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Paul Simon may perform in Israel
Or Barnea
Published: 29.04.11, 08:15
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1. Is he bringin' the shiksa, Edie? - also a good concert!
2. boycott and angry letter time
abdalla   (04.30.11)
3. isn't that George Costanza?
sam ,   tel aviv   (05.01.11)
...what i love about israeli's is that they think that somehow there is a connection between paul simon, ameican genius, american jew, and israelis - there is no connection - two separate breeds ...not that israelis are bad, but the culture, for many reasons but primarily the limited language, doesn't produce modern genius (unless of course you consider high tech and being able to download something off the net five seconds faster than last year (now that's the greatest of israeli hi-tech accompishments)
4. Please G!d ...
Amy ,   off rt 40   (05.02.11)
... let it be before the 17 of Tammuz ...
5. Please please before the "three weeks"
Elli ,   Modiin   (05.05.11)
6. abdalla
Raphael ,   Peduel, Israel   (05.05.11)
abdalla are you upset that yet another jewish boy has contributed so much to the world...?
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