Terror warning: Hezbollah to attack Israelis abroad
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 21.04.11, 23:05
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31. #4, you mean like in Argentina?
Danny   (04.22.11)
Or in 2006 when they started by shelling towns on the border?
32. Mark Wilson / 26
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (04.22.11)
How ironic. Somebody on land taken from American Indians telling another person to go to another land that they mistakenly believe has been stolen. How funny is that? Until you can contribute something to this forum Mark as Sarah B does on an almost daily basis you should keep quiet. Read and try to understand Sarah B's posts and you might actually learn something.
33. Sara B ...LOL about that idiot...Shock Rx too good for him
Alan ,   SA   (04.22.11)
34. no new Arab sqatters
toronto ,   TORONTO CANADA   (04.23.11)
all those recent Arab squatters, MUST pay ALL the back taxes, & bring the property, up to code.. if not move immediately out, Demolish, all unsafe, delapidated houses , that are beyond repair.. new housing complexes, can be built in place, of those that are demolished, & available to Jewish residents.. Arabs will quickly fill a vacuum, if not stopped by law & order experise...
35. #26 Well said
Marko ,   Spain   (04.23.11)
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