Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Symbol dies, Jihad lives on
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 02.05.11, 13:54
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1. failed to capture
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (05.02.11)
It is interesting that Ben Yishai reports that the American commandos tried to capture Bin Laden. The reports are that they executed Bin Laden and his wife, and later dumped his body in the sea to prevent his grave from becoming a holy site. It will be interesting to see the unedited footage of the helmet-mounted cameras.
2. A few questions
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.02.11)
I greatly respect the work of Ron Ben Yishai but I would raise a few questions about this article. As another talkback has indicated the reports coming from the United States say that the Americans mission goal was to kill Bin- Laden not to capture him. This makes a great deal of sense.Capturing him and trying him makes him more of a 'martyr'. Dumping him in the sea is just that. On another point. I would not be so sure that this action does not greatly boost Obama's chances for re-election. He has bungled in his handling of Middle East affairs but that bungling will not much be considered by most Americans. Bin- Laden dead will be seen as a major accomplishment for him and disproof of all the talk about his being a 'hidden Muslim' and a 'non- American' etc. The Economy may be more important but this will certainly help him. I would also note that it is to be hoped that he will be take note of the 'Hamas' reaction to this operation.
3. Osama enjoying life while his men suffers
Asher ,   Malaysia   (05.02.11)
What a disappointment. While his followers are enduring desert heat fighting the crusaders, Osama is having his honeymoon with his youngest wife on some mountain resort.
4. I bet obumma will be paying compensation to the wife & kids
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.02.11)
for his targeted assassination. Remember he had four wives and a whole batch of kids, that could get expensive.
5. Like the House on Garibaldi Street
RickD ,   USA   (05.02.11)
Eichmann was captured, not killed by operators, but he was also living in plain sight in a city. Osamma lived with his wife and son in a house in the city. Maybe he needed medical care. Eichmann actually worked for a living in Argentina. Both were detected and captured/killed due to tireless intelligence work and skilled operators. If Osamma were living in a cave in the mountains he probably would still be free.
6. Go get Nasrallah
ETF ,   Washington, DC   (05.03.11)
I hope Israel this gets motivated to take out Nasrallah. He has it coming...
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