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Cousins united by Holocaust database
Associated Press
Published: 26.04.11, 14:03
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1. It is a new trend to be interested ...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.26.11)
in our family tree,and often we discover unsuspected family ties with relations or friends.It s amazing.
2. This is an amazing, and beatiful, story.
DB programmer ,   Argentina   (04.27.11)
The fact that that Yad Vashem engage in such a big project, that they kept it working and going for so a long time is to be praised. Bravo! And for a passionate of Data Bases it's really nice to see the Human side of the new technologies.
3. To #1, Ora
Avi ,   Jerusalem   (04.27.11)
This is true. Since I have come to Israel I have discovered that several people I know here have turned out to be distant cousins!! The Jewish world is a small one.
4. to #1 trend? I didn't know that finding lost
ghostq   (04.27.11)
relatives is something new. and the world isn't as big as you think. now with new technology that Data is more accessible. people didn't know. up until 10 years ago it was on account of Luck. today no need to.
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