Witness: Shooters yell Allahu Akbar
Yair Altman
Published: 24.04.11, 10:29
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1. the pals have learned well
observer   (04.24.11)
Just say they were throwing stones, then shoot to kill. Sounds familiar?
2. Israel breaches Peace treaty with Egypt
observer ,   Egypt   (04.24.11)
"During the transitional period, representatives of Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and the self-governing authority (Palestine) will constitute a continuing committee to decide by agreement on the modalities of admission of persons displaced from the West Bank and Gaza in 1967, together with necessary measures to prevent disruption and disorder. Other matters of common concern may also be dealt with by this committee." By evading negotiation with the Palestinians, Israel has been in continuous breach of the treaty. Whenever negotiation with Pales has to be, Israel finds excuse to stall it. Breaching the main part of the treaty makes it null.
3. lets hope, the "brother of the 17 year-old injured"...
eporue ,   europe   (04.24.11)
doesnt come to harm because of his statement... we all love brave and honest people... just a gut feeling: i think, god too...
4. peace?
debra ,   israel   (04.24.11)
you call this peace with the arab nations? may g-d avenge the innocent blood of the jews killed here amen
5. you call this peace?!
jew ,   israel   (04.24.11)
6. War cry of The Death Cult.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (04.24.11)
This ''religion''; is less civilized than the ancient Aztec religion. Human sacrifices to the g-d of death.
7. even at dawn, the Hasidim shine clear INSIDE city cars
observer ,   Egypt   (04.24.11)
how can anyone suspect them.
8. who is running this country
who ,   israel   (04.24.11)
Jews or ahrabs?
9. #2 observer
Eli ,   Yerushalayim   (04.24.11)
You are ready to return the Sinai?
10. The real apartheid racists: the Palestinians
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (04.24.11)
Here's just another example of Palestinian apartheid. The Palestinians do not allow Jews to live in the PA. They do not allow Jews to run for their legislature. They do not allow Jews to own land. They have the death penalty to anybody who sells land to a Jew. And today's tragic event shows also that there is no freedom of religion in "Palestine", to go along with no freedom of speech and no freedom of the press. The real apartheid is in "Palestine". The real racists are the "Palestinians". Just watch - despite shooting unarmed civilians no Palestinian "policeman" will be charged or stand trial. The factual proof is already there - Palestinian government policy allows the killing of Israeli civilians. Despite decades of Palestinian terrorism and hundreds of documented incidents, there is not a single Palestinian in a Palestinian jail for having murdered an Israeli civilian. The Palestinians do not believe in human rights for anybody but themselves. Shame on the world for being suckered in by these hardened criminals.
11. Does this mean when Arabs throw rocks I can shoot to kill?
adam eliyahu   (04.24.11)
Even their excuses are horrifying. Supporting the Palestinians is siding with evil, clear and simple. It doesn't matter how intellectual or politically correct you make it sound. They kill babies, shoot at people on their way to pray, target civilian cetners with rockets and mortars, shoot at school busses with anti-tank weapons, walk onto busses carrying bombs. Tghe worst you an claim about Israel is that after 2000 years of being slaughtered and rejected by the non-Jews, after being shoveled into ovens in the Holocaust, we had the audacity to not die, and to even build up a military. We don't slaughter civilians like America. Hey, world, think what it would be like if these Palestinians had an army like the IDF and shoed up in your town.
12. killer
faith ,   Turkey   (04.24.11)
"When the entries are coordinated nothing happens, this time they entered without coordinating, it was criminal on their part," he explained. "To them this is all about the action and these are the consequences when you run wild." explains everything
13. #4 Zebra
Marco ,   Spain   (04.24.11)
Hey Zebra, are you thick or what? Did you read the article? Did you hear what the brother of one of the injured had to say?
14. The new terrrorist palestinian State.
ROSENVALD ,   BRASIL   (04.24.11)
The new terrrorist palestinian State. Before September.
15. Oslo Accord States ISRAEL is the Guardian of Joseph's Tomb!
Robert Blum ,   New York USA   (04.24.11)
16. Was it not highly irresponsible to drive on?
Harmen Breedeveld ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (04.24.11)
Dear all, First of all my sincere condoleances for the death of one Israeli citizen, and the wounding of several others. I read here that many of you feel that the Palestinians have murdered this man. I can understand that feeling. But, I did read that these people entered the area without coordination, and that they continued to drive to the tomb when they heard warning shots. As the Jewish witness above said: "At this point a uniformed Palestinian police officer with a Kalashnikov in a jeep woke his colleagues up and they started firing into the air…I was in the front seat. We started driving fast in the direction of the tomb; we got out of the vehicles and kissed the tomb." Does not at least part of the cause of this tragedy lie with people who enter without coordination, and who do not stop, but press on, when hearing warning shots? What would you do when a Palestinian drives through an Israeli checkpoint and does not stop when warning shots are fired? I do not know all the facts, but it seems here that the tragedy is caused by both sides, both the one who shoots and the one who challenges the other side. Yours, Harmen Breedeveld
17. Allah Akhbar from US trained palestinian militia-police
Jordan ,   Is, Palestine   (04.24.11)
another blunder in leftist foreign policy. half these guys have family mebers in al aqsa and other terror groups. Good job obama, another dead jewish father of 4 children. way to go @@@@@@@.
18. Wrong on two sides
Arnold-Canada   (04.24.11)
If I understand correctly the Hassids knew they were doing wrong by going without PA/IDF co-ordination. The PA police were wrong to fire into the vehicle if said vehicle was already leaving the compound.
19. murder at joseph's tomb
moron ,   galut   (04.24.11)
who expects anything else ?
20. YNet more honest than J. Post?
Steve   (04.24.11)
I have yet to read in the Jerusalem Post, the murderers yelled "Allhau Akbar" as they commenced shooting; a religious obligation for devout Muslims.
21. #16 Harmen who admittedly doesn't know the facts.
Joel ,   We ARE ALL SDEROT   (04.24.11)
Yet you post a theory of culpability and just to make sure, you cover your nice and easy going, and morally equivocal self, and spread the guilt all around. You are a real pillar of ethical thought and behavior homey. Suggestion —learn to know what is going on in this region of the world before you butt into something that is still, way over your head. Happy Easter Harmen!
22. This is all about pals taking opportunity to murder Jews.
Moshe ,   USA   (04.24.11)
23. And here comes the attempt to legitamise a terrorist state
abdul ,   disgusted   (04.24.11)
in September.
24. The PA wants a state? They are supposed to
BJL ,   usa   (04.24.11)
provide free and unfettered access to Jewish Holy sites. Have they ever? No. You dont see arabs having to sneak into al aqsa in the middle of the night of fear of a Jewish you? Kever Rachel is like a fortress....Kever Yosef given away by Ehud Barak the G-dless...Machpelah is next to be taken away. Notice that Jews dont take away islamic sites. I say no PA state unless they can make Jewish sites available at anytime without murdering Jews. Which they will never NO PA state!
25. No free access to Joseph's Tomb = No access to Al Aksa
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (04.24.11)
I see no reason why Jewish access to Joseph's Tomb should not be on exactly, precisely the same terms as Muslim access to Al Aksa. If Jewish access to the Nablus site is limited to 10 buses, once a month, so should it be for Muslim access to Al Aksa on the temple mount. If Muslim access to Al Aksa is for daily or weekly prayers, so should it be for Joseph's Tomb. There is no legitimate basis for these protocols to be different. If Muslims want to make life difficilt for Jews seeking to pray at Joseph's Tomb, Rachel's Tomb or the Machpela Cave, Israel should seal off Al Aksa until they learn better manners.
26. Pray is above everything
From Turkey ,   Turkey   (04.24.11)
Tolerance is the biggest thing. If tomb visit is crime, killing is too heavy. For the sake of Prophet Yossef/Yusuf, Just show your tolerance, close your right eye, watch skies or pray, just let them go, shoot skies i/o human body...stoning Arap kids or killing father of 4 or stabbing the family. Offff..I pray for peace and I only blame fanatics. Creator doesnt need fanatics and killers..I wish patience for all...
rachel ,   usa   (04.25.11)
28. #24 I second that ....but they don't want a state because th
rachel ,   usa   (04.25.11)
they get so much money from the international countries , its not worth having a state they continue with all their "refuggees"excuses . There were one million jewish refugees kicked out of arab countries .....nobody seems to care ....
29. #1 - and yet, these Jews weren't even throwing stones
William ,   Israel   (04.25.11)
they just simply existed as Jews...enough to be killed by "Palestinians", huh?
30. #2 - I believe it was Abbas who walked away...
William ,   Israel   (04.25.11)
from negotiations just a few weeks before the end of the settlement freeze, and made a list of many demands before he would return, including the absolute guarantee of control over Jerusalem holy sites, including Jewish ones, the right of return of millions to Israel, and 1967 border lines. That's not negotiation, that's called extortion. And with that, Abbas still refuses to accept Israel as the Jewish homeland. No matter - since he walked away, it's up to the "Palestinians" to return. Take your time - we're not going any where.
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