Al-Jazeera journalist resigns over 'incitement'
Roee Nahmias
Published: 24.04.11, 13:07
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1. The truth revealed: Al Jazeera just another private agenda
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (04.24.11)
We've been saying this for years, that Al Jazeera is warped, biased and totally unprofessional in its conduct. You have to be worried when rats start to abandon a ship that is not even apparently sinking...
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (04.24.11)
You mean to tell me that the Al-Jazeera Network is NOT neutral or unbiased in reporting? Say it ain't so, Joe. What do we always say, the famous line from Casa Blanca: "I'm shocked, shocked that gambling is going on here? Here's your your winnings prefect." Although I must admit, I will be interested to find out what the final straw was, that broke the camel's back. What personal pet peeve ticked him off, clearly it wasn't the bias reporting on Israel? So this should be an interesting story as it unfolds.
stude ham   (04.24.11)
4. Al Jazeera never had any integrity to begin with...
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.24.11)
....Anybody with minimal critical thinking skills should be able to see that. Too bad it's viewers don't even have the minimum.
5. Democracy Now
Ron ,   OC, US   (04.24.11)
Maybe the staff at Democracy Now will resign en mass due their biased reporting. They were on Public television in LA. No longer on the air however, they are still on the radio. Truely worse than Al Jazerra vis a vis Israel.
6. Brian, the tuth is whatever suits you at any given moment
Ali ,   Scotland   (04.24.11)
I thought Muslims are all liars and terrorists according to your posts.So the truth is revealed are you sure its not a pallywood production,your normal kind of comment when the truth does not suit you
7. In that case....
Harry ,   Toronto Canada   (04.24.11)
In that case, all the editors and managers at CNN, Reuters and BBC should resign!
8. There are two forces at work here...
Persian CAT   (04.24.11)
On one side are the professionals, who are doing their best to maintain professionalism while working for Al Jazeera, and on the other side are Qatar's unelected tribal chieftains impersonating "the royal family", who have no clue about professional journalism. The problem is those despots sign the paycheck for Al Jazeera journalist. Guess who has the last word? The "emir" of course. That's why the Israeli press is light years ahead of the rest of the ME, because Israel doesn't have an "emir". Although Israel imposes a strict censorship regime on "military and security" news.
9. #4. I am surprised you could even...
Persian CAT   (04.24.11)
spell integrity! Millions of people read view Al Jareera, and I'm sure the majority of them are sophisticated enough not to base their opinions exclusively on what Al Jazeera says or shows. Painting Al Jazeera viewers with a wide brush accusing them of lacking integrity, only shows your stupidity and lack of sophistication, nothing more.
10. You're 14 years too late
William ,   Israel   (04.24.11)
They lost their supposed objectivity the minute they went on the air in 1996.
11. #5 - I tune into DemocracyNow for the entertainment
William ,   Israel   (04.24.11)
Sounds like it was run by a group of irate 15 year olds with a pirate radio in their attic. Amy Goodman is a retrograde hippie still trying to capture her 1960s youth. It's really amusing to hear how detached from reality the uber- Left are.
12. #8 - don't think it doesn't happen in Western media
William ,   Israel   (04.24.11)
Editors-in-Chief have the last say on articles written and the perspective on how things are reported based upon a larger agenda. This is very true at the BBC and NY Times. Kind of like how it is at Press TV and Al-Manar, but you usually won't get shot if you go against the Editor. The Editor has the ability to give crap assignments, block your reports, or work to get you relocated - all without the prestige of being "emir". Professional journalism has really declined since the early 1970s and has been tainted with agenda every since.
13. #9 - yeah you would think that, but....
William ,   Israel   (04.24.11)
since Al-Jazeera is the main news network in the Arab world and many trust it more than their local corrupt news media, they take whatever Al-Jazeera says as gospel. We've seen plenty of twists on perspectives and blatant disregarding of facts in order to twist stories about the West, Israel, and we see now about certain parts of the Arab world (while other parts are handled with kid gloves). Sure, most people should be intelligent enough but they aren't considered how bred they were to believe only what Arabs say and no one else. I had a discussion with Arabs recently and the took points directly from Al-Jazeera and were confused when I disputed their notions with proven facts. Intelligence comes from demanding multiple perspectives and making a final decision on your own. Arabs are just not conditioned for such granular investigation unless residing in the West for a generation or so.
14. #8 - There's a reason for IDF censorship....
William ,   Israel   (04.24.11)
namely, one example of Al-Jazeera immediately reporting troop movements inside Israel prior to the launch of Cast Lead, giving Hamas valuable intelligence. They did the same thing during Lebanon War 2006 when they reported on every rocket hit from Hizbullah, including distance and direction from towns, which Hizbullah used to re-adjust their aim. There's a reason why US Military and NATO block news reports of their actions too during war. And unlike the Arabs, the Western media honors that request.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (04.24.11)
P.C. Writes: "Although Israel imposes a strict censorship regime on "military and security" news." Oh really, you mean Israel tries to protect troop movements that might put it's soldiers at risk during a war. So the enemy doesn't doesn't get "real time" troop movements for the enemy to see. Or they protect security information that might reveal a source and put that source in danger. How awful! No other country would ever think of doing that, right PC? Why say it as if it's a sin, when it's S.O.P. with all Western countries, and all other countries as well. Lets just stick to this quote: "That's why the Israeli press is light years ahead of the rest of the ME," Now that's where we can agree, the other quote was just nonsense. At least the way you seemed to frame it.
16. They cut his salary. That's why he resigned.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (04.25.11)
17. Al Jazeera
moriah ,   sacramento usa   (04.25.11)
as it became "an operation room for incitement and mobilization.” Obama and Hillary praised them for their reporting. Now you can understand why ...
18. #15 Mark from GA...
Persian CAT   (04.25.11)
I'm well aware of the "S.O.P" you're talking about. The Israeli government has imposed too high a restriction level on what "it" deems military/security related news. Israel is applying the British Mandate "laws" throughout the occupied territories using IDF, the colonial-era "administrative courts" using the colonial-era "administrative laws" when it comes to non-military issues involving Palestinians. The means a heck a lot of human and civil rights violation committed by Israel's illegal occupation "administration", can be classified as military and/or security related. That means effectively gagging the Israeli press as long the government wants. So, no budd I was not talking about real-time anything. Just the truth as well as the facts.
19. Al Jazeera is just as corrupt as BBC, CNN, NYT, Haaretz
20. #18; PCAT; WHAT IS WRONG (3rd try)
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (04.26.11)
As we all know Israel is in a state of belligerency with the Arabs, some would say a war. That's why the blockade is legal of Gaza under any naval code in all conflicts. But when it comes to "human rights" or "civil rights".as you put it. What about no Jewish people allowed in the new Arab state or in the West Bank?, a racist policy, right? The fact the Arabs are NOT allowed to sell their privately owned land to Jewish people, under penalty of death? Do you believe in the right of private ownership? Because not only is it racist, but the Arabs civil rights are violated (by their own Arab government), because they can't do what they want with their land. Naturally when your in a state of conflict (both the PLO and Hamas charter's call for the destruction of Israel). So Israel follows International Law with the administration of laws in the disputed land. When an hostile people are attacking you, look it up. You and disagree on the disputed land, I don't believe it's 1) an occupation. or 2) that's it's illegal. The land is simply disputed. There is no International Law you can point to that I cannot refute, and provide International legal experts to back my opinion. You see the Law isn't a popularity contest, it's written out clearly, and the term "illegal occupation" have been bandied around so often people think it's the truth. it isn't.
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