Israel’s recycled politicians
Avi Yesawich
Published: 21.04.11, 10:40
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31. To Chaim: Its about "Winning"
Noah Lev ,   Hollywood, USA   (04.22.11)
To Everyone: For starters, I am a US born, very proud Zionist Jew. I contribute to several pro-Zionist US groups..as well as charities in Israel. I read, What is a Jew, by rabbi Morris Kertzner, a WW2 chaplain and liason with gentile groups. His definition of a Jew: we are ALL Jews, if from the mother. I agree. Its only the observance and/or ritual differences that divide us. From Haman, to Hitler, to Himmler, to Goering, to Nasser, to the fascists, to the Taliban, , to Farrakhan, to David Duke, to Abbas, Fayyad, Ashrawi, Assad, the Muslim Brotherhood..all have one thing in common. Hitler killed 7m caus he could. Iran would do the same. Only a few Western countires like us.,most hate or are indifferent. 1.4b Muslims, 400m Arabs, vs 5.5m Israeli Jews ( also divided ). I wrote that no Arab will give up the right of return...its obvious. Why then talk I ask? Those in Israel who are agin 2 states (Jordan is really Palestine) have to consider the repercussions. This is the crux. Time is agin you guys...If Iran gets the bomb, 30% will migrate elsewhere. Get it. To Bibi: you presented red lines at Bar Ilan..stick to them...get off your ass. Get smart. Listen to your people or resign. Avi is waiting in the wings to duke it out wiith the UN, EU, Arab League and Obama. Its about "winning" guys. Can Avi win? Is Charlie Sheen winning?
32. the problem is Israel's electoral system
zionist forever   (04.24.11)
Individuals not elected directly in a constituency its based on a party list. The public have no say in who ends up in the Knesset. You want to vote Likud ok but the Likud members will be the ones who decide which members of the party will be elected through a party list The higher up the list the party has placed you then the better your chances of being elected. If Likud win 28 Knesset seats so the MKS ellected are the first 28 on the Likud list. There is also the coalition system itself. There are currently 13 parties with Knesset seats and only Likud, Kadima and Labor are the only ones who want to run the actual country. The rest of the parties exist only to join coalitions so they can get government support for their personal causes. If your only there to join a coalition and serve no other purpose it really doesn't matter if you keep the same people in the same positions for 20 years. With the mainstream parties very little changes keep rehashing the same leaders over and over. Even Olmert still has dreams of making a political comeback and being PM again and the worst part of it is with this system he probably can They will also try and change the rules if they want somebody in politics. There is supposed to be a cooling off period between quitting the army and getting into politics. Gabi Ashkenazi there were Knesset members who were saying waive the cooling off period for him. Dan Halutz wanted to jump straight into Kadima without a cool off period There seems to also be a culture of if your a general you must get into politics once your army career is over. The system is full of corruption, the public have very little influence and coalition government creates stale government where nothing much ever changes no matter who is in charge because the same faces are always in government. Its also a very expensive form of government because once coalitions collapse we need new elections which cost millions to hold. In the countries entire history I don't think there is a single government that has ever served a full term. On average coalition infighting brings down the government every 2 years and half years. We need a system where the party with the most seats runs the country alone for a set period of time and the MKS are elected individually through a constituency. Until we do change the system politics will be corrupt and stale.
Malkah ,   E. Jerusalem, Israel   (04.24.11)
Man, is this right on or what. How can it be that these oppressed people have more of a sense of their rights than we do - people who should be accustomed to freedom and demand our voice. Perhaps we are lulled into submission by the relative goodness of life here, and feel that rocking the boat is just not worth the emotional discomfort. Or perhaps those who are truly worthy to serve are turned off (or dissuaded by their peers) from joining a political system seen as somewhat tainted and smarmy. We must encourage the many active and good people of Israel who are so inclined to join up with the political system and provide an alternative to the recycled offerings we dread.
34. Political Leaders
Ruby1111 ,   washington,DC   (04.24.11)
The difference between Isreal and the rest of the Middle East is: Isreal has had the same 7-9 People rotating jobs from PM -etc for the last 30-40 years. Same government mindset-rotating bodies. Egypt,etc. has had same PM or President, same mindset for 30= years in one body.
35. A Miniscule State with Big Problems
noah Lev ,   hollywoodCAUSA   (04.24.11)
Here in Cal. Gov Brown is in a quagmire. He cannot get both parties to agree on most anything. His remedy is to go to the people, per his campaign pledge. But Cal, with 40 pop. and 2t in GDP and part of the Union (with Federal assistance) will survive. We are increasing at 600,000 yr.... Those unhappy, move away. But Israel is not the USA. We form coaltions within the 2 major parties...then allow people to vote. Israel votes, then coalitions are formed. Why is Bibi P.M. when Kadima got more votes, I ask? What gives Peres the right to choose? Israel's leadership at the top is a revolving door...like musical chairs. Round and round they go. Your K members should be voted by district...your Pres. by popular vote. He (she) then picks the cabinet, after Knesset confirmation. Come on guys. My country (LA) has 10m people..and dwafts your entire country in GDP. Why? Sure,we have problems. You need also to define what is a Jew? And a Constitution separating religious from secular civics. You want a religious wedding, fine. If not, get a civil one. Its that easy. Dont let the Charedi ruin your experiment.Recall the 1973 War when they fled!
36. #31 Noah. End Israeli retreats and end Israel's problems..
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.24.11)
#31 Noah. Israel is fully capable of winning. The problems that Israel suffers today are virtually all results of concessions and retreats. Results of lunatic leftist ideology. Nobody would even talk of "Palestine" today had Peres not revived the dead P.L.O., propped up it's corpse, and offered it most of Israel...during the Olso Disaster. What must Israel do to win? Simple. 1) Claim all of Judea and Samaria. Serve legal proof on the world this land is ours. We have it. Let's use it. 2) End all Israeli retreats and concessions. All Israeli victories must be turned into permanent Israeli advantages. No more giving our land away for treaties or for any reason. 3) Send our troops into battle for one reason only: Total, resounding permanent victory. Total victory is Israel's true path to peace, as it was for the WW II Allies.
37. dangerous Avi we must stop this man
E. Barak & Ts.Livni   (04.25.11)
how dare he speak out and speak the truth in our mainstream media? we need to slander him and demean him starting right now. it is unacceptable that the great unwashed speak out against us, the genius elites.
38. "non-accountability"
Michael ,   Haifa   (04.25.11)
There is no word in Hebrew for Accountability. So in the absence of the concept in Israel,. the most incompetent people in our society flourish in the political system.
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