Taliban tunnels at least 480 out of Afghan prison
Associated Press
Published: 25.04.11, 17:33
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Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (04.25.11)
You must give credit, where credit is due. These guys obviously bribed many guards and others in authority to pull off such a daring plan. While it sickens me personally that it worked, it shows we must never, let me repeat that, NEVER, underestimate our enemies resolve. Regardless of their vile hateful philosophy, they are patient, intelligent and are a formidable enemy. They put together a prison escape that reminds me of the famous movie "The Great Escape". With actors, Steve McQueen, James Colburn James Gardner and host of fine British actors. It also reveals what terrible Allies the Afghan's are for the Western coalition against terrorism. Clearly the Afghan's have been penetrated at the highest, and lowest levels with Al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists. Whether it's money, or even more dangerous ideology, they have numerous traitors.
3. How much ££$$€
Joe ,   France   (04.25.11)
did Karzai and family members get on a secret bank account for turning a blind eye on such a wide-scale escape? Just wondering!
4. "Escape"?
Sidney ,   USA   (04.25.11)
The U.S. should get out of Afghanistan. Some of our people died to capture these "escapees".
5. This is exactly what Hezbollah is doing...
Marco ,   Spain   (04.25.11)
up North. When the next hostilities break out with Lebanon, the Settlements up North will be in for a rude surprise when Hezbollah fighters show up for dinner....
6. Oh my, shy and timid tunnel people.
Ypip ,   Canada   (04.26.11)
7. American love or cheating
Saed ,   Jerusalem   (04.26.11)
Why nato is so kind with them,why they didn't kill them or hang them?american are so mad and crazy because they think other terrorist think similar to them.american are playing game.they are cheat other people mind or they realy dont know that they face with a smart terrorist like taliban.all the politician are lier except of israeli politician
8. You have to be more ruthless than them to catch them
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.26.11)
and to keep them. American handcuffs with American keys in American hands would have prevented this but oh we are so polite and oh so politically correct.
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