Bin Laden – the conspiracy?
Published: 03.05.11, 14:15
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1. This article lacks a sidebar linking to
seadog1946 ,   ArthurKill, NJ   (05.03.11)
stories of Yeti, Elvis sightings and an eyewitness account from mushroom eating hikers who encountered a burning bush on Jebel Musa.
2. Muslim-Arab conspiracy theories are then being shared as the
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (05.03.11)
Muslim-Arab "narrative" and used by them as a substitute for properly researched historic accounts. Sadly, some in the west fall for these "narratives" and conduct their public affairs accordingly....!!
3. WHo's got such a loT of time to do this?
Daniel ,   Israel   (05.03.11)
They all have such dreams; if Israel relaxes a bit...........
4. WIOW! the map thing is really interesting!
Talula ,   Israel   (05.03.11)
Maybe Osama was really an in the closet-self-hating-Jew who really wished he could live in Jerusalem...NOT!
5. I love how they add in other conspiracys to muck it up.
Josh   (05.03.11)
The addition of aliens might also help discredit those who can see this as a poorly scripted and poorly executed hoax. After note-gate at the Kotel with Obama and the prerelease issues, what more can we expect for a election promotion. Obama and the bought elections are bunk and Osama should have a ton of true autopsy photos to throw at the media. Something is queered up. Now the media adds all kinds of nutty stuff together and the people who say things must be either black or white people will toss the baby out with the bathwater. Give us more credit than that. Osama's latest death appears to be a hoax with or without tossing in Elvis is alive claims.
6. And...
Ram ,   London   (05.03.11)
the walls represent Allenby Street, Herbert Samuel and Carmel Market. The small white square is Gordon swimming pool.
7. so what the media is revealing.
Jason ,   Australia   (05.03.11)
Terrorist has no place in heart of Jerusalem he is destiny was in hands of G*D.
8. He's with Elvis
Marty ,   Toronto Canada   (05.03.11)
Osama IS STILL ALIVE - he's working with Elvis at my local Burger King.
9. lol thats funny french media is saying this not arabs
deutronomy 28 ,   world   (05.03.11)
i gotta give it to the west and obama they really know how to distract their people from whats important, their national huge debt.... as if like killing ben laden will feed their children in the middle of the europena bankruptcy or the staggering 14 trillion dolar debt, but hey if the american and european people are that dumb we can only watch and laugh LOL
10. Looks more like the DEAD Sea
David S ,   South   (05.03.11)
11. Gee, you wonder why there's conspiracy theories all over...
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.03.11)
... the place. Obama got Osama. Take out the "b" from Obama and the "s" from Osama, what do ya got? B.S. They knew of him being there since August 2010 and waited until the royal wedding and the Nato attack on Gaddafi to attack him. Come on! They didn't arrest him, put him on trial and show his humiliation like Saddam. Come on! They dumped his body in the river without showing the world proof. Come on! Obama does this stunt while his approval ratings are the lowest they've ever been with an election coming up. Think about it, please. Kadima did the same thing with operation Cast Lead and lost the war and the election. :^P Shame on the willingly ignorant who allow politicians and the media to walk all over them. Why on Earth wouldn't anybody in their right mind have any doubt, especially when they dumped the most wanted terrorist's body in the sea before showing it to the world. Their actions are begging for conspiracy theories. You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes or Batman to know somethings up.
12. obama's re-election is not a conspiracy theory
tom ,   toronto, canada   (05.03.11)
the actual operation was real enough, and risked the lives of some 40 highly trained soldiers. but not all successful military operations are announced by the president himself. the announcement, with the little leaks to the press (and to the israeli ambassador), and pre-empting the evening news, was more than a little politically motivated. and the posed picture of the staff watching the operation, from the white house "situation room", was as theatrical as any state propaganda could be. the fact is that obama's popular support is reaching all-time lows, and he is up for re-election in 18 months. a little posturing in front of the flag for the cameras couldn't hurt his political career.
13. Message to the FRENCH:
Morris ,   Manchester, UK   (05.03.11)
Say "NO ! " to drugs
14. Proof
john   (05.03.11)
Do you know why the U.S. government released a statement saying Bin Laden was killed by U.S. Special Forces? Because he was killed by U.S. Special Forces. Everyone loves a conspiracy, though...especially the ones who think they're so analytically gifted when in fact they're slightly crazy. Bin Laden is dead.
15. Now he's in the Dead Sea
J   (05.03.11)
16. idiots
aaron ,   sweden   (05.03.11)
17. idiots
aaron ,   sweden   (05.03.11)
Guess what conspiracy nuts, the Us doesn't owe you any proof. As if any amount of proof would convince you anyway. Al Qaeda knows he's dead and that's the most important thing.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (05.03.11)
What would it take to convince all the doubters out there, that what has been reported, is in fact true? I'm curious.
19. JSS News is an Israeli site in French not a French site
Omer   (05.03.11)
Jonathan Simon Sellem is a French-Israeli Jew living in Tel Aviv and linked to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Please check your facts.
20. He was seen walking on Santa Monica beach with Michael
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (05.03.11)
Jackson last night. They were surrounded by the group of young boys.
21. Fingerprints, toeprints and footprints
sk ,   USA   (05.03.11)
U.S. Navy Seals should have made 10 inked fingerprints, 10 inked toe prints and 2 inked footprints and saved for posterity.
22. #18 - query about how to convince the hardcore
seadog1946 ,   ArthurKill, NJ   (05.03.11)
"doubting Thomas"s... I guess that they would have to... touch the wound?
23. ben laden and michelle
feygeh sarah friedma ,   jeruslaem, israel   (05.03.11)
re ben laden: to discard the body like that and give rise to doubt is undoubtedly one of the stupidist actions obama could have taken. no one believes this even happened. re michelle. i would love to know where the Lady went to in her bright red dress and her 2 children in a u.s. 737. shopping? how much did that cost us?
24. They should have stuffed him
Raphael ,   Netanya   (05.03.11)
Now, with no material evidence, Bin Laden will be worshipped as a new Mahdi, ascending in the sky not on the back of a winged horse, but on a flying fish.
25. if it was a conspiracy it would cost obama the election
zionist forever   (05.03.11)
What happens when Bin Laden released his next tape to tell the world he was alive and well? It would eventually find its way onto Facebook or some other internet site so Obama wouldn't be able to cover it up for long. The American people would be furious that their president tried to take them for fools and there would be no forgiving him. I imagine some die hard Democrats would decide not to vote rather than vote Obama. He would also be the laughing stock of global politics. The Democrats might consider Obama a liability and pressure him to withdraw from the election let them put up Hillary. There is no logic to doing this now if its all a conspiracy and Obama wants to use it to make political capital. Today is May 2011 but the election isn't till November 2012 by which time nobody will be interested in a dead Bin Laden anymore so that short term boost in the polls Obama can probably get from this would be wasted. There is no conspiracy here Navy SEALS killed Bin Laden and Obama watched it on tv in the White House. They are also the ones who deserve the praise not Obama.
26. The conspiracy deepens - it also resembles B2 bomber
William ,   Israel   (05.03.11)
and a UFO and a diagonally-cut peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the crusts! Oh my - the world is ruled by Zionists!!
27. Bin Laden killed by Space Aliens who arrived on UFOs sent by
Barry Chamish ,   Florida   (05.03.11)
Bin Laden killed by Space Aliens who arrived on UFOs sent by the Pope. And I can PROVE it!
28. The people that don't read Hebrew
Daniel ,   Israel, Be'er-Sheva   (05.03.11)
are soooooo missing out! The Hebrew comments to this artical are the funniest thing I read in a while. I would've translate some of it, but I'm too lazy ~
29. I am worried about the sharks
zionist forever   (05.03.11)
When they eat Bin Laden will they get food poisoning?
30. #18 one question...
Mark ,   Usa   (05.03.11)
You asked, what would it take, i'll venture an answer, when the french finish finding black boxes on the bottom of atlantic ocean, these conspiracy theorists can contract the search for obl body. Or in same conspiracy proof venue to shut these folks up, how about terrestial based telescope photo of neil armstrong's foot print on the moon
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