Terror warning: Hezbollah to attack Israelis abroad
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 21.04.11, 23:05
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1. Give us a reason
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.21.11)
Hezbollah appears to be intent on signing its own death warrant. Works for me. And this time .... the gloves are coming off.
2. No doubt Mossad will hunt them down since identities known
Sword of Gideon   (04.21.11)
Obviously the Mossad intelligence is very good. My guess is these guys would not make it back to Lebanon a la the Munich terrorists
3. hizbullah goes the way of the cowards
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (04.21.11)
they can't win on the battlefield so they attack like international terrorists on unsuspecting, unarmed, defenseless israelis in neutral settings. it's just an admission that they are afraid to fight like men face to face. which is why they are coward terrorists. cowards.
4. Stupid Article
yousuf ,   USA   (04.22.11)
Hezbollah know its political disaster to attack outside of war zone. It also knows not to start a war with civilian target. Israel apparently does not and even with big political power pays the price. -mabhouh assasination -Mavi marmara attack I mean if your going to attack a civilian ship at least do so in gaza's waters.
5. Israel needs this war ....
Ahmed ,   Egypt   (04.22.11)
Looks like HezboALLAH AND ISRAEL will do ANYTHING to save Bashar's regime...HezboALLAH and Israel have a strategic interest in igniting a war at this very moment to kill the revolution in Syria.
6. Truth vs Egypt #5
shrinkDave ,   Miami   (04.22.11)
Poor Ahmed! After at least 40 years of propoganda and lies you and your countrymen might want to reprogram your understanding of the world using something sorely lacking in Egypt, namely the truth.
7. #4 yousuf, #5 ahmed - stupid TB's
solomon ,   bklyn   (04.22.11)
#4- If Hezbollah does not attack civilians it is only because Israel has thwarted their attacks. The war zone is the ME as designated by Hezbollah and Hamas. Mabhouh and the thugs on Mavi Marmara are the same: people wanting to kill. Waiting until they do before responding is stupid and makes no sense. As is your TB. #5- It amazes me how you always tell your fantasies as if they are the truth and expect people to believe them. Hezbollah and Hamas want to start a war. Israel wants, and will, finish it. Your TB is, as usual, nonsense.
8. So IDF hits Hiz big wig, and Hiz responds targeting civilian
William ,   Israel   (04.22.11)
Seems par for the course when dealing with Arab terrorists.
9. #4 - you mean like in Buenos Aires?
William ,   Israel   (04.22.11)
One of the reasons why they'd try to keep it from tying back to Hizbullah in Lebanon. And why is it that more and more Arabs are seeing Hizbullah terrorists on their streets helping violently quell Syria, in Iraq, in Iran...?
10. #4 - Mabhouh was a civilian?
William ,   Israel   (04.22.11)
What equation are you using to determine Mabhouh as a civilian? Because he wasn't at that moment firing an RPG at the IDF? He was Hamas, an admitted arms smuggler for Hamas, using fake passports in UAE, China and other locales he visited, and knew the purpose of said weapons were to target Israeli civilians. That essentially makes him a legitimate target according to Intl Law, and apparently, he had quite a few enemies. They still haven't proven Israel killed him but they did find two "Palestinians" as part of the initial investigation. What happened to them?? Mavi Marmara was a "civilian ship"? Perhaps, but those who took part in lynching IDF soldiers as they boarded lost that "civilian" status (according to Intl Law). You would do well to see the BBC Panorama piece.
11. #5 - Israel always needs to be on alert from Islamo-fascists
William ,   Israel   (04.22.11)
and Hizbullah always needs to target Jewish civilians to give themselves a reason to exist. Besides acting as bouncers against peaceful protesters in Syria, Iraq, and Iran, there is little purpose they actually have in this world.
12. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.22.11)
Israel's blockade of Gaza is fully legal and internationally recognized. The MAVI MARMARA trumpeted its intent to breach the blockade. Israel was well within her rights to stop the MAVI MARMARA wherever she chose, once its intended destination became known. By the way -- Gaza doesn't have territorial waters. Gaza is non-sovereign territory; only nation-states can claim territorial waters.
13. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.22.11)
Actually, Iran is behind it all. We are fast approaching the six month anniversary of Stuxnet's complete destruction of the nuclear reactor at Bushehr (the rods have still not been replaced) and Stuxnet's complete destruction of the nuclear facility at Natanz (those pesky centrifuge cascades are now all off line). Evidently the facilities at Qum and Isfahan are shut down, too. Did Iran really think that Israel would let it become a nuclear power? Iran's upset, humiliated -- Israel has successfully interdict quite a few of their attempts to supply weapons to Hamas and Hezbollah -- and Stuxnet is the icing on the cake. Iran is trying to stoke up trouble using its terrorist proxies and its new best friend, Turkey. The Iranians must surely be terrified of Israel -- as well they should be.
Jrodstein ,   Basalt, Colorado   (04.22.11)
Hezbullsh!tAllah has attacked many times outside the war zone! the mavi marmara was not a civilian ship, it was carrying many terrorist!
15. on #5, sarah
joel ,   usa   (04.22.11)
let the mossad " silence " them forever, but send a bomb into iran's nuclear productions and demolish it completely, iran has nothing to counter it except those idiots Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists!
16. Assad is busy at home, maybe Hizbullah
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.22.11)
will suddenly be on its own...
17. Oh man, if they actually have the stones to do it!
Cameron ,   USA   (04.22.11)
The Israelis will be dropping Hez & Persians left and right. Talk about tempting fate.
18. #4;Yousuf, DO YOU DREAM A LOT
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (04.22.11)
First Mugniyah, died as he lived by the sword. He was not only a terrorist but a planner, responsible for many murders. he got what he deserved. Your second example, is laughable, but I'm NOT surprised you think of it that way. Everybody but apparently you knows the terrorists on the ship planned the attack on the IDF. They paid with their lives. Overwhelming video evidence completely exonerates Israel of any wrong doing in the flotilla incident. Get back on your meds. CASE CLOSED
19. # 4
Miriam ,   Miami, USA   (04.22.11)
GAZA Waters GAZA has not waters
20. Imad Mugniyah
April 22, 2011   (04.22.11)
was nothing short of being a fat overfed slob, and from what I can judge from newspaper photoshots, the guy was ready to burst at the seams. The death he received was far too good for the slob. A slow tortuous death would even have been too good for the slob. Well, let's give it a bye, he's gone and roasting in Hell, so his death is not yet over.
21. The best defence ....
Natan ,   Brasil   (04.22.11)
The best defence is ATTACK !!! Is a pity that there is no lidership in Israel with the balls to take this decision ...... We need another Ezer Weizman ...
22. To: Joel at No. 15
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.22.11)
Sooner or later, Joel, I suspect that's coming. One or another way. The Iranians are working hard to keep the world from finding out the extent of the internal dissension and unrest in Iran (which explains why they have maintained a low international profile and have gotten their proxy terrorist toadies to do their dirty work for them). I've heard that perhaps as many as 100,000 protesters and dissenters have been killed since the fraudulent elections a few years ago. No reason not to believe it.
23. It seems that Syrian needs a war; Assad uses Hizbollah!
Jouko ,   Finland   (04.22.11)
Assad's rule is in trouble in Syria - what will Assad do? I think he asks help from Hizbollah to ignite a conflict with Israel.
24. Israeli Businessman (Brazil)
John   (04.22.11)
Didn't an Israeli businessman just get killed recently in Brazil under strange mysterious circumstances? It is known that there are many Hezbollah operatives in South America.
25. #24
Pedro ,   Brazil   (04.22.11)
I hope not, but maybe you are right and the man was killed by Hezbolah. The true is that Brazil is very violent country. People are been killed all the time because the criminals know how the law is weak and favorable to them.
26. #22 Sarah B , U.S.A. / Israel
Mark Wilson ,   U.S.A   (04.22.11)
Jews and Muslims keep spilling each others blood. Fine by me, keep living in the middle ages and leave us alone. By the way Sarah, it would be great if you do not contaminate the U.S. Pack your bags and buy a one way ticket to the stolen land of Palestine.
27. # 26
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.22.11)
Mark Wilson, "it would be great if you would not contaminate" this forum. You may not have noticed that this is a news website where we comment on the latest news in Israel & about Israel. We, the regulars, do not sling mud & dirt at eachother. I am sure Sarah B. herself will be answering your very ugly talkback. Shabbat Shalom to you !
28. to nr. 27.
realist ,   world/planet earth   (04.22.11)
let us keep in mind that everybody has the freedom of opinion and speech. if people sling mud & dirt at eachother in this forum the editorship/staff of can decide which talkbacks can be published and which not according to the/their rules, which can be consulted on this website. so eveybody who takes part in this forum can know the rules of engagement.
29. To: No. 26
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.22.11)
Actually, the Americans and NATO have been spilling the most Moslem blood of late. Especially civilian blood. Have you read about the horrendous civilian casualties in Iraq? Pakistan? Waziristan? Libya? Strange that the orderlies in your facility would allow you intermittent access to the Internet but no newspapers. I agree that the Moslems are all extremely primitive, but after your next electroshock therapy, you should look Jewish contributions to civilization -- even in the face of unconscionable persecution -- and what the State of Israel has achieved in slightly over six decades of modern existence. I hope you never need a pacemaker. That's one Jewish contribution. I hope you tell your friends and family not to allow their children to be vaccinated against polio. That's another Jewish contribution. I hope no one you hold close is ever diagnosed with cancer of a stage requiring chemotherapy. Over half of all the chemotherapy protocols in use throughout the world are the product of Israeli (Jewish) innovation. You are truly a poisonous moron.
30. # 28
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.22.11)
The editors & staff of Ynet do not read each & every one of out talkbacks. There is no time for that !! Ynet uses an automated censoring system, which is a software device that is used for censoring the talkbacks.
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