTW, I'm dati leumi, and nothing he's written about religion and state is all that insulting.
18. To #12
Edu ,   Kyriat Haim   (04.19.11)
Talk by yourself man, you can agree or not. We don't need representatives. May be he's a representative, ulai he is.
19. Yair, some of what you say is true but you are naive,wishful
Faruq   (04.19.11)
20. Dear Mr. Lapid
Mark ,   J-lem   (04.19.11)
If you want to write Dostoevsky rhetoric, please, mention it in the article or you will mislead readers. Instead of your sarcasm (not the best of kind I met in my life) please, write about the same old Israelis who actually do a lot for their country. Like MDA volunteers, Mishtara volunteers, overseas army volunteers and many others. You are obviously want to speak to "intelegenti" part of Israeli society. An article of such kind is more hypocritical than all of your's 10 plagues. This reminds me of the left wing so much. Do us a favor, and I mean all of Israeli, first - tell several stories about people who do a lot for their country (they are not saint, mind you, just usual people with their own problems who manage to find time to make something good) and ONLY then turn into a self-hating Jew. Do us all a favor. Second - STOP talking to an Israeli as a member of privileged group of any sort. Best regards, Mark, ynet reader.
21. Israel's 10 plagues
Marita Wlodawsky ,   Israel   (04.19.11)
Thumb up !!! That's how I feel too
22. Don't bother readng his article.
tejas ,   India   (04.20.11)
He thinks that he is the only moral person living in Israel.
23. israel
Sigmund   (04.20.11)
The jewish people are a very driven and perfectionist people and self critical . They can be cruel and lazy . But compare israel now with the heplessness of the warsaw ghetto the yazheit is around now . Its a miracle with all its flaws and crimes and bungling . There is real mass heroism in israel.
24. Plaque No.2
Jules   (04.20.11)
As long "Peace Now", NIF, B'Tselem and the whole bunch of other agents are freely allowed to seek the destruction of the IDF and the whole country, the "plaque" No.2 is a blatant offence against the common sense. Yes, the legal system _IS_ overtaken by the leftists, since they keep constructing "criminal" cases against Israel's true patriot: Avigdor Lieberman, and at the same time an active participant in the violent attack against the IDF soldiers: MK Zoabi, is not even under investigation. What an incredible shame for governmental bodies calling themselves "law enforcement agencies".
25. Thank you Mr. Lapid. Someone finally
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (04.20.11)
said what needs to be said. ah! please add the I don't give a $$..t attitude to it as well.
26. One of the best articles I've ever read on Ynet...
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.20.11)
...I wish it wasn't so, but Yair hit the nail right on the head with a sledge hammer. I hope at the very least some of us will do some serious personal and national soul searching and maybe learn something from this article because we are truly are own worst enemy.
27. Another Leftie-Moron posing as a Righteous Moralist-and yes
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.20.11)
it's Bibbi's fault and yes it's the "occupation" and the Banks and the Israeli's failure to be better than the rest of this wretched, human race. Your writing is like acid for my sore eyes!
28. #2
Moshe ,   Atlantic Beach, FL   (04.20.11)
Bravo Yair. #2 Solomon, I agree with you. Toby's response proved Yair's point exquisitely.
29. I better forget my alliah
dave ,   hallandale Fl   (04.20.11)
To be between wolfes will be deadly for me.Market is Market, I know, but this Lapid paints Israeli business men warriiors.
30. Bookmarked to favorites ,...
split ,   US   (04.20.11)
Steve Jobs is not Jewish. He doesn't practice Judaism. He doesn't identify himself as Jewish. His parents are not Jewish. - His mother was Swiss his father was a Syrian if I remember correctly . The rest of the observations right on the target and a bullseye ,...
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