Welcome to Eurabia
Giulio Meotti
Published: 02.05.11, 11:04
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1. Nonsense
Kate ,   Jerusalem   (05.02.11)
"Anti-Semitism in Western Europe last year was “the worst since World War II", according to the Jewish Agency. It will only worsen in the future." Actually it went down 49% this year. In other words it halved. In 12 months. Hurrah. But don't let the facts get in the way of a bit of racist ranting. Shows the danger of daft linear projections (and none so daft as linear projections on population growth). Ilan Halimi's murder and torture were horrific. It was also more than five years ago. And are you suggesting that the people in the surrounding appartments didn't intervene because he was Jewish (any evidence that they even knew)? Rather more likely that they didn't do so out of fear for their own lives.
2. Couldn't happen to nicer people.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (05.02.11)
Europeans deserve this, this is a disaster of their own making. It's very fitting that this article appears on Yom Ha Shoah. The Europeans with their supposed ''enlightened'' values made possible the Holocaust. And, not just the Germans - all were enthusiastic supporters of the Final Solution, what country really helped Jews? Now they've traded Jews who contributed to every aspect of progress in Europe for Muslims who will turn them into Third World countries. So, while this is not a good development for us & I don't want to cut off my nose to spite my face, there is a certain justice in Europe's demise.
3. #1 and other thoughts
Sarah ,   Istanbul   (05.02.11)
The article is spot on Kate. After living in Paris for two years and Brussels for 4, I know that this article speaks the truth. I lived in Bagneux, right by where Ilan was so brutally murdered, and can honestly say that they didn't interfere because they do not want to get involved and do not care. French do not involve themselves in other people's business - they will look the other way when there is a fight on the street or someone suffering at the hands of another. The police are too scared to enter some neighborhoods (Bondy, etc. et des HLM) and people just know not to enter (Bagneux is not one of these places - I might add.) Anti-semitism is indeed very present in Europe and it is not going away. This is not racist ranting here. This article speaks the truth - but those of you who have never lived as a Jew in Europe will never understand this. The muslims behave as if they own the cities and the Europeans are so afraid of being labeled racist and also afraid of the backlash they will receive if they choose to react. Just go to Brussels - the black hole of Europe and you will see - the city is trashed, areas in which they are the majority are downtrodden and unsafe, etc. But those of you who are bleeding liberals and those who have never really lived in Europe will never fully comprehend the truth in this article. Good day.
4. Excellent article
Esteban ,   Argentina   (05.02.11)
Very realistic and frightening...No future for Europe. France and the UK will obtain what they deserve for they cowardice.
5. Multiculturalism will never work
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm   (05.02.11)
The west can continue pretending that this multicultural nightmare is going to work for another decade or two, but eventually it will fail and it wont be pretty. It will be Srebrenica all over again on a monumental scale. The longer our politicians oppress us and force multiculturalism upon us, the more angry the people will be once it finally explodes into an orgie of violence. This is Europe's history and its future. I suspect my country will be the last one to wake up and actually do something about it, nowhere in the west have i seen such political oppression of anyone daring to question multiculturalism and our press is about as free as in the Soviet Union.
6. Yet more anti European propaganda. Book based on polls and
Personal opinion.
7. One thing EU doesn't have is a Muslim leader like Obama.
Francine S ,   Israel   (05.02.11)
or a ground zero mosque. Muslims tried to build a mega mosque in London but that idea was crushed.
8. so true, so sad. excellent article
Scorpion   (05.02.11)
9. #1: WRONG! Aside: Europe is a Joke
EZ ,   USA   (05.02.11)
Anti-semitism dropped GLOBALLY BUT NOT IN EUROPE (Eurabia). In Europe, anti-semitism went UP not "halved" as you claim. But no thanks to people like you who've CAUSED the downfall of the free world. Moving on: we CAN see and expect to see the worst case scenario unfold and ofcourse it will be in Europe. Islam will war with the Europeans and it will make WW2 look like a cakewalk. But the US is CLEARLY ( please note the parting for bin Ladens death) and the OPEN expression of joy on hearing of his death and above all THE PRIDE. Any Muslim would and should be uncomfortable concerning this expression and overwhelming show of happiness concerning his death...underneath a very thin veil of tolerance lies an American with nothing but disdain for Islam: Islam will have ZERO place in America and THAT WILL NOT CHANGE. Wait tip tomorrow: the party is just beginning. As for Eurabia: it will be a disaster but ultimately, the Europeans will take it all back.
10. you are naive
Jacob ,   Jerusalem   (05.02.11)
It is naive people like you that allow the muslim takeover to happen. The point is not if its 30 or 60% muslims. The point is that they will have a major negative impact on european society. E.g. jews can not were kippot in Stockholm without risking to be assaulted.
11. Two excellent articles on this subject.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (05.02.11)
For those that are interested, here are two excellent articles on the Islamization of Europe, both at the Hudson-NY site. By Guy Milliere, ''France: ''Islamically Correct.'' By A. Millar, ''British Muslims Fear of Homosexuality.'' Both articles are well worth reading. As a matter of fact, if you search through the archives of the Hudson-NY site, you will find a great many articles describing the progressive Islamization of Europe, country by country.
12. The Four Horseman are now trotting.
Erudite ,   Australia   (05.02.11)
13. Europe can chock on them ..The same is happening
Al   (05.02.11)
here in Montreal Quebecstan. Quebec, the province that boasts the hightest level of anti-semitism in Canada and where PM Harper is villified because of his Pro-Israel stance will be the next 'Stan'. I urge all Canadian Jews to go out and vote for PM Harper today as never before.
14. Total Nonsense...
GR ,   London   (05.02.11)
I live in London, am a Jew - and this article is nonsense. FIrst, linear projections of population growth are totally useless. Also, a quote like "The Muslim Brotherhood runs most European mosques."....with NO source, no back up....come on Ynet - you are supposed to be serious journalists.
15. Yo Kate ! Denial is not a river in Egypt !
Yisrael ,   Jerusalem, ISRAEL   (05.02.11)
Open your eyes, or are you like our brothers and sisters on the Left in Israel, wilfully blind ?
16. I miss glenn beck
mapa ,   England   (05.02.11)
do you have your own tv show...
17. #7 rank idiocy
london guy ,   London   (05.02.11)
"EU doesn't have a Muslim leader like Obama" Obviously you also believe that he came from outer space and that Donald Trump and Sarah Palin represent the best of the US intellectual tradition. Let's just ask you a question: "Moslems tried to build a mega mosque in London but that idea was crushed".... Mega-mosque? Wow. Is that like a mega-synagogue? I live opposite a mosque, but I wonder if it is mega or just mini? Actually, it's not even worth responding as your comments simply reflect the fetid depths of a mind soaked in such crushing prejudice that I'm surprised that the person who wrote #7 doesn't simply implode with the weight of hatred. I should also add that if the article was in a newspaper screaming about EurJewia it would receive justifiable condemnation. Eurabia is a term penned by morons whose sad lives are defined by mirror version of Nazi ideology.
18. So , what do you suggest?
Salma ,   Palestine   (05.02.11)
a New European holocaust against Muslims !!!! Giulio Meotti, why do you hate Muslims so much ? even we the Palestinians , we do not hate Jews but hate some their actions. regardless of race, color, religion, it's always people actions you should judge them by.
19. Royal wedding in London sign UK not going Islam anytime soon
Peter G ,   Montreal, Canada   (05.02.11)
With the millions of people on the streets, British showing it's military muscle, admiration for the head of the church of the England- the queen. These population projections make no sense and are the extremest of examples to say they least. I was reading about these sharia courts, they don't have any legal ground. They have same power as a neighborhood counsel. If people marry in a sharia court in UK they have to go to a registers office for that wedding to be recognized by the state. This article is just bizarre hate mongering and obviously the idiotic tailbacks will go wild on this one.
20. #3 Europe is a very big place of 700 million people. Your
Adino Warrior   (05.02.11)
Experience of a Paris neighborhood is not a good reflection (or ever could be) of someone living over a thousand miles away in South of Spain or over in the Jewish homelands of North London. I say this as a Jew in the tiny place you call Europe and I love it and have no plans to "flee" my home any time soon
21. USA, a Hussein from Kenya is leader. Muslims build on 9/11
American Jane   (05.02.11)
Site and place of 3000 deaths. This mega muslim sight with overlook the city, in the heart of NYC. The USA doesn't keep a census of it's population or their religion and they may one day and see they had a rocketing Muslim population over the last decade and now it's too late. I can also write an article and cherry pick what I want to tall about to make a point and sway the audiences opinion.
22. article seems right
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (05.02.11)
but funny thing is title "we may be seeing last days of europe as we know it" question pops out, how do you know europe?
23. #18
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (05.02.11)
If you want to understand Meotti's writings, perhaps you should read his book where he explains his feelings very clearly.
24. I live in Brussels and this article is spot on !
Trumpeldor   (05.02.11)
I could not agree more on this frightening,truthful and well well written article !
25. #18 If the muslims didn't hate jews so much
Yossef   (05.02.11)
the jews would be less afraid by muslims. This paper, and some other ones, is just the expression of the fear of jews in front of the rise of this intolerant Islam. It's so clear that I don't understand that you don't understand. Salma, we never called to kill muslims. We just want to live our lives without anybody talking us how to live and to whom to pray, and the way to pray. We are a free people, proud of our history and tradition, but we prefer death to conversion. History proved it.
26. Population numbers
Bertram ,   London, UK   (05.02.11)
I am depressed but not surprised by this article. The misuse of statistics is at best a sign of ignorance and at worst designed to to foment hatred and fear. It is possible, for example, that the growth on the Muslim populations of Europe might be a consequence of the current young age profiles of those populations i.e. the high birth rates are related to the fact that there are significantly higher numbers of women of child-bearing age. And, guess what? As time goes on, these populations will will become older, the proportion of women of child-bearing age will decline and thus the rate of the birth rate increase will also decline. The Jewish population of the UK in and around 1900, with large families and a high birth rate was viewed in a similar fearful manner, yet 100 years later the population was actually shrinking!
27. #17 I think she means the mega mosque that was to be by the
Olympic site. Google it. Ynet also gave it "extensive coverage"
28. #10 My father wears his kippah all the time in Stockholm and
Tal ,   Stockholm   (05.02.11)
Was never assaulted. This article is total rubbish, it just seems to massage Americans egos that they are better than Europe. The only people who will believe this are those who don't travel or understand life outside America - apart from headlines
29. Not all muslims are terrorists
Daniel   (05.02.11)
Europe should open its doors to muslims. Their culture is different but not imcompatible with christian culture. Can't we all just mix freely and get along? Don't all muslims and christians believe "Do unto others as you will have them do to you". Imagine a world of muslims and christians mixed up together in a great mixing pot. Now that is a safe and happy world! Israel has 1 million muslims and is doing fine with them.
30. #23 no thank you,
Salma ,   Palestine   (05.02.11)
I'm too young to get high blood pressure.
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