Bin Laden – the conspiracy?
Published: 03.05.11, 14:15
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31. Another Possible Reason...
Chaya ,   Los Angeles CA , USA   (05.04.11)
The timing of this announcement is more than a little suspicious. Obama just released a photo of his "real birth certificate". But his lawyers were still due in court on Monday to answer questions pertaining to his eligibility to be President. Even though he showed the alleged B.C. doesn't clear up the matter, because if he was adopted by his muslim Indonesian step-father, that would make him a dual citizen of the U.S. and Indonesia. In that case he would still not be considered a "natural born citizen" of the U.S. So what better way to take the media attention off of the court hearing, etc. ?????
32. Bin Laden – the conspiracy?
wisrr ,   addis   (05.04.11)
At least there need to be specific co-ordinate mentioned, when a location is discussed, even if it is fake.
33. So, Those Who Don't Believe are Crazy?
Sharan ,   Netanya   (05.05.11)
Really??? Why do all people have to agree with those of you who think it really happened... where is the proof? And why would they throw the body overboard into the ocean????? Does not make any sense at all. So excuse me, I'm completely sane, but don't buy the media b-ll sh-t!
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