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Amsterdam to mark WWII Jewish homes
Associated Press
Published: 24.04.11, 10:20
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1. Nice initiative,but hopefully...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.24.11)
it will not inflame the already existing antisemitisme.
2. Amsterdam to Mark WWII Houses
Shmuel Moskowitz ,   Cincinnati USA   (04.24.11)
This is truly the epitomy of chutzpa, this is a country that is in the process of banning Shechita!
3. while you making these posters...
M.f.l ,   benoni south Africa   (04.24.11)
Make one's that read "Christians used to live here too" Because the way the Netherlands is heading... Its only a matter of time
4. The Dutch
Jacob ,   Medellin, Colombia   (04.25.11)
The Dutch are still anti-semites. They can go choke on their posters. When calling someone a Jew-cancer is no longer a common insult, maybe I will come back and eat dinner from a vending machine like those animals do every day.
5. Anne was Dutch who understood the test of time
Ypip ,   Canada   (04.25.11)
She was an astronaut as Moses was Somewhat a scientist, a shield, steadily showing us all sorts of portals. "They'd;ve learned at the front door what room I'm in, but how do they know what name to call me by?"
6. A Good Way to Remind People About Attrocities
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (04.25.11)
Now when will Israel begin marking where all the homes and villages of the 750,000 innocent Pal civilians that were marched out of their own nation at the point of a gun, simply because they were the wrong ethnic group? The poster would read "Here stood one of 200,000 homes where Palestinians lived who were murdered and ethnically cleansed during the Nakba."
7. not going to happen - current inhabitants are mostly Chinese
Gur   (04.25.11)
and as everywhere in the world, they have no idea what's going on outside of their own little sub-world. This is not even going to register. Shame about the neighbourhoods....
8. #6
E ,   plainview,ny   (04.25.11)
You didn't study history did you? Let me formally reinvite you to reality. Whereas when every damn arab country in the area attacked israel, they told all the arab residents to flee because they will "purge the country of jews" . but you of course are just blindly throwing the blame on the israelis because you never studied your facts. "Doug" from retarded upstate hickass rochester.
9. #6 When Arabs mark Jewish Homes
JewsOfArabCountries ,   china and israel   (04.25.11)
Maybey it will happen when the Arab world marks the homes synagogues & other Jewish institutions taken from the hundreds of thousands of Jews in Arab lands after the ethnic cleansing of 99% of the Jews of Arab countries the ethnic cleansing of the Jews of the Old CIty of Jerusalem in 1948 & acknowleging their leader the Mufti of Jerusalem participated in the Holocaust maybey just maybey but we all know that will never happen "Mr Ignorant of History"
10. (6) a good way to remind people about attrocities
tiki ,   belgium   (04.25.11)
After the 6 million 'civilians, innocent Jews were murdered in Europe (this includes 1.500 000 murdered children and the 130 000 Jews from Holland), there where the approx. 850 000 'ethnically cleaned people from the 'Arab countries, that were 'marched out of their own nation (forced to leave behind 'luxury Houses, businesses and millions of $$$ Jews remember), simply because they were the wrong ethnic group. Yes, you guessed right.....the Jews! Get some perspective and don't let 'stupidity lead your life. If the same Holocaust would happen to the 'so called Palestinian, (like they & you ignorant people like to claim has happend), there wouldn't be a problem anymore. These facts, meaning the 'Holocaust and the "Expulsion of the Jews from the Arab countries has NOTHING to do with the fact that 'other Jews have been living in the Land of Israel, Samariah & Judea and Jerusalem for thousands of years, when Muslims & Arab Palestinians still had to be 'invented. Israel always 'belonged to the Jews and never to the so called Palestinians of today, for the authentic 'Palestinians in those days were JEWS.
11. number 6 is a racist and a liar
Tom ,   IL   (04.25.11)
No pal were forced to leave by Jews. NEVER has Israel forced them to go... It is rather your lovely Arab nations that told the pal to leave before they attack Israel. It is funny you talk such utter rubbish while having the nerve to leave your names by your propaganda. All Pall that left, did so, not at an Israeli gun, but by lies of the pathetic Muslim world
12. What about reparation payment to the
Vardina   (04.25.11)
survivors and their families?
13. 6#: When all Arab states will pay
Varding   (04.25.11)
reparations to Jewish refugees who were either driven out of their countries or murdered after their properties had been robbed or in a "cleaner" language - confiscated.
14. #6 Excellent idea, Doug
Tahl   (04.26.11)
As the one who brought up this idea, I suggest you should make an example of yourself, and mark your own home with a banner saying "built on land stolen from the Iroquois".
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