Poll: Over half of Egypt wants end to Israel peace
Associated Press
Published: 26.04.11, 09:24
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31. Son't you mean Peoples Front of Judea?
Brian Nichols ,   London, UK   (04.26.11)
32. peace
dezi ,   cluj romania   (04.26.11)
Arab's problem,that over the years hatred of Hebrew's does not solve the dinner,not to be more inteligent,will not bring work to the unemployed end will not bring money to the poor.I have 1 qestion,what good Islam did for mankind troughout history??????
33. to all egyptians
asia ,   israel   (04.26.11)
we don't care if you don't want peace with us :) it means we get sinai back so who cares? :)
34. #29
A ,   Belgium   (04.26.11)
Thats your new reality? No prob. Israel doesn't need your sorry, pathetic arses either. Which one of your relatives...or maybe you would prefer a few family shaheeds..would you like to see pushed into a war with Israel by either or both of these lunatics and be sent gift wrapped to Alla in an Egyptian flag? Or are you volunteering yourself?
35. #29 - so war is your new reality?
William ,   Israel   (04.26.11)
seems like a stupid choice if you ask me. We don't care about your silly peace which isn't peace at all, but belligerence will not be tolerated.
36. comment no 4 is not mine
fad egypt   (04.26.11)
it is fraud someone abused my name and wrote a comment but it is not mine i want to say that if egypt decided to reverse the treaty with israel i ll leave the country because i cant stand staying in a country which wants to destroy israel shalom to all of you and god bless israel
37. with all the new blood libel which is the anti-Israel propag
rachel ,   usa   (04.26.11)
propaganda coming from news outlets such as the BBC , who is surprised ?
38. #30 true very true
rachel ,   usa   (04.26.11)
39. #36 don't worry fad , I knew it was not you
rachel ,   usa   (04.26.11)
40. # 36 @ Fad
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.27.11)
Fad, you've been telling us you would leave Egypt if the treaty is reversed. Over the months you have made many good friends here, so please let us know when you go & please keep in contact with us here. Bless you Fad & be safe.
41. i want peace with israel..
Peter ,   Egypt   (04.27.11)
the polls take a small number of people. and not represent the egyptians. and we did the revolution to built not to war...!!!
42. Yeah & Sinai goes back to Israel
Ralph ,   Yonkers, USA   (05.16.11)
Great Idea, roll back / cancel the peace treaty and Sinai will go back to Israel. Right on, please cancel the treaty. Then Egyptian leaders won't be accused of selling gas too cheap too.
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