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Survivors give up precious relics
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Published: 02.05.11, 14:46
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1. Sorry, I can't get onboard with this
Talula ,   Israel   (05.02.11)
Why doesn't Yad Vashem show some compassion to these people that want to hang on to their pitiful memories of their loved ones. Why can't they seal them and frame them and hand them back, so these survivors feel they have something, instead of nothing. They can respectfully request that survivors bequeath them their letters and pictures when it's time for them to leave us. That's more dignified than taking their belongings while they are still alive.
2. Painful but necessary?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.02.11)
Why not give a copy of precious family letters to Yad Vashem?
3. When People Die
RickD ,   USA   (05.03.11)
most of their personal belongings are thrown away. It's best that they give them to yad vashem today, while they're still alive and can make the choice themselves and can clearly identify what they are donating. While these items are personal they are also relics of the holocaust and should be preserved. I support yad vasham in this.
4. 1. What a great idea.
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