Nablus governor: Don't be deterred by shooting
Elior Levy
Published: 26.04.11, 22:22
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1. dont let the shootings deter me ??
sam ,   israel   (04.26.11)
LOLOLOL if i dont tell you i am coming i will get shot ?? wow, if thats their idea of making guests feel comfortable i hate to think what they would do to make me feel welcome
2. load of crap and who are the "rabbis for..."
yoni ,   tel aviv   (04.26.11)
What kind of crap is this? you want me to believe that the Arab police officers feared for their lives? you want me to feel safe to visit a place where if I dont have a military guard I will get killed? What the heck is the rabbis for human rights and why are they issuing statements to the IDF ? Fact is the PA police showed their true colors and murdered a Jew while injuring others as they were driving out of the city. The PA police have just identified themselves as armed and dangerous enemies of Israel. Seriously why is this situation sooooo screwed up?
3. Coordinating visits
Freddy ,   Yanuv Israel   (04.26.11)
"When I visit Tel Aviv I ask for clearance. Why didn’t they do the same when they came to Nablus?" How come he doesn't know ? Just because the Oslo Agreement clearly stipulates that Jews have free access to Jewish holy sites. Nowhere it is written that they have to coordinate with Palestinians to go and pray.
4. Hollow
Bob ,   New York, USA   (04.26.11)
Gov Bakri - How about deterring future shootings by prosecuting the guys who did it? Until you do that, your cheery reassurances ring a bit hollow.
5. Jibrin-Al-Bakri
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (04.26.11)
6. Naa, They Don't Really Welcome Jews In There - Yet!.
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (04.26.11)
B"H The Tomb of Yosef is a Holy Site and as such it enjoys: a.) Free access status protection under international law in general, b.) Free access status protection under the oslo interim accords in particular and c.) Free access status protection under the Law of Hashem, our G-d of the universe, blessed is He, the one thing these muslim brothers there are fighting against. Guess who will win?! The King of kings or these clowns?
7. Yes, Come visit and get lead
Avi ,   NY   (04.26.11)
Very friendly city and they welcome everyone to be shot.
8. It was an ambush
BH ,   Iowa   (04.26.11)
That holy site wasn't defiled because of a "lack of coordination."
9. #3 - Please tell me Which Article in the Oslo Accords
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (04.26.11)
Does it say that Jews have free access to "holy sites" and can unilaterally cross into Palestine in the middle of the night, throw rocks at Pal policemen and run through checkpoints? Does the Oslo Accords also give the Pals the right to do these kinds of things? If so, how come so many dozens and dozens of them are shot and killed while doing similar things?
10. To ignorant #9
Jake   (04.27.11)
The al Aksa mosque is visited by countless numbers of Moslems from countries with which Israel does not even have diplomatic relations, in addition to palestinian Arabs. By contrast, when the site was under Jordanian control, it was a seldom visited backwater.
11. C'mon ppl, its just like a safari trip!
HaifaGuy   (04.27.11)
If you venture into the Brazilian jungle, for example, will you not take a local guide to keep you safe from the jaws of a jaguar or a boa constrictor (this concludes my knowledge of the Brazilian wildlife)?
12. Unelected & corrupt Abbas regime welcomes occupation
TG ,   USA   (04.27.11)
This Nablus governor was never elected by Palestinians. He was appointed by Abbas and his corrupt regime.
13. They're heads are upside down and up their
Ypip ,   Canada   (04.27.11)
14. This looks to be entirely the fault of the settlers
David ,   London, UK   (04.27.11)
They think they are above palestinian law, and they paid the price for their arrogance
15. They knew who these people were...
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (04.27.11)
and why they come there(to pray). It is not an excuse to kill people. They could have stopped the car and told them to turn around. Worse case, they could have shot the tires. I don't believe the Jews threw stones.
16. Palestinians in Israel
Max   (04.27.11)
There are literally thousands of Palestinians who are in Israel illegally. How many of these people who have "not coordinated" their visit have been shot? Zero.
17. to ignorant #10
Abu Muhammed ,   Al-Khaleel   (04.27.11)
i was born in Alquds (jerusalem) and i'm not allowed to go there since 10 years and i couldn't attend my grandmother funeral. and still we have some stupid people like bakri believe in peace with you.
18. Coordination for everyone or no one
Ilan ,   Ariel   (04.27.11)
How many Israeli Arabs have to coordinate their visits? And since when was a minor offense met with lethal force?
19. If I were Israeli Defence Minister
Vlad ,   Yerushalaim   (04.27.11)
I would have ordered to find and kill the Palestian officers who pariticapated in the slaughter of the Jewish pilgrims. These officers are no different than the HAMAS terrorists.
20. G-d gave that land to JEWS but he wants to grant permission
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.27.11)
under his terms to let the Jews in. Take the land back and keep it under IDF control for ever.
21. #17
Logic ,   Israel   (04.27.11)
Sorry to hear your story. Although I am pro-Israel and conservative in regards to the conflict, I'm not comfortable with the policies in regards to people like yourself who were born in Jerusalem and left and can understand your disappointment.
22. #14 David
Logic ,   Israel   (04.27.11)
If someone sneaks into the UK and gets shot by the police just for illegal entry, it's a police brutality crime. Enough with the double standards.
23. #14
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (04.27.11)
Look who is speaking. In 1982 the sunk the Crucero Belgrano in Argentina beaches. So please keep quiet little english boy and do not drink all night in the pub
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