Syria: Dozens dead in bloodiest day of protests
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Published: 23.04.11, 07:28
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1. Obama,the best friend for Syria and Irãn.
ROSENVALD ,   BRASIL   (04.22.11)
Way Obama dont do like did whit Mubarack or Lybia ???? Obama,the worst nightmare for Israel.
2. And there is no permanent observer in the UNHR for Syria?
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (04.22.11)
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (04.22.11)
and there is not permanent agenda for Syria, Lybia, Egypt, Yeman, Sudan? How come Israel has one f...king Faulk
4. We want "no-fly zone" (hic)
we want "no-fly zone" over Syria, we want "no-fly zone" over Syria, we want "no-fly zone" over Syria. Is the president of France hearing us? Is the Prime Minister of Britain hearing us? Is the President of US hearing us? Or are they too busy in Libya to notice what is going on in Syria? Or is it because it is not Israel?
5. That last paragraph is truly a gem.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (04.22.11)
Assad is a huge part of the problem. He, in no small measure, collaborates with Iran to destabilize other ME countries. He is god-father to Hizbullah and Hamas, supplying them with arms. He is partner in crime with Iran. He allowed terrorists free passage through Syria to Iraq to kill American troops. He too, is attempting to acquire nuclear weapons. Israel destroyed one nuclear plant and he promptly embarked on others. The reticence of the US is astonishing. The most they can muster is, "We deplore the use of violence." Even Britainistan did a better job. Obama is rather selective, holding his hand and mouth for the worst of the scum while spitting out "friends". There is only one conclusion - the man has an evil agenda. He was happy to see Mubarak go. Well, he should be ecstatic to see Assad go because between him and Amadinejad I don't know which one is worse.
6. Israel beware Syria!
The Bitter thuth.   (04.22.11)
Assad will attack you to keep from going down!
7. lets get syrias
irv ,   USA   (04.22.11)
Why waste time? Let's take out the biggest bully,Iran, and let all these pathetic countries destroy themselves with their hate. They aren't civil with each other what makes anyone think they deserve anything other than our scorn for the death and destruction they bring to the world and their own.
8. Why no mention of the masses yelling...
Tahl   (04.22.11)
"Send your troops to Tel Aviv"? Oppressed or free, Arabs don't accept our right to be here. We've seen this from the protesters in Egypt, Libya, and now in Syria. Arabs always remain Arabs. Of course, the idiot in the White House will be quick to commend the "voices of freedom and democracy".
9. UN response to war crime, "no, does not involve Israel"
Cynic ,   USA   (04.22.11)
10. Syria is what syria accuses israel of
Psalms83 ,   Selah   (04.23.11)
only a thousand times as bad... LOOK IN THE MIRROR MR. ASSAD !
11. # 6 Bitter
Rachel ,   US   (04.23.11)
Or maybe Jordan.
12. Ban Ki Moon & World politicians where is the condemnation
John   (04.23.11)
Where is the security council resolution and condemnation?
13. Quick
Israeli politician ,   Cooku   (04.23.11)
Quick, give them the Golan Heights, they might stop the mascara and then we'll have peace
14. The UN ,,,
Jules   (04.23.11)
... lost all credibility. The only reasonable way to restore the truth is to is to rename it as "UNAI": United Nations Against Israel.
15. dictatorship, tyranny, despotism, terror/terrorism.
fighter for justice ,   world/planet earth   (04.23.11)
dictatorship in any country (about 87) is an abuse of power,mismanagement, misgovernment, a flagrant violation of human rights and a big crime to humanity/mankind, especially when (lots of innocent) civilians/ people have been/are killed/slaughtered, massacred/genocided. these dictators deserve the heaviest/most severe punishments. the society/community has to be protected against/from them so that they cannot repeat their crimes. today they are the greatest/worst criminals of the world.
16. Let me add to #5
Harry Wright ,   UK   (04.23.11)
Assad is holding Lebanon hostage through Hezbullah; his finger prints are all over the slaughter of Raffique Hariri; he gives refuge, succour and comfort to terrorist leaders including Mugniyah and Meshaal; he exercises tyranny and terror over the Syrian population.....all this and Obama refuses to call on him to leave!!
17. If This Is
18. Amnesty International, HRW, UNHRC are all silent!!
JBI   (04.23.11)
But when a Jew rises up to defend himself in the face of Arab intent to commit mass murder these people are upset. One must wonder, why...??
19. Where is the Goldstone gang to "investigate" matters?
Deb S. Gold ,   Boston, MA USA   (04.23.11)
20. As anyone noticed?
The bitter truth!   (04.23.11)
WWIII is in full swing!
21. And, these pricks are silent when the missiles fly from gaza
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.23.11)
22. Latest unofficial count: 75 dead in Syria on Friday
Marco ,   Spain   (04.23.11)
23. White House urges Damascus...
Steve ,   USA   (04.23.11)
"White House urges Damascus to stop violence, follow through on promised reforms". Or what? Empty words from Obama and Clinton of course. Totally useless and making the US look weak. Instead of waging an ineffective war on Libya, the target should have been Iran. Defeating Iran would kill many birds (indirectly) at once. Syria, Hezbollah and to some degree Hamas. These entities would be destabilized without their main sponsor. Are the protesters of Syria any better than their President (for life). Doubt it, as I also doubt the figures that come out of there (casualty numbers) When have the Arabs ever given 'actual' casualty figures? I have no doubt that Assad's people are killing protesters (they've been killing dissidents for years though no one bothered discussing that until now). Someone above did mention that Assad could preempt a confrontation with Israel, though if done, I believe it would be carried out through Hezbollah and not directly from Syria. This would bring all Syrian factions back together since they all have one true common enemy in Israel. I'm actually surprised that nothing has happened yet! Hamas's resent escalation of rocket attacks could have been a precursor to it, but that failed. Israel did not 'invade' Gaza as that seemed to be their (Hamas and Iran's) goal. Whatever is the case, we are losing time.. Iran has not let up it's goal of producing Nukes and in fact the world has pretty much forgot about them. Apparently, having a nuclear Iran is not as important as having the nice Arab people of the region free from oppression. Something that has always been and I'm sure will continue (though with different names). Iran needs to be put back on the radar!
24. If This Is What Savages Do To Their Own People...
David H ,   Marietta USA   (04.23.11)
Hmmm, I wonder what they would do to Israelis and Jews, given the opportunity. Happy Easter and Merry Passover people of the thinking world.
25. No Iran, No Hezbollah, but Syria!
Abu   (04.23.11)
No Iran, No Hezbollah, but Syria!
26. Not surprisingly, the Left is silent in Europe
Shai Moyal   (04.23.11)
A bunch of hypocrites, they are not interested in human rights at all , their only goal is Israel! what disgrace, what a unfortunate that the values ​​they are supposed to represent far,It is now clear that whoever controls them is stupid fascism
27. Marco = Spain
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (04.23.11)
Go and observe at first hand, help to increase the count
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