Obama condemns 'outrageous' Syria violence
Published: 23.04.11, 12:05
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1. Obama condemns - which means ...
DT ,   TA Israel   (04.23.11)
absolutely nothing because Syria and Co know the US and Co. will do nothing whatsoever.
2. outragous
colin   (04.23.11)
The islamic president condemns his country's own results. America interfered in all the arab states saying and shouting DEMOCRACY Death ,killing and distrucction are the wish of america. Now they can sell arms and claim humanterian suffering. GET RID OF THESE UNDEHAND DOUBLECROSSING AMERICANS.
3. What an 'outrageous' US president!
Harry Wright ,   UK   (04.23.11)
Assad is massacring the people and all he can talk about is outrageous violence like GaGa's outrageous wardrobe. Shame! Shame! Shame! What happened to his infamous words, "must go now"?
4. Double standards
Paul ,   Israel   (04.23.11)
The world is now witness to the brutality, unbridled cruelty and inhumanity of these Arab nations, one after another - Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen - who's next? However the world is strangely subdued in it calls of outrage. If 100th of the number of people were killed in clashes in Gaza or Lebanon by Israel, the outcry would be deafening, the Security Council would be in constant session and the world would ignore the circumstances surrounding the incident. However, when Israel draws the world's attention to this disproportional judgement, it is told that we should not want to be judged by those standards that the Arab Muslim nations are being judged. So answer me this: If that is the case, then how in G-d's name did these countries and those like them get elected onto the UN Human Rights Commission, the ultimate arbiter on human rights? Who exactly voted them on this commission, huh? So basically, the whole world is being judged by these standards - except for Israel! I wonder how much of the agenda of the next Durban Conference on Human Rights will be devoted to the state of HR in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Iran etc... And as for Obama: nothing more than lip service.
5. Go Bashar Go! It's time to leave and...
Daniel ,   Israel   (04.23.11)
to check if your friend A'nijad is safe and ready to keep you!
6. ...and the world is, by and large, silent...
JBI   (04.23.11)
7. Good morning Obama
Israeli ,   From North Israel   (04.23.11)
DFid you wake up already???? Or you are still in COMA??? You have discovered what we in the region observed a long time ago!!!!! It is better for the USA and the entire world that you leave office now and don't run for the 2nd term. I would like to modify an old preyer that we used to say for the russin Zar. "GOD keep Obama wel and alive - and FAR FAR away from us"
8. Silence is deafening......
tiki ,   belgium   (04.23.11)
Where are the 'European Humanists (who protested with fury when Israel was defendeing itself against rockets from Gaza)! Where are the European Muslims now that their 'brothers are being butchered, by their governements & NATO troops (their 'hysteric protests are well known when it comes to Israel & cartoons)! Where are the ' human NGO's who always have their opinian ready when it comes to Israel, but not when there are thousands of 'innocent civilians being murdered by Arab & NATO troops! Where is our 'mediator Erdogan who calls the Israeli governement murderers! Where are the 'leftist Media with their 'expert comments? Where is the UN with some new resolution? Where are all the rest of the WORLD's hypocrites? That same WORLD that desided IT wants the birth of "Palestine, another Arab problem state! That same WORLD that tells Israel Non Stop what to do and how to behave! That same WORLD that talks about free & democratic Israel as an Apartheit state. That same WORLD that elevated itself to be the judge & jury of Israel & the Jews. They have gone all quit all of a sudden, because they are all sharpening their pencils & knifes preparing for the BIG NEWS EVENT....the 'human FLOTILLA to the 'poor people of Gaza, and how these 'Zionist murderers from the Apartheit state are going to respond.
9. Obama, consequent
Merca ,   Barcelona.SPAIN   (04.23.11)
They help libyan rebels because they are opressed by a dictator.┬┐Can the syryan people wait the western help?.Ha,Ha,Ha...
10. Paul # 4-You said it all!!
Adina Kutnicki ,   Israel   (04.23.11)
11. You're insane
Robert ,   Brisbane Australia   (04.23.11)
You people who grasp every opportunity to denegrate Obama do it because he doesn't lick Netanayhu's boots. Obama inherited a world left in ruins both financially and socially by the most inept president ever by the name of George W. Bush. If Bush were now in the whitehouse, heaven forbid, what do you believe he would do in the current circumstances? It is blatantly obvious that as Obama doesn't bow to every demand of Israel he is subject to all manner of objectionable comments by you people. It is high time you people applied some logic and looked at the world through the eyes of sanity.
12. The Three Stooges
Chris ,   Dallas, USA   (04.23.11)
Syria, Iran, and Hezballah are closing ranks. The Sunni Gulf Arab States are closing ranks, add the Hashemites. Israel is very nervous about Egypt. If Mubarak is jailed, things will look bleak for western policy. If he is hanged,all bets are off. Peace will be a total illusion. Israel has to keep an eye on the North and the East, although the US remains committed to Israel. The Europeans are the roving Middle Men, but won't make any major moves without the Uncle in D.C. And then there is Turkey. Of course, while all this is going on, the US/Nato is stretched in Iraq and Af-Pak, add the "worst of the worst", the Colonel in Libya. No doubt, Bush and Blair made their share of blunders, but compared to the Three Stooges, Obama, Cameron, and Sarkozy, they look more and more like Lincoln and Churchill respectively. The stage for a very nasty regional war is being set. Western leadership looks like an oxymoron.
13. Excellent written number 4.
John ,   USA   (04.23.11)
14. Hypocrisy in US Policy
Aharon   (04.23.11)
All Obama can do when it comes to Syria, Iran, etc is to "condemn in the strongest terms possible," whatever that means. Yet, when a country like Libya does a similar action, the US and it's European/Nato cohorts take no hesitation to do military strikes with no clear objective. Until missiles start raining down on Damascus and Iran, you are not condemning these actions in the strongest terms possible.
15. Its Funny that you don't hear anything from Arduan Turky PM
Tamir ,   Tel Aviv   (04.23.11)
Arduan calling for wars crim on Israel when Israel killing 2 hamas terorists while say nothing when 88 people killied in one day is Syria by Assad ... where is the world i am asking you????????????????? If you comment on internatinal News sites please write this.
JESUSALEN ,   JESUSALEN   (04.23.11)
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17. No. 11 Robert
NYC Girl   (04.23.11)
Perhaps you're the one who's insane if you think it's only Israelis and their supporters who are critical of Obama. You wouldn't believe the things a lot of Americans are saying (Jews and non-Jews alike), including even some who voted for Obama the first time. And if you think the comments in these talkbacks are objectionable, you should read some of the emails going around about Obama that have nothing whatsoever to do with Israel. In fact, right now I have more friends who are unemployed since Obama was elected than actually have jobs. And the outlook certainly isn't good. So I'm sorry to have to disabuse you of the notion that the anger at Obama is only about Israel, but perhaps if you spoke to more Americans and let go of that offensive "you people" attitude toward Israelis, you might actually learn something.
18. Inheritance
Chris ,   Dallas, USA   (04.23.11)
Bush also "inherited" a mess: the decades-old conditions that led up to 9/11, an Iraq under American/UN sanctions from burning heck, and an overblown econ that had layers of debt all over it. And, yes, now it's much worse. Obama cannot continue to blame what is looking like Apocalyptic style disaster on W. except to Brits and Aussies, who continue to think they influence US policy. Time to get off the psychedelics and offer some solutions. Bush said Saddam must go and he's gone. Obama say's Qaddafi must go and he continues to be in Libya. And speaking of wars of choice, Libya is the definition. Here's a thought: Imagine if Saddam was in power during this Arab Revolt. Compared to Saddam, the Colonel is a Cub Scout, big C, big S. Time to look at the present, which is a Mess. At least Moe, Larry, and Curly were entertaining. These current Three Stooges are frightening.
19. Robert / 11
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (04.23.11)
Obama inherited a world left in ruins both financially and socially by the most inept president ever by the name of George W. Bush. Under Bush the congress and senate were controlled by democrats so you can't blame Bush for the mess. The presidents in America are not kings, they don't have absolute power. Congress controls the budget so don't blame Bush for it. Obama is the most inept president ever closely followed by Jimmy Carter. You should follow your own advice and apply some logic and open your eyes.
20. Obama Slams "Opposition"
Edward ,   Savannah, USA   (04.23.11)
Gee, funny that obamafraud is slamming the Syrian regime for its treatment of the opposition when the "illegal alien Muslim poser from Kenya in the White House" slams his opposition to his illegal position of power over his birth certifcate or his lawless unConstitutional actions by classing them as "racists" or "retards" for expecting those in governemnt to meet the "minimum requirements" of our Constitution!!! Maybe Assad needs to wise up and DEMAND the "poser" to produce a bona fide "birth certificate" PROVING that he has a RIGHT to pontificate to others from the White House!!! Until THAT happens, the "poser" needs to go BACK to the CIA where he came from!!! Preferable BACK to Kenya, but I hear he's so sorry that they don't even want him!!!
21. #8 tiki Where are the pink bikini girls?
Annette ,   USA   (04.23.11)
I agree with you completely. Where are those Europrotesters who in the great 1930's Nazi tradition boycott and sanction against Israel and its legitimate products? Why aren't they protesting the death of innocent Syrian civilians? (I was floored to read yesterday that these bikini protesters had lead to the closing of the Ahava store in Londistan.)
22. In Response to Robert #11
Mike ,   Isreal   (04.23.11)
Do you not consider "insane" every day people getting killed because all they want is a better life? How are you capable of truning these murders in many muslim countries to something Israeli? What does murdering inocent people in these muslim countries have to do with Isreal? How does someone like yourself trun your head to pretend that these murders ocuring on a daily basis and point your deformed finger to Israel? You are one sick induvidual who deserves to be placed on any one of these streets where these people are protesting, in front of the men, women and children and block the bullets intended for them. Your a brave soul.
23. Did JOO-BAMA condemn...
Marco ,   Spain   (04.23.11)
Outrageous human rights violations at Guantanamo and Abu Ghreib?
24. "Outrageous"? In Libya you called in genocide
Mike ,   oxford uk   (04.24.11)
But when Assad the "great reformer" who has failed to reform even one thing in 11 years does it... it's just a bit "outrageous"... good thing Assad didn't dye his hair pink... now that would be "seriously outrageous"... not just a "bit outrageous" like murdering oppressed syrian civilians
25. All it takes is one US drone hitting assad's palace.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.24.11)
26. reply
Frank ,   usa   (04.24.11)
Its not our job to police the whole world. He is just making a comment. If you don't like it then you should do something about it yourself not make stupid comments like that.
27. #11 Robert of suny Brisbane
Alex ,   USA   (04.25.11)
Seems to me, that your analog is slightly tilted, if you think that Israel has any interest in American intervention in the present Syrian affair. Also the way it looks like the word " Israel " makes you to loose your sanity. Sad. .
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