Fighting terror in Sudan
Jonathan Schanzer
Published: 20.04.11, 16:28
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1. Difficulty with "procurement position"
Gary ,   Los Angeles   (04.20.11)
2. A fixed illegal nuclear installation must be
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.20.11)
an even better target, than a tiny and fast moving car...
Orao. ,   Srbia.   (04.21.11)
Fighting terror in Sudan Op-ed: Sudan strikes attributed to Israel have important deterrent effect on Iran and its proxies Jonathan Schanzer Published: 04.20.11, 16:28 / Israel Opinion Orao.Srbia.
4. re: sudan's terrorism
joel ,   usa   (04.22.11)
well, all those evidence are documented against sudan, so would it be difficult for the mossad to get sudan's "bashir" who has a warrant for his arrest from the ICC, so why delay the operation?
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