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Israel's Arabs: The enemy from within?
Roni Shaked
Published: 21.04.11, 19:06
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1. Liberalism is a mental disorder
Israeli 2   (04.21.11)
2. Rabbi Kahane had the solution decades ago.
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.21.11)
Thre is no question that a large proportion of Israeli Arabs would like to turn Israel into another Arab state and are doing everything they can to do so. However, the author is mistaken in stating, "There is no solution in sight". The late Rabbi Meir Kahane had the solution decades ago. Compensate them to leave our land forever. It's time to create concrete plans to do so.
3. Ridiculous racist
Dan ,   Or Akiva   (04.21.11)
Heaping together a hodge podge of ridiculous assertions about the Israeli Arab minority with openly racist sentiments regarding the alleged fifth column nature of the minority here is disgusting and reminiscent of a time not so long ago in Europe and elsewhere when Jews received similar attention. Pure, unadulterated nonsense, unsupported by even the most basic knowledge of local Arab communities (which he clearly does not have) nor by repeated polls, which show that the local Arab population would settle for far less than a binational state with a neutered Jewish identity. What they want is equal treatment in employment, zoning, housing, land allocation and before the law. We all know where this is going and it is a dark, dangerous route that is a far greater threat to Israeli democracy than any supposed challenge posed by a national minority.
4. I agree with #2,Chaim.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (04.21.11)
The majority of them will accept such plan,and the minority that will refuse,it can be accomplished forcibly,because these are justly the ones willing to destroy Jewish Israel.
5. the article states the obvious
Oleg ,   israel/canada/russia   (04.21.11)
Sometimes I wonder if we Jews can manage a state with our mentality of being so called “fair” to people who want to destroy us. The fact that this professor had to write his study to state the obvious --just shows how disconnected many of us are from the reality of accepting the fact of the innate hate of the Muslim world wherever Muslims live. However, this professor did not count one factor in—that same hate of the Muslim world –will ruin Muslims , and the real process will start and already had started in Europe…
6. Great article.
MRW ,   USA   (04.21.11)
I enjoyed reading and learned a few things.
7. Enemy From Within
Edward ,   Savannah, USA   (04.21.11)
I found this article rather comical!!! The BLAME for the end of Israel will be put upon the "Israeli arabs" yet the REAL threat to Israel's existance is from the Netanyahu government and those in the National Camp that are SILENT in the face of what Netanyahu is doing!!! The perfect crime is when ALL of the evidence points to you doing it, yet everyone REFUSESto BELIEVE you to have done it!!! It doesn't get any better than that!!! Lukid is going to destroy the Jewish nation by its own policies and culpability in what the arabs are doing in Israel against the people.
8. Corrrect diagnosis, wrong treatment
EZ   (04.21.11)
There are several other options. 1. struggle for national identity with minority Muslims has become a global problem. Israel should take steps in line with other countries (Switzerland, France, etc.) 2. there are several elements within Arab society that would HATE to identify with what the Palestinians have become. This includes the Druze and probably a significant portion of the Christians who are more threatened by Muslims than by Jews. Finding ways to include the Druze and Christians will help the situation dramatically.
9. Kahane. Arabs have 22 states, Jews have 1. No arabs vote.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.21.11)
10. The problem is Arabs don't want to divorce Jews
Frank ,   USA   (04.21.11)
They use Jews to get the world class education, medical care, the Scandinavian type social services, welfare checks, etc. Yet, they hate the Jewishness of Israel and the very identity of the people who made Israel a first rate modern democracy. They will continue to challenge the Jews via the stupid Jewish leftists and by all other means including the anti-Semitic international forums. Their objective of the Arab majority is to use Jews to move up economically while they socialize, play backgammon and procreate. That is what the Israeli liberalism has created.
11. It is amazing that there are still people in Israel
Sam ,   USA   (04.21.11)
who did not lose their marbles and understand the real danger to Jews and the Jewish sovereignty, Israel. .
12. Professor Dan Schueftan! God Bless you!
Samuel ,   USA   (04.21.11)
13. Automatic dispenser of Teudat Zeut
Raphael ,   Netanya   (04.21.11)
1967: 600,000 israeli Arabs. 2011: 1,500,000. Including: 150,000 foreigners who were granted israeli citizenship through marriage or family reunion, and 300,000 Jerusalem residents, initially 70,000. Please tell us the names of the bloody idiots inside Misrad Hapnim, who put us in such a mess!
14. The elephant in the room
Will from Bradford   (04.21.11)
This man has studied the problem for many years, and yet not once did he mention the word 'occupation' as a possible reason for Israeli Arab radicalisation. He'd rather stoke the fire by branding all Arab citizens as enemies of the Israeli state. If Israel insists on being the nation for one race/religion, it should stop trying to hide its racist/theocratic intentions. Let's take bets whether the rest of the world (including Israel's benefactors) will sympathise...
15. No-one wants transfer but...
HaifaGuy   (04.21.11)
It just might happen if all less radical attempts at solving this problem fail... Haifa will change no doubt... Oh the hummus...
16. Take away the right to vote of all those
jason white ,   afula, israel   (04.21.11)
that did not serve in the I.D.F., including Jews. Do not let them sit in the knesset, work in government or teach in institutes of higher learning.
17. #2 rabbi kahane
jake ,   israel   (04.21.11)
rabbi kahane's solution was incredibly racist and a terrible desecration of god's name and if fact his solution would create an outcome far worse than maintaining and a large arab minority...did i mention already that its a huge chilul hashem??
18. The radicalisation of the Arabs
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (04.21.11)
I mean they have also their problems.22 states and billions of oil dollars but still they have to occupy and destroy the Land of Israel .
19. Solution is VERY VERY simple
Loren ,   Italy   (04.21.11)
Deport them, just like every other democracy does to its TRAITORS. Treason is illegal and ENFORCED everywhere else. Why should Israel put up with it? Racist? Tell that to the Arabs who want no Jews to live in their dream apartheid called "palestine".
20. # 1
Miriam ,   Miami, USA   (04.21.11)
You are correct It is a mental disorder
21. The Mission
Msurice ,   London, England   (04.21.11)
then the answer is a Jewish Missionary Society. Any society has its dominant culture/civilisation and that includes a dominant religious position. The Orthodox position is unhelpful and does not contribute to Israel's long term survival because it fails to give the non-Jewish minority an 'in' that is easy. Israel does have to change to survive and part of that will mean disenfranchising the ultra-othodox hegemony on status
22. Russians or Israelis came but authentic in their homes @land
Amir ,   Yaffa   (04.21.11)
23. Ah' med T/B
Jo-E ,   France   (04.21.11)
How, in the world, can u trust a guy with a toilet-paper roll on top of his head (see picture)????
24. Israel has tools to deal with this challenge
Logic ,   Israel   (04.21.11)
Israel has lots of civil options, including; 1. Having more babies 2. Making conversions easier 3. Disengaging from the Triangle region 4. Promotion of Aliya and the return of expats 5. Giving voting rights to Jews around the world In the worst case, Israel will continue being a Jewish State at the expense of Democracy, but I doubt it will come to that point.
25. Shabak already proved him wrong
Ram,i of Nazareth ,   Israel   (04.21.11)
It is true there are radicals among Israeli-Arabs, however we all know they are the minority. The Israeli-Arab community as a whole has already proven its loyalty to the state and repeatedly expressed the desire in integrating in the collective Israeli society. Even the Shabak, who has been closely monitoring the Israeli-Arab community since the establishment of the country, and whose decisions are based on FACTS on the GROUND, DISAGREES with the finding of this radical inciter. The Shabak go even further and endorsees the integration of Israeli-Arabs as a strategic interest for the Jewish state. I’m certain none of the reader know more than the Shabak or question their credibility! As an Israeli-Arab, all I’m asking for is equality and respect. Israel is the only homeland we know, and the fact that it is jewish is not an issue at all.
26. The Jewish leftists
Frank ,   California   (04.21.11)
and the Arab haters of Israel want to destroy the Jewish sovereign state..
27. Arabs can be encouraged to leave
Ron ,   OC, US   (04.21.11)
If Israel withdraws from the WB in some part, that housing can go to Israeli Arabs. Certain border areas of Israel can be given to the new PA state and Israel can deport any illegals that are currently in Israel. No more Arab brides or husbands from Arab states or other areas are allowed into Israel and all subsidies for Arab children are to be cut off immediately. There is a lot that can be done but time is not on Israel's side.
28. '#4 British Israelhaters
Sobieski ,   Germany   (04.21.11)
There was a good reason why Begin disliked Brits, many like you seem to be Antisemites . It goes far way back....
29. Just wait a darn second
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.21.11)
Yes there are Israeli Arabs that are working for our destruction, especially MKs, but they are not a majority. I remember many of those same Israeli Arabs serving in the IDF and our government. Risking not only their lives but the lives of their families as they support Israel. I firmly and forthrightly reject the blanket claims again Israeli Arabs. That is not to say that it is not a problem, but we are partly at fault. We need to address the fact that we have allowed a separation between us. By ending their exemption from National Service ending the separate education system, etc.
30. Europeans... Europ wants you back ...
Jack   (04.21.11)
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