The villains from Damascus
Mordechai Nisan
Published: 24.04.11, 14:08
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1. Article by Mordechai Nisan
Joel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.24.11)
Prof. Mordechai Nisan has written an informative and insightful contribution. Too often, our government has ignored the facts and confused its enemies for its friends. There is a need for more clarity in Western and Israeli policy making.
2. Assad the villain
Josh ,   Hod Hasharon, Israel   (04.24.11)
Once again an arab leader is getting away with murder. Not a word of condemnation from the heads of arab countries, not a word from the arab league, hardly a word from the west or the UN, seems to me something major is wrong here. Come on Israel....be proactive, put pressure on killer Assad through the UN as the arabs do to us and to ask our friends around the world to support us in this effort.
3. Regime change in Syria not likely to be friendly to Israel
Joe ,   Canada   (04.24.11)
Syria is an artificial creation of the former French colonial power. Its population is very heterogeneous & divided by ethnic & tribal clans. The only unifying element on which a new government could hope to base its popular support is religion which for many is the only education they got. So even if the Sunni majority brings about the demise of the Shiite Alawite minority currently reigning, and reduces Syria's ties to Iran & Hezbollah it will not mean a less hostile stance against Israel. The easy propaganda target of Israel as a scapegoat for all the ills of Syria is likely to remain a favorite tool of any regime to cover up for its fundamental failings as long as it can't become democratic. And in addition the poor economic conditions in Syria are not conducive to democracy.
4. you forgot the NBC weapons that shamed USA
borisb ,   brazil   (04.24.11)
Many newspaper wrote that the banned weapons belonged from Saddam Hussein was storeged in Siria
5. Wise jews
Kazim Ali ,   Kut, Iraq   (04.24.11)
I must admit sometimes there comes a positive Jewish commentator.Assad regime is out of touch with the spirit of the age .Whatever baby Assad may have in terms of reforms, the system is too deeply in it's legacy of criminal past, no way it can come out responsibly at any sphere of life.
6. They poisoned a lot more than the "atmosphere" in the M.E.
Zvi   (04.24.11)
7. Excellent article
Maurice ,   Montreal   (04.24.11)
I agree that once the Syrian regime is gone, there is good probability that Iran's dictatorship, the worst of all dictatorships, will be next to fall!
8. Stuck With the Golan?
David ,   Israel   (04.24.11)
Did the author actually say "a hard blow to suffer, because it might signify that Israel will be stuck with the Golan Heights for the long future." I'm reading it, but in disbelief. Why on God's green earth would we want to give up the Golan? Aside from the fact that we annexed it, and that it is a productive, green, beautiful region, does anyone really want to go back to the bad old days where the Syrians could bombard Israeli's from the high-ground. Its an absolutely insane sentiment. The author is, with respect, not on the same planet as the rest of us Israelis.
9. Where the Druze of the Golan
Shalom ,   Ashdod, Israel   (04.24.11)
Just two weeks ago they were saying that they fully supported the regime of Assad. Where are they now? Let us ship them ALL to Syria so they can enjoy that form of Arab democracy. I bet you they will be the first to give out candy when Assad falls which goes to prove "you CANNOT trust Arabs" anywhere anytime
10. israel policy based on dogma
JonBoy ,   London, UK   (04.24.11)
The reason both Israeli and Western policy has been so poor on issues like Syria is because they are increasingly based on ideology, dogma and not based on reality. As Syria has positioned itself as a darling of the international left through its anti american and anti israel policies the Western Left wing inteligensia will never condemn them and their Israeli counterparts will also follow this ideologically driven policy too. Nations need the basic sense of self preservation to survive in a darwinist world and both Israeli and Western elites have lost this sense. The Arabs are also fully aware that they have lost this sense and will continue to exploit it to the full.
11. Guys, read the first paragraph. No comments needed.
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (04.24.11)
12. "..Israel should trade Golan..." deputy Prime
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (04.24.11)
Minister Dan Meridor.
13. I fully agree with this analysis...and it is
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.24.11)
clear, that any replacement of the Assad regime cannot be worse than the current state of affaires...
14. Mental Infirmity
Israel Dalven ,   Emanuel Israel   (04.24.11)
Unfortunately, the same is even more true for Judea and Samaria, and yet we see none other than the P.M. declares it is his public policy to permit an enemy state to form within cannon shot of Tel-Aviv. Nobody in their right mind believes it can be demilitarized for long, if at all.
15. Assad the villain,,,,,,and the goner !!!
Alex ,   USA   (04.25.11)
16. agree with Joe But...
Rico ,   Brisbane-Australia   (04.25.11)
there can't be and there will never be a more evil regime in Syria than the actual Assad regime towards Israel, with Iran & hizbollah being the head of the Syrian sword
17. It is high time somebody called this spade a spade.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (04.25.11)
There have been too many disgusting instances where US and Israeli politicians have tried to polish and shine this peace of charcoal instead of throwing it into the fire. There is not going to be improvement in the ME, with or without Assad so he should get his just dues.
18. # 4 It's a strong pssibility.
Alex ,   USA   (04.25.11)
At that time, the Syrian/ Iraqi border was wide open, and untold number of covered mammoth size trucks passed to Syria unchecked. Saddam must have organized the hiding place with Assad.
19. #8 David
Alex ,   USA   (04.25.11)
You are 100% right. Golan will stay part of Israel as a matter of fact.
20. assad will end up on the gallows and
Barney ,   USA   (04.25.11)
it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
21. golan
dkm ,   san diego, usa   (04.25.11)
after spending a year in israel, i met 3 israelis in a ski gondala in california last week. they asked me my favorite part of israel, and i quickly answered "the golan." i completely agree with this comment. perhaps someday israel will need to give it back, but i wouldn't be in any rush.
Orao. ,   Srbia.   (04.25.11)
- ONLY CONDUCTS THE POLICY OF SHIA ISLAM. an Alawite sectarian regime in defiance of the Sunni Muslim majority in the country. Acting against their countrymen, the Assads persecuted the Kurds, intimidated the Druze, and despoiled the tiny Jewish community. IT WILL GROW EVEN WORSE, WHEN IRAK ALSO, WILL BECOME A SHIA-RULED STATE. HOWEVER, SYRIA WILL CHEASE TO BE A STATE, AND GO TO DESTRUCTION AS A SUCH, WHEN THE GOG AND MAGOG ATTACK COMENSES, SYRIA WILL BE WIPED FROM THE MAP, AS ALSO IRAK. I ESTIMATE THE TIME EXISTANCE OF A SYRIAN STATE, TO SOME FIVE YEARS FROM NOW. Orao.Srbia.
23. Kazim Ali @5
Harvey ,   London   (04.25.11)
Don't fool yourself regarding ' the new Arab dawn ' The tyrants that held power throughout the middle east may be toppling but there is nothing to replace them except for anarchy murder and mayhem as witnessed in your own sad and sorry mess of a failed state Let me tell you something else about this ' wise Jew ' as you put it . My only concern about the upheavals going on in the Muslim world is the impact it will have on israel Thus , if Assad remaining in power is a better bet then a Sunni / al Qaeda / Muslim brotherhood take over then I will opt for assad . It's all about the lesser of two evils . Same for Egypt Libya etc Ihave no other consideration and incidentally , if it happens to be good for israel then ultimately it means being good for the rest of humanity The wise Jew
24. OH MY GOD!
viking ,   dubai   (04.25.11)
this might be the most ludicrous editorial piece i have read this year. Its as if Israel is just sitting there doing nothing, as if Israel didnt and myabe still doesnt have expansionist ambitions, its as if Israel and syria are not at war, its as if israel is the innocent do-gooder, its as if israel was proetecting the palestinians and the lebanese from syria, its as if syria and israel didnt go to war several times, but its syria just causing all the problems. Israel illegally occupies the golan, parts of southern lebanon, the west bank and syria, unlike other arab nations is the only one fighting to get themback, its a dirty war and israel is the dirtiest player of them all. it has omitted more atrocities in the region than syrian, lebanon and palestine put together. let me guess, the author of this article is israeli. syrias shaped policies are a result of israels destructive policies.
25. NR 24.
Orao. ,   Srbia.   (04.25.11)
26. Assad 's title in Syria is
Syrian ,   Syria   (04.25.11)
The king of Israel . what you see is a play and acting .. we don't need to fight you ..will just walk allover you from all directions . will liberate Syria first ..then Palestine will come by itself from Fear only . his days in Syria i hope are numbered .
27. To David # 8
Yoel Meltzer ,   Israel   (04.25.11)
The position of the author regarding the Golan Heights is clear from the article. Thus when he said "for some Israelis this would be a hard blow to suffer, because it might signify that Israel will be stuck with the Golan Heights for the long future", he's obviously not talking about himself. He's referring to the sad fact that there are Israelis, some of whom are in positions of power, who want to return the Golan Heights to Syria for an assortment of reasons.
28. #24 the most ludicrous editorial piece?
Tahl   (04.26.11)
That would be your own comment here, which is riddled with gross lies and disinformation. "it's as if Israel is just sitting there doing nothing... as if israel is the innocent do-gooder... as if its syria just causing all the problems" - Why "as if"? All of that is exactly right. Care to prove otherwise? "as if Israel didnt and maybe still doesnt have expansionist ambitions" - What on earth are you talking about? Care to prove this claim? "Israel illegally occupies the golan" - Really? According to which law exactly? For your information, Syria has no historical connection at all to the Golan. The Golan was given to Syria arbitrarily by the French and British, and Syria held it for less than 20 years - and did nothing with it, aside for using it as a platform to attack Israel. Whereas Israel has now had the Golan for nearly 40 years, made it beautiful and prosperous, built successful new communities, built a ski resort, and created vineyards and other rich agriculture. Had Syria not attacked us, they would have still owned the Golan. Now it's ours. We won it fair and square. Besides, can you comment on the legality of the Turkish occupation of Iskenderoon, also a formerly Syrian territory? Or the Turkish occupation of Northern Cyprus? How about Iran's occupation of Keshm Island? I take it you protest over these occupations with the same fervor you do against Israel, ay?
29. #26 Noooooo!!!
Tahl   (04.26.11)
Please tell me you're not serious? Syrian peasants threaten to invade us? What would our IDF do??... Pleeeease tell us you're joking, or we'd really start peeing in our pants. From laughter.
30. #23
Kazim Ali ,   Kut , Iraq   (04.26.11)
Now you are not. Being really wise or nice. Iraq is a mess now inspire of the invasion for democracy , imagine how better things can be if the Iraqi people did it rather than a foreign power .There is. Nothing inherently good or bad about any religion , the phases of history can be affected by religious movements but they do not change the ultimate course of historical events if the people have the will and organizations to get things done. It is better for everybody if the syrians majority can win over the narrow corrupt regime , even if Israel does not like it, ultimately it is good for all and first step to a more balanced and peaceful society , the road is long , but we will get there. Assad is bad news since he is not genuine about anything .
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