Why are Jews considered rich?
Tani Goldstein
Published: 06.05.11, 10:52
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1. That was in the Middle Ages in Europe
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.06.11)
2. And The Golden Calf was the best
Ian   (05.06.11)
3. Every Jew is Rich?
Israeli 2   (05.06.11)
Wonderful! Our gentile neighbors love us...because the real estate value in our neighborhood drives prices up.
4. If not all of them
Israeli ,   Israel   (05.06.11)
Israelis live abroad just for materialistic reasons, fact.
5. So what's changed
Erudite ,   Australia   (05.06.11)
The same biased ignorant European goys transfered their revulsion for Jews to a modern political correct hatred of Israel.
6. History might have been different...
...if they had been allowed to own land. But thanks to this discrimination, Jews have always been wanderers. ..funny that native citizens never considered themselves "racists" on this count. They were good, pious Christians/ Moslems (choose appropriate religion for the given country). On the 2nd thought, nah. Free hate of Jews/Israel is alive and well. "The Chosen People" is a lasting label.
7. #5 Do you call the average Australian a goy to their face?
Mark ,   Melbourne   (05.06.11)
or just use that old term anonymously online...
8. Say what you will, but...
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (05.06.11)
...pretty much wherever we come--whether because we get forcibly exiled from our previous dwelling or resettle voluntarily--we manage to prosper. It's happened everywhere: From America to North Africa, to Europe, now to Asia and the Far East. Not just as individuals either: 60 years after the greatest catastrophe that ever befell our nation, a catastrophe that decimated us, we are now more numerous and more powerful economically, militarily, culturally, academically and in just about every other way than EVER before in our 6,000-year-long history. Face it: We ARE special. But not special in the sense that we are craftier, more avaricious or perfidious; we are simply smarter, more talented, more resourceful and perhaps, yes, more fortunate. And the goyim can't stand it. That's human nature though: We tend to be exceedingly jealous of those who are luckier than we. We first try to become like them; if we can't, many of us end up hating them. That's not specific to anti-Semitism. Nor is anti-Semitism terribly special. People generally are quicker to hate than to love each other...
9. Eastern Europe always poor?
Justine   (05.06.11)
Good article. It would be useful to compare the plight of Jews to those of other "successful" minorities with business affinities, like the Chinese in the Far East. I just have an issue with the sweeping generalization of Eastern Europe as "poor and backward". Before industrialization, differences between "rich" and "poor" countries were not so drastic. Second, some of those Eastern European countries (Poland, Hungary) had bouts of good fortune. Poland was a powerful country in the XVth and XVIth century.
10. The History of Hate, relived....
Ayush ,   Gibraltar   (05.06.11)
Its funny that the article is so exclusive to the narrative of the Ashkenaze Jews, that is overlooking the fact That The People of The Book, The Jews, includes the Sepharads-Mizrahi Jews. How is it that in Israel of today, the story, the NARRATIVE, of the most important components of the population that built towns and yeshuvim, are ignored. It really reminds me of the "famous traveller" Nahum Slouchz who in his enthusism to write a book about the North African Jews, he thought he was back to the 11th Century, such a perssitent mentality exist in Israel when it comes to explain the fate of a JEW....
11. why are jews considered rich?
tal   (05.06.11)
because their money exudes a special light, as in the color of money. so non-jews want it. only problem is, it loses the light the second it goes out of a jew's hands. thus historically, the jews are taxed again and again in a quest for that light. source: rebbe nachman of breslev
Michael ,   Haifa   (05.06.11)
Does AIPAC have any place in this story ?
13. The damage is done, so now what?
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.06.11)
14. And Ilan Halimi was kidnapped and tortured because ...
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (05.06.11)
Halimi was a young Jew working in a cell phone shop in Paris when he was kidnapped and held for ransom by his Muslim captors (most of North African extraction) who believed "all Jews are rich". His family was not rich, and he died from the torture inflicted on him. One should recognize that hatred and envy of the Jews is not limited to European Christians of old. A similar attitude is widespread in today's Arab and Islamic cultures as well.
15. Jews have been the scapegoat
k ,   US   (05.06.11)
Most Jews are in denial of what they are, there are some rich Jews, but for the most part the Jews have been the scapegoat of leaders of the world to blame your problems on them while looking away from what they are doing, go look at history, there has never been a leader or person who targeted the Jews who was not evil or corrupt
16. It's not money, it's beauty
Sammy Davis ,   Amsterdam   (05.06.11)
Look at my case. My parents, grandparents and great grandparents were poor. However, I was a beautiful young man. So I married a rich, non-Jewish women and now I am also rich. That is why everybody hates me.
17. Jews did not love money, as Christianity abhorred it.
Ulrich J. Becker ,   jerusalem   (05.06.11)
Why not islamic lands? Because Christianity was from the beginning against wealth. As is written in the Christian Bible: "Before a rich man comes to paradise a camel will go through a needle whole" Up until today European intellectuals have their deep unrational problems with wealth. Neither the romans or greeks or jews or muslims had it. This unnatural hate that misses that money is after all a very pratical civilizatorian tool that can do many good things etc.. is one of the basic problems of Christianity. Thus they hated Jews even more for not accepting their wrong teachings.
18. This article seems to be based on a mistaken presumption
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.06.11)
The presumption of this article seems to be that it is somehow wrong to be rich. It seems to imply that the rich should be somehow blamed and penalized for their richness. But what if 'wealth' is the result of greater industry, greater productivity, greater self- restraint and capacity for saving, greater innovative ability? If the Jews are in fact in present day United States one of the wealthiest per- capita groups does this mean that there is something 'wrong' about this, or are they to be commended for making a greater contribution to society in becoming wealthy? I believe most would agree with the latter idea though of course anti- Semites would not. I
19. Was Europe an oppressive Hell for Jews?
Cameron ,   USA   (05.06.11)
Consider the fact that Jewish communites (with Spain being one of the few examples) never collectively fled 'en masse' from Europe proper to establish themselves in Muslim lands over the centuries. Food for thought.
20. Jews are resourceful rather than rich. What an Arab can do
Yaniv ,   Israel   (05.06.11)
with $1000 a Jew can do with 1 dollar.
21. I was born into poverty and no I'm well off thru honest work
Yaniv ,   Israel   (05.06.11)
22. Teaching of contempt as a main source of myths & hatred
Joe ,   Canada   (05.06.11)
Many myths (including that Jews are believed by Christian Gentiles to be rich people) can be traced directly or indirectly to the New Testament & some parts of the Christian liturgy which can only incite contempt for Jews. The fundamental accusation against all generations of Jews that they are guilty of Christ death, as stated in the New Testament, is the main source of superstitions, myths & hatred which developed over centuries among the illeterate majority of the people of Christian Europe (but not in Asia). The inforced isolation of the Jews, made them unable to integrate into the local communities which reinforced hostile feelings built on ignorance & lack of communication. In the powerful kingdom of the Poland of the 16th century the Polish noblemen who owned vast lands in far away places like Ukraine used the skills of litterate & polyglot Jews as land administrators or tax collectors which gave them a status above the near slave peasants tilling the lands. The revolts of the Ukrainians against their Polish overlords was also a pretext to massacre the Jewish scapegoats who were not only hated as tools of the Poles but also as "infidels", as tax collectors & believed to be potential sources of easy money to be stollen. The religious teachings & the restricted trades imposed on Jews such as in money lending & tax collecting ended up enriching only a minority of Jews. But ignorance & evil superstitions based on contempt kept the myth of the rich Jew alive to this day (see the reason for the kidnapping & fatal torturing in France of Ilan Halimi in 2006: ).
23. jews seen as rich by whom?
moron ,   galut   (05.06.11)
the same who persecute them sat this as an excuse which only makes the jews work harder to seek security
24. #16
IZL   (05.06.11)
Yeah same happened to me but with a twist. I married a rich non-Jewish lady and inherited all the money. Then I married a rich Jewish lady and she took all my money. Now I am a poor Jew, but everyone thinks I am rich as I am Jewish.
25. the article misses another important point.
Allen ,   USA   (05.06.11)
The money was important because with the money it was possible to remain alive. The Jews who were poor could not prevent the murderers from killing them or killing their loved ones. Therefore, the wealthier Jews could buy their lives with money. The poor Jews could not. The horror stories were happening to the Jews of Europe simply because the Jews did not have a place they could call home. They did not have a piece of dirt, real estate that was their own. Thank God for Israel. Despite the Arab hatred in general and Palestinian Arab hatred in particular these days the Jews can at least be as normal as other people who have a sovereign state and a national, their own, historical identity. These days a Jew does not have be Hungarian or Russian. A Jew does not have to be protected by the French or German police and authorities. These days a Jew can protect his family.and his people himself in the land where the majoriry is Jewish and the anti-Semitic world hates it. The world hates the fact that the Jews don't want to be the victims any more.
26. Money lenders?
"At the end of the day, they were pushed to despicable professions like loan with interest." Will someone please explain to me how the hell you loan money if you are poor? And if that is possible how do you collect on your debt if it is defaulted on? Of course banks in the US can lend 5$ for every one they have deposited so maybe.
27. Six days shall you work.
Eliyahu Konn ,   Powell, OH USA   (05.07.11)
Anyone ever think wealth might be because those that keep Torah work six days instead of five and take off the 7th?
28. another reason
Myackie ,   Austin, TX USA   (05.07.11)
we live in a world that generally rewards intellect. One finds few idiots living in mansions and also few brilliant scholars living in slums. When gentiles think all Jews are rich...what they are really saying is that all Jews are intelligent...and they are not. Additionally, the rite of passage of Bar Mitzvah guaranteed that all Jews knew how to read and write...this was something the average gentile could not do (only the upper classes and clergy)...again...this ability to read and write, assisted the Jews in their ability to rise above the masses. The Jew-hatred from gentiles pretty much indicates that jealousy was behind it all....jealousy of intellect and a better way of life.
29. #7 Mark
Erudite ,   Australia   (05.07.11)
All my non-Jewish friends are fully aware they are goys. They do not take insult anymore then I take offence to them acknowledging my Jewishness to there friends. It is healthy to recognise who we all are relative to our environment and acknowledge our diversity .No animosity is meant by my stating Goy anymore then when I am called a Yid by my mates.For that matter neither does our African friend get offended when we tell him to get his black arse over for the shrimp on the barby . Poitical correctness has gone mad.
30. #7 What's wrong with calling a goy a goy??
Phil ,   Ireland   (05.07.11)
A goy is a perfectly acceptable word for a non-Jew in Yiddish and does not mean any disrespect. It is not an insult. Please do some research.
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