Muslim Brotherhood form political party
Published: 30.04.11, 17:47
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BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (04.30.11)
This is another mess you two morons have created, converting a secular Eghptian Government into a Muslim fanatic state
2. Egypt gov Islamizes a la Turkey
Stephen in New York   (04.30.11)
The US and Israel are going to have a problem with an Islamist Egyptian government now in the process of coalescing a la Turkey. Notice how quick Obama was to throw Mubarak under the boss yet is now so reluctant to even suggest to Assad that the time has arrived for him to depart. A weak US foreign policy invites aggression.
3. Egypt, Americas bestest buddy
Avi W ,   Natanya   (04.30.11)
Now that Egypy is going Muslim Fundamentalist, opening up the Gaza strip, becoming great friends with Iran, getting ready to hang Mubarik, looking to cancel the peace treaty with Israel, how does Hussain Obama feel about continuing to give them Billions in military aid and high tech weapons that can easily find their way into Iran and other "not so friendly" people to the USA. Looks like Obama might have goofed when he pushed Mubarik out of power. Is he so smart now for staying silent about what Assad is doing is Syria? Just how smart is Hussain Obama?
GLENN ,   YUCAIPA,USA   (04.30.11)
5. New Brotherhood party not theocratic?
Joe ,   Canada   (04.30.11)
Who is going to believe this new propaganda trick intended to fool credulous electors in believing this party is democratic, secular & devoid of Islamist extremism? If it was true that the party was a "civil party" & if its motto was truly "Freedom & Justice" it would not need to exist: its members could just join a number of other parties who claim to promote the same political program. Just like its counterpart Hamas in Gaza the Muslim Brotherhood is taking the low profile posture to take advantage of (hopefully) democratic elections.
6. To # 3 Avi
David ,   On this planet   (04.30.11)
Everybody knew how Obama stood and what his policy was going to be. You can blame The Israeli left pushing the American Jews for putting him were he is now. All Those people need to be accountable
7. the new middle east might be different to the western dream
zionist forever   (04.30.11)
The Muslim Brotherhood will put up candidates for the parliament promising to cooperate with the seculars and not push any islamist policies. Once they are in power like all political parties they will use their new found powerbase to push their own agenda. They have said they won't put up a presidential candidate but of course for that one they will support El Bardei. He has denied being part of the MB and they have said he is not an official candidate of theirs but they have been backing him politically from the start. They want as many of their official people in the parliament and an unofficial candidate as president. Already most the Egyptians want the treaty with Israel renegotiated and they have broken their end of the deal agreed to when israel agreed to pull out of Gaza. The new Middle East might end up just as bad as the one thats falling apart.
8. obama hussains plan is going as planned..
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (04.30.11)
i hope the Egyptians teach obama hussain and the blind American 'leaders' a valuable lesson as 9/11 deosn't matter to America anymore. You sleep with rabid dogs you get rabies. Israel was the best friend the US could ever have hoped for and this is what the US does with their best friend. What a Disgusting White House. Israel stay strong!
9. to contest up to half of parliament seats
observer ,   Egypt   (04.30.11)
as greedy as me, I want to live on the moon.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (04.30.11)
They call the party the opposite of what it will be, "Freedom and Justice Party" yea, right. This will tell us a lot about the people of Egypt. But the key is this, when Hamas won in their election, the Fatah party made one huge mistake. They ran multiple candidates in each district. While Hamas only ran ONE candidate per district. This split the Fatah vote among two or three candidates. So if three Fatah guys each got 20% of the vote, for a total of 60%. But then Hamas with only 40% of the vote, won that district and the election. Even though 60% of the people actually voted for Fatah. So Egypt better learn from that, only run one secular candidate per district. Then at least we will know if the country is going fundamentalist or they just ran a stupid campaign. But of course this is if the elections are fair, Iran rigged their election so the theocracy would win. The Muslim Brotherhood as we all know is the best organized party in Egypt. So they could rig that election as well.
11. # 9
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.30.11)
Now sending you a rocket ship straight to the moon. Farewell, safe trip. Please stay there.
12. #1 BEN JABO
David ,   America   (05.01.11)
You are 100% correct! I am so ashamed of my Country. It is being run by idiots! Would someone please tell me how to go about asking for political asylum in Israel!!! I will serve in the IDF! I will clean the streets!
13. More details about the bogus "civil party"
Joe ,   Canada   (05.01.11)
According to media reports all board members of the new party were nominated by a council of the Muslim Brotherhood. So much about the claimed independance of the party from the Brotherhood. Declaring that the party is "civil" is the minimum the leadership had to state since current Egyptian forbids religious parties to participate in elections.
14. #1
Shmuel ,   Au   (05.01.11)
A tyrant that pillaged his country and people is overthrown and its Obama's fault. The whining of the Israelis is getting ridiculous. As their collaborators fall and former partners abandon them they whine and blame others. viewed from any angle Israel is one huge liability in a rapidly changing world.
15. Bye Bye Aswan Reservoir
Dallas ,   Canada   (05.01.11)
It was a good idea in its time.
16. on #2, stephen of NY
joel ,   usa   (05.01.11)
you hit the right spot and analysis, beinbg an international policeman doesn't mean you're always just & fair, sometimes you favor/invite your enemies to take hold?
17. wonder who is going to be the Egyptian
ghostq   (05.01.11)
Robespier, I smell free style human execution coming up.
18. In Israel we have Shas same thing different name
Avi ,   Israel   (05.01.11)
19. #12 David 2nd try
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (05.01.11)
Joining the IF isn't a form of penance, it's done with pride You can be certain you'll get your share of K.P., (Kitchen Police) You can clean the streets on your own time, training will take precedence
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