1 killed, 5 injured in shooting near Nablus
Published: 24.04.11, 10:18
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1. Joseph's Tomb is PA
observer ,   Egypt   (04.24.11)
Suppose that 15 Palestinians were trying to sneak near roadblock (to Israel or to Palestinian WB) without travel permits or authorization and were shot at by the IDF and a couple of them were killed. Then the soldiers would be hailed as heroes and killed Pals denounced as terrorists.
2. Fire ehud barak annex josephs tomb
John cone ,   USA   (04.24.11)
Time to fire ehud barak and annex josephs tomb. Enough is enough.
3. Let's give up more land
Rachel ,   US   (04.24.11)
One has to wonder if the PM is the least bit concerned for his own people or is pleasing a US President who is obviously not a friend is more important.
4. Same old and same old
David ,   On this planet   (04.24.11)
Blame it on Ehud Barack and Barack Obama and his supporters. who believe things will change when you offer those peace lovers more freedom more arms and training
5. Joesph tomb is PA...what a joke
BJL ,   usa   (04.24.11)
Joseph (Yosef) is Jewish and Judea from where the name Jew comes from is Jewish and Samaria too. Israel reclaim YOUR land. Bibi, fire Barak and make Ya'alon DM!
6. Naples? This is not Italy, this is Israel
JP ,   USA   (04.24.11)
Why do you think the Arabs call it Nablus? Because there is no "P" in Arabic. The city is Shechem. Pick up a bible, would you? Why is it that you refer to the city during the Roman occupation by what a Roman Governor wanted it renamed (Naples)? Also, there is no official region known as the "West Bank". This area is historically known as Judea and Samaria. As there is no official "Palestine" on a list of world nations, there is also no region on the map of Israel that is called the "West Bank". The West Bank of the Jordan River would incorporate all land leading to the Mediterranean coastline. Come on, a little historical accuracy next time you write an article, Yair?
7. Palestinian police murderers
Salim ,   Canada   (04.24.11)
How can "Palestinians" have the nerve to complain about inconvenient roadblocks set up to prevent murderous terrorist attacks. I've never heard about Israeli police or soldiers just shooting at a car full of unarmed Arabs. This is a crime against humanity and the PA needs to pay a heavy price for their "security" services behaviour. May the deceased rest in peace and may the injured have a speedy and complete recovery. And may Hashem avenge this heinous crime.
8. Israel for sale
Kathy weinstein ,   USA   (04.24.11)
How much did ehud barak sale josephs tomb for?
9. How to retaliate against the PA
Jewish Warrior   (04.24.11)
From everything that I've read so far, Palestinian Authority security forces did this. If that's the case, then bomb the bases and headquarters of the Palestinian police.
10. Joseph's tomb is on Jewish land
Chana ,   Israel   (04.24.11)
Palestinians can return to THEIR country of Jordan, and stop stealing OUR land
11. Observer
Daniela   (04.24.11)
Patriarcs are holy to jews for some thousands years before islam came. Arabas can't forbid the jews to go to our holy places. This is insane and absolutly not fair. islam came to distroy judaism, it will never succeed. palestine never existed if you go on on this way the establish of palestine will be even farer away. STOP TERRORISM - STOP THE JIHAD, STOP HATE TOWARDS THE JEWS.
12. frienly fire
si   (04.24.11)
13.  Joseph stood for salvation of Israel not destruction
Mikha   (04.24.11)
Jews are not free in Israel? Even memorials of Patriachs can't happen freely...tragic!
14. #1 No Equivalence
Dallas ,   Canada   (04.24.11)
We don't hear Jews calling for the death of Arabs and we don't see such murder in practice, but the Palestinians' character is now defined by their hatred and glorification of murdering Jews. When a Pal is killed it's usually defense against someone on a murder mission. Don't try to draw an equivalence - just look at the attitudes of the two societies. Look at what each society teaches its children - that might help you to understand what is going on.
15. ....also Cairo, pyramids and Sinai are Jewish
observer ,   Egypt   (04.24.11)
what is built by Jews belongs to them
16. would a bunch of Jews shoot arabs on
Barney ,   USA   (04.24.11)
the way to that big black rock thing?What is more a part of Judaism than Joseph's tomb? Oh yeah, the temple mount and some arabs usurped that and put a dome up there. wrong to do but not many shot for visiting it unless you are Jewsih.when it comes to the arab mentality what's yours is mine and what''s mine is mine meanwhile most of it isn't theirs.
17. This says it all about Islamic idea of freedom of religion
adam eliyahu   (04.24.11)
Arabs are free to enter all the holy sites in Israel, even the ones they stole from other religions. Jews are forbidden from entering many of their holiest sites, including the most holy site, the temple mount. Other religins are not permitted to exist in Saudi Arabia Islam, at least as it is displayed today, is clearly not a religion of tolerance.
18. murders
Daniel ,   Israel   (04.24.11)
Wow, thank G-d the media straightened out the reason for the killing and shooting of Israeli's wanting to pray at Josephs Tomb, they didn't get permission from the military. Seems to me a good reason to murder Israeli's. How pathetic and hypocritical. Enough
19. The group's failure .....
Sam   (04.24.11)
to coordinate the visit caused a misunderstanding, sad but next time no Sneaky Peaky
20. Did the Breslovers jump all the sense out of their heads?
Zvi Ben Mordechai ,   Maaleh Adumim   (04.24.11)
Yes, Joseph's Tomb is a Jewish holy site. Yes, Jew go there by right & not by sufferance. Yes, Palestinians are there by sufferance (ours) and not by right. But it is still prudent to be smart, not right. They went into PA-controlled Nablus *without* coordinating with the IDF??!! Perhaps in jumping and wailing like banshees in public squares, some Breslovers have jumped all the sense out of their heads? There might be halachic grounds for considering the dead gentleman an intentional suicide, with all that implies. The Torah tells us to be careful with our lives!
21. Shot by PA terrorist/s in uniform
john   (04.24.11)
22. If you want peace, prepare for war !
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (04.24.11)
How many more INCIDENTS will it take to prove that the "other" side does not want to lay down their ammunition - even for religious prayers.
23. I bet they were settlers
observer ,   Egypt   (04.24.11)
24. Murdering Jews for what?
moriah ,   sacramento usa   (04.24.11)
25. No sympathy for people who do stupid things...
Israela ,   Israel   (04.24.11)
like not checking with the IDF and properly co-ordinating their visits. If I need to co-ordinate my visits to certain desert sites inside Israel to be sure that I don't get stuck in a flash flood, then what is the "dafka" reason for not co-ordinating a visit to Shehem/Nablus? It is just plain stupid! And Stupid doesn't get any empathy
26. Observer from egypt
GR ,   Israel   (04.24.11)
everyday thousands of palstinians sneak into israel to work , while other come to steal cars.. and both the honest and the thieves, don't get shot at.. peace and love to us all .. f*** guns ...
27. under Oslo Joseph's is Jewish and Israeli
Paul Freedman ,   Falls Church USA   (04.24.11)
Time to take it back out of the PA security zone where it never belonged in the first place. Come to think about it all the PA is properly thought of as Israel if the Palestinian criteria of historical precedent is followed
28. Obide the law
Hakim ,   Palestine   (04.24.11)
Here in Palestine jurisdiction is given to the Palestinian Authority and we allow only one visit per month for Jews. Next time abide by the law and stay on your side of the fence. When you behave accordingly we may bump it up to two visits per month but this is not for sure. Depends on how you act in the near future.
29. the PA severly apologizes
observer ,   Egypt   (04.24.11)
the officer opened fire because he believed that the group was acting suspiciously.
30. They were in hutz la'aretz & were travlng without a passport
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.24.11)
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