'Wild grandpa' stuns police
Eli Senyor
Published: 25.04.11, 16:44
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1. old people should NOT driving !
2. radio: crazy one driving against, grandpa: so many crazy are
observer ,   Egypt   (04.25.11)
the joke is that grandpa was then listening to the traffic controller warning over the car radio.
3. Reckless Driving
Dick ,   Woodbridge, VA, USA   (04.25.11)
Doesn't seem that extraordinary for an Israeli driver...
4. To #2
yael ,   Tel Aviv   (04.25.11)
LOL. Great joke :)
5. #2 Old, well worn joke. Next?
6. #5 old zionist plot
observer ,   Egypt   (04.25.11)
7. Wild Grandpa Stuns Police
Zichron ,   Israel   (04.25.11)
hm... so , he figured out how to make the highways work ... during rush hour ; we have to open a fast lane in the opposite direction . Give him a prize and his own driver . We already have those lanes open in other countries . Hope someone gave him a ride to Ichilov .
8. So by examing the man's papers the police realized he was 92
Bruno ,   Haifa   (04.25.11)
They could also have looked at him! It's actually a fairly-common police technique around the world. Our police seem not yet to have have come across it.
9. I protest! This grandfather is Jewish & as a Jew...
Parody to the right   (04.25.11)
he MUST be allowed to drive in any direction he wishes. What is wrong with you people? you are violating his rights as a Jew in Eretz Israel. The Prime Minister should be dismissed immediately and this man's rights should be protected unequivocally!
10. At that age he could be elected by the
jason white ,   afula, israel   (04.25.11)
knesset to be president of Israel. Besides that at 92, how many friends could he have left? He will probably lose the right to drive an auto and be left with his Harley Hog.
11. At 92 I would be rushing to birthday party too.
leo ,   usa   (04.25.11)
12. old people should not be driving
sybil ,   Israel   (04.25.11)
quite a ridiculous statement ---most accidents to my knowledge have young people involved ---so I wopuld say leave the roads to old people --
13. "Parody to the right" @ 9, this is where you get confused.
leo ,   usa   (04.25.11)
He cannot drive against Jews in any direction. And that was "Parody to the left".
14. Set him free....
Marco ,   Spain   (04.25.11)
At his age, he has to rush for time is real short.... Set him free....
15. @9 well done! @13 also well done!
indeed left is right ,   right is left!   (04.25.11)
I actually see both of your points. You should get together and start a "Free the Sabba to drive as he wishes protest!"
16. Even though this Wild Grandpa is Jewish...
Marco ,   Spain   (04.25.11)
I wont hold it against him... Set him free... Arrest the Grandpa of double billing Netenyahu instead....
17. Friend's bash, heck....
seadog1946 ,   InTransit, NY   (04.26.11)
the viagra was starting to wear off. A little advice, grandpa... take a half a hit before you park the car... the rest ( surreptitiously ), when she takes your hand, places it an an intimate place and leads you her chamber. Been there, done that... be less obvious and more wily, you old dog.
18. If grandpa is like this now
Devorah   (04.26.11)
what was he like in his salad days? Woo hoooo! You go, grandpa! I love your spirit.
19. This can be the best driver in the west bank
Tareq ,   Jerusalem   (04.26.11)
I wish one day you can all cross Qalandia checkpoint on your way to Ramallah and check if anybody drives in the right direction..This man still drives on the side of the Qalandia they drive in the middle lane and in the opposite way. Come and Check :-)
20. Let him drive a tank so he won't get hurt.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.26.11)
21. USA
?   (04.26.11)
In USA they would have knock him down,tasered him,pepper sprayed ,and then charge him with attack with a letal weapon. Here they dont even speak of a suit...
22. Q; Why does it take 2 Israeli policemen to make an arrest?
Avi ,   Israel   (04.26.11)
A: One can read and the other one can write !
23. Ah, but even so, he didn't cause any deaths
Talula ,   Israel   (04.26.11)
unlike some dick-heads on the road here. Cut the man some slack!
24. Kol hakavod, grandpa : )
Salma ,   Palestine   (04.26.11)
25. He should reverse next time
Dan ,   RG   (04.26.11)
For some reason, he faced the way he wanted to go. But he should have reversed as done by so many other drivers, then he would have gone the wrong way, but it would not have been noticed. The police do not seem to notice when people are reversing for kilometers at a time. #1- Is that english?
26. go granpa go granpa!
ghostq   (04.26.11)
oh wonder if he can race in the parking lot of the nursing home, who want to jump start? any bets?
27. to #22 granny don't blame the men in blue
ghostq   (04.26.11)
you r being racist against police men now? oh dear.
28. #1 YOU need to learn to spell
lol   (04.26.11)
Spell first, write later. Can imagine what your driving is like haha
29. Blame his mother for his upbringing.
Josh   (04.26.11)
Culture and Class as well as how to show respect for the lives of others is something a mother should teach her child before he becomes and adult. Apparently someone has not learned that lesson.
30. #1 learn english grammar, then we'll talk
lol   (04.26.11)
maybe you too are ninety two?
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