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IDF discharges thousands of haredim
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 28.04.11, 08:12
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1. Draft dodging parasites !
Haim ,   Tel aviv   (04.28.11)
They are a burden to the state of Israel, they do not serve in the army they do not work or pay taxes. Yet we the hard working law obiding citizens of this country are expected to risk our lives and through our tax money fund this so called life style of theirs.
2. Considering their loyalties, it makes sense.
Josh   (04.28.11)
Anyone who follows unquestioning orders from Rabbis who more often than not state that the State should not exist and will be destroyed when the Messiah comes, have a conflict of interest. When Rabbis declare soldier rebellion instructions, what should an army do? Is division widening between state and the Askanazi and Sephardim dati. How long before the spatting in each other's eyes and the shadows start waring with each other? G-d only knows.
3. The should volunteer and serve if only for a year to
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.28.11)
train for battle. When another war comes, they can both pray and fight.
4. The needs are different today
Logic ,   Israel   (04.28.11)
This is an era where civilians are targeted during wars and conflict, not just soldiers, and therefore the "front" is everywhere. I think that Israel doesn't need all of them in the army, but the country needs emergency responders, fire fighters, earthquake rescue staff, and other types of life-saving personnel due to the changing nature of warfare. Such workers are going to have to run around outside during air raid sirens and put themselves at risk to help others. Therefore, civilian rescue service should become an alternative to military service, especially for the ultra orthodox.
5. #1
David ,   Tel Aviv   (04.28.11)
I am secular and made Aliyah when I was 27 and got an exemption from the army due to my age and also having kids, does that make me a parasite!!!!!! What good are these charedim to the Israeli Army? they may be parasitical in other ways, agreed, what do we need them in the army?
6. 4They would be perfect for ...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.28.11)
the job, you are suggesting,as, one of their moto s is: saving one life is like saving a whole world.
7. #1 let me explain, slowly
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (04.28.11)
Thanks to the Labour/Meretz governments, a situation existed that prevented Haredim from working and earning a living. Unlike the Leftist governments of Rabin, Barak, Sharon and Olmert who allowed this to continue as long as the Haredim supported the Fatah against the Zionists, Netanyahu has come up with a good solution that will solve the problem once and for all. Now explain, why would the IDF want to draft 28 year old married men with 3 or more children? Do you know what salary the army would have to pay them? And what job could they do? Instead, they receive an exemption so they can go out an get a job. What's the problem? Speaking of which, what do you think of musician Aviv Gefen?
8. Now they can get jobs!
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (04.28.11)
Yes I agree there should be more Haredim in the IDF but it's more important for them to be in the work force.
9. #7 Let me explain, even slower
Talula ,   Israel   (04.28.11)
Do you think the government will keep tabs on those that have been exempt from service? Do you think that Bituach Leumi are aware that they should be out looking for work and will therefore cut their benefits? NO! these parasites will not only NOT serve their country, they will go straight back to Yeshiva and sponge off the state. Was that clear enough for you?
10. hareidim exempted
moron ,   galut   (04.28.11)
obviously unfair to exempt them from civilian serviceand even more unfair to keep subsidizing anybody for not working but seculars keep re-electing pro-welfare parties..the idf needs to be expanded not shrunk
11. #1
michael   (04.28.11)
while you may have valid points the words that you use are very similar to the words Germans described Jews in Europe in the the 1930s and that is totaly unacceptable.
12. Govt discharge Haredim from army because
Ari   (04.28.11)
THEY DON'T WANT THEM THERE and make them all BTs as the few haredim who joined the army have been doing until now.
13. #9
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (04.28.11)
Your first question, yes: through employer tax, income tax and bituach leumi. Would you hire some haredi illegally so and when he gets injured you pay him damages? Would you hire him illegally on a cash basis or legally so that his salary comes off of your tax? As for enforcement of Bituach Leumi, you are right. Netanyahu has to clean out all of the Labor functionaries in Bituach Leumi and catch all the people who get kitzbot illegally: haredim, arabs and "single mothers" with boyfriends.
14. Parasites!
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.28.11)
The worse draft dodging parasites are the atheists that live in Tel-Aviv. They have the lowest percentage of National Service, far lower than the Haredim.
15. IDF discharges thousands of haredim
T. Weissman ,   Modiin   (04.28.11)
16. That Picture Says it All
Dan S. ,   USA   (04.28.11)
Welcome to the IDF... And these draft dodgers keep on walking and talking..
17. the haredi in our society is a burden to all of us.
jo   (04.28.11)
Parasites are not born, they are made. They are made by parasites in our Govt who think only of themselves, politics, and being reelected with a fat salary.
18. RABBI??? is that what Rabbi's are about?
Baily ,   Usa   (04.28.11)
Hate, and again Hate, Anti, and again Anti. Luckily , most people see through, this form of "Rabbi"
19. Should still be reguired!!
JHL ,   USA   (04.28.11)
Not a good move. Israel needs all of age to be capeable of helping in a martial situation. If you are afraid of these haredi getting killed, then stipulate that they must serve in IDF logistic positions. They will at least be trained and will be able to release those that have to fight to the front line positions.All need to share the burden of national service!
20. #9 even slower than you
naftali ,   new york   (04.29.11)
why do you think the haredim are pushing for the exemption? maybe it's because they want to legally work
21. to #5 I made alyah at age 26 and I
jason white ,   afula, israel   (04.29.11)
volunteered to be drafted early. I did a year and a half national service, then signed on for additional year.I then served in the artillery until I was 50. I went twice a year to reserve duty and left my late wife and my children for about a month and a half each year.After the age of 45,I volunteered to serve as a gunner every two years. You could have made alyah at a younger age. The I.D.F. should take people of all ages till 45 with or without children. I resent those that came here and did not serve. Those that deliberately waited till they were too old to serve.We can do without them as well as the hara-dim,leftists and others that do not serve.Why should we have risked life and limb to defend those that never served?
22. Gee #14: I'm not saying you're wrong
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (04.29.11)
but do you have any research or at least references for stating that the situation is much worse (vis a vis the IDF) in Tel Aviv amongst a certain (elite secular) class of people? I'd be interested in your response.
23. #22
R ,   Jerusalem   (04.29.11)
Haaretz, over the past several years, has posted articles of the IDF admitting that they have far more issues of secular Israeli's dodging the army than the Hareidim. Percentage-wise, most draft-dodgers are secular, according to the IDF themselves.
24. to #19 Why are we afraid of them getting
jason white ,   afula, israel   (04.29.11)
killed? Is their blood worth more than a Jew's? Let them go on the front lines if they are fit. If not, then let them spend time in a labor camp till they are strong enough to do basic training. No more exemptions, male or female, relious or not, Jew or non Jew. I.D.F. service or prison!
25. #10 Moron, a rather apt name
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (04.29.11)
Expand the IDF, leave the Galut and join up
26. Parasites?
Andy Kutnofsky ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.29.11)
The army is telling these Hareidi guys who want to serve that they cant - that makes them a parasite?!?- only to a brainwashed non-thinker! The kibbutz movement drained more money from the state than the Hareidim could ever dream of - if were talking about parasites - lets take an honest look at who those people are. Tip - look for the person shouting the loudest about OTHERS wasting money and being parasitic. These self hating jews that buy and make the left wing propaganda about the Hareidim are just trying to cover their own butt!
27. army
ray ,   zurich   (04.29.11)
I at the age of 36 married a jewish Israeli woman and 6months later as I was called up to the Israeli army.I am from N :Ireland and a christian.I felt proud to serve in the army of the country I decided to settle in. so I feel the Haredim should make some contribution to the State of Israel
28. Robert Haymond #22
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.29.11)
R. in #23 already answered the question. Tel-Aviv has the lowest rate of National Service of all the cities. The leftist neighborhoods have the lowest in the entire cities according to IDF reports. They have something like 57% draft dodgers, far exceeding the Haredim. I say this as a secular Jew myself.
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