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The man who fights Iran
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 26.04.11, 10:19
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1. Living proof of: one man ...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.26.11)
can make the difference. We have all this faculty,if only we want.
2. Best form of defence is..
Mr Green ,   Manchester   (04.26.11)
Apart from sanctions - do nothing At the moment Ah MAD inejad is scrambling to subjugate and neutralise any dissent or potential dissent by shear brute force But in many ways it may be too late. Iran is fractured and Iranian Islamic Fundametalism rejected. No amount of Ah Mad inejads glue can put it all together again His violent repression (one RG Officer openly commented recently - (we can learn much from the SS tactics) is only a temporary fix Meanwhile pressure in the public pressure cooker continues to grow.....
3. Iran must be defeated
Kazim Ali ,   Kut, Iraq   (04.26.11)
Dear Mark, great work .please note that Iran has exhausted the revolutionary zeal and capital and has moved to bank on a narrow sort of nationalism , a process that has started about 15 years ago or so but has accelerated during Ahmedinejad .The kernel in this web of legitimacy is the acquisition of nuclear weapon .Barring the regime of this ability including the so called peaceful activity like the Bushihir plant will rob the regime of it's key legitimacy and significantly weaken it .So the software or malware and killing the scientists and disrupting the imports of key components plus off course tightening the economic sanctions will suffice for the next 3/4 years if done successfully , otherwise , Iran will reach Egypt as it did about more than 2000 years ago . In my view it would be utterly naive to underestimate the Iranian imperial ambition .
4. Iranian "threat"
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (04.26.11)
Hogwash! If the US purged itself of all connections with Zionism and its state, as former CIA officer Michael Scheuer urgently suggests, Iran and other like it would cease, in a heartbeat, to be a threat to us.
5. iran nuclear
xyz   (04.26.11)
you're wasting your time the Islamic revolution is very strong, the Iranian people in the majority supports the regime and nuclear program. iran wil be nuclear armed. whether an attack or not and everyone knows it including the high-ranking U.S. army!
6. to # 3
XYZ   (04.26.11)
who are you to claim that this or this policies will be sufficient in three to four years? sanctions underwent iran already 30 years ! The Iranian people support the nuclear program, and that makes the External sanctions ineffective
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