Hamas, Fatah sign truce deal
Elior Levy
Published: 04.05.11, 20:06
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31. Pals trying to get UN to impose their demands on Israel
Sam ,   Canada   (05.04.11)
Hamas thinks diplomacy is a waste of time but is giving Fatah a chance to sucker the UN into boycotts and sanctions on Israel to get territory. if that doesn't work then Fatah can join Hamas in terror. That's what Palestinian unity means here. Palestinian unity doesn't change the situation on the ground which Israel controls. Preferably, Jews won't lose their minds with left and right extremes.
32. Israel
Joe ,   Soddy Daisy   (05.04.11)
According to Psalm 83 all of Israel's next door neighbors will unite in an effort to wipe Israel completely off the map. But Israel will soundly defeat them and capture their lands as well. Enemies like Hezbollah, Lebanon, the Palestinians, Hamas, etc. will cease to exist, and the lands they now occupy will once again belong to Israel. (Many people don't realize that even the land of Lebanon was originally given to Israel and will belong to Israel again in the Millennium.)
33. Mabrook !! Guess who gets to stay under lock and key??
Joe F.   (05.04.11)
34. #28,,,, Sarah....
Dana Rothschild ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.04.11)
How long are we giving this "truce deal"? a month? three? 6 months??? at the most I think.... :)))))
35. Dana Rothschild #34
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (05.04.11)
The longest any truce has lasted is a matter of hours.
36. Arab MKs
MnEd ,   USA   (05.04.11)
Living in the relative security of the US, it is clearly not my place to question the Israeli political system/policies. On this one occasion, however, I think I will not take my own advice. Are you people nuts! You have Israeli MK Mohammed Barakeh stating that Hamas’ condemnation of the killing of bin Laden was “unfortunate.” Unfortunate? My burning my toast this morning is unfortunate, having to sit through two red lights in order to make a left turn is unfortunate, supporting one of the most evil individuals in modern time (i.e., by Hamas) is a heck of a lot more damning that “unfortunate” as it clearly tells the world what side of the equation you are on. What does it say when your elected MKs cannot even force themselves to denounce evil in its purest form? So, I ask you again, are you people nuts? Help me out here.
37. #13 Trevor, Israel
Wednesday 4th May   (05.04.11)
Tell your children the truth. Their goals are murder of the westerners all because of JEALOUSY of our freedom. The so-called palis have heads as thick as shit in the neck of a bottle, and there's not ONE country other than the warmongers and those same ones wanting to rule the world. Yiu NEVER WILL so get USED TO IT you idiots. I'm beginning to think you are all palestinians!
38. 32 - Israel
Smartie me!   (05.04.11)
Woohoo, Joe, Soddy Daisy - 1000% correct. Only sorry I won't be around to see it. But there's still a God and a wonderful new home in Heaven. The Bible promises it and I believe God's Word!
39. with who should we side with terrorists or settlers?
ygalg ,   israel   (05.04.11)
tough decision...what woudl that be... well let see they are bin laden's groupies...fundamentalists...should that be difficult to make a decision with whom we are siding? come on enough is enough we knew that this peace porcess was but a delusion perpetuated by the left wingers. we knew it from the start. now that it is out to the public we don't need to persue the imaginary peace. as long this ideology from 7 century dictates there will be no peace.
40. Palestinians are so delusional!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (05.04.11)
From reading some talkbakcs here and on other sites, it amazes me to see how delusional Palestinian supporters are! This truce means nothing! These thus will always vie for power and Israel will always keep a weary eye on them. Palestinians have never and will never want peace, period! They teach their children to hate Jews and that there is one Palestine from the river to the sea. Sorry Palis, ur state and your victory are nowehre in sght!
41. Abbas
Crazy Future.   (05.04.11)
Very soon it's going to be a very sad day for the Palestinians. I have no time for 'make-believe' people, still, I do feel sorry for them. I feel nothing for abbas as I think that one of these days ----- well who knows, maybe he will meet with an "accident". Nothing surprises me with arabs.
42. To: Dana at No. 34
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.04.11)
Apparently their very first squabble occurred as they were getting ready to make their joint announcement! Scorpions in a bottle ....
43. To: MnEd at No. 36
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.04.11)
Barakeh is an Arab. Like many Israeli Arabs -- especially the MKs -- he routinely bites the hand that feeds him. We're not nuts; we're giving them enough rope to hang themselves. The Arab representatives in the Knesset need to understand that they are not immune from prosecution; heaven knows they've committed enough treasonous acts in the past. Treason is one of only two crimes under Israeli law that carry capital punishment -- the Israeli electorate is moving increasingly to the right, and I wouldn't rule out taking out and dusting off the treason statute. It's about time, too.
44. Temporarily united in hatred, terrorism and bloodshed.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.04.11)
45. to # 35...
Dana Rothschild ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.04.11)
I am generous.... I can afford it... :)
46. #36 MnED
GOOD ,   USA/Israel   (05.04.11)
MK Mohamed Barakeh is an Israeli, Arab MK. I think that by now just the fact that his name is Mohamed should ring a bell in your head. So, it is an Arab MK commenting on Hamas' condemnation of Bin Laden's killing. Got it?
47. To Sarah B, #43
MnEd ,   USA   (05.04.11)
Hope you're right. I can't imagine any other country putting up/supporting such treasonous actions by government officials.
48. crummy neighbourhood
Leah ,   Israel   (05.04.11)
"Balad Party Chairman MK Wasil Taha said the truce is the answer to anyone plotting against the Palestinian people" . More conspiracy theories? Who's plotting against you? Israel is a technological western superpower in a crummy neighbourhood, surrounded by self-inflicting third world countries and a terrorist entity calling itself a "people".
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (05.04.11)
Abbas calls this Palestinian unity but it's nothing of the sort;it's Fatah-Hamas unity and is an attempt to set up a one party state while pretending that it's a democracy. If I were a Palestinian Arab living in the West Bank or Gaza Strip,I'd be really worried about what this new coalition has in store for me.Abbas and Mashaal are assuming that Fatah/Hamas will always have control and power and they'll make sure that they do by any means.Abbas and Mashaal are the Palestinian Arabs' Assad and Gaddafi and they'll deal with real democratic movements in the same way. For me the most telling aspect of this tawdry affair is that it gives Abbas the excuse to put-off PA and 'Presidential' elections for several months more,right into next year,assuming that they take place,which I doubt unless all democratic movements are suppressed first.This gives Abbas more opportunity to pose on the world stage as a respectable,peace loving President/diplomat whereas he is in fact an unelected unreformed terrorist posing as a President. Watch out,West Bank Arabs,you're about to find out the real meaning of repression. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
50. The hoax about P.A. & Fatah being "moderate" blown sky high.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.04.11)
Having the P.A. and Fatah presented as "moderates" and "peace partners" was always a ridiculous hoax. The P.A. and Fatah have maimed and murdered far more Jews than Fatah. Moreover, the P.A. and Fatah Covenants, like Hamas', call for Israel to be destroyed. As do their media, schools, public squares and their entire society. Let us NEVER AGAIN tolerate any attempts to paint the P.A. and Fatah as "moderate". This hoax has blown sky high.
51. Are you kidding me?
Standing Tall ,   USA   (05.04.11)
52. to Salma 5
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (05.05.11)
How long will unity between Hamas and Fatah last-you Arabs are incapable of peace even amongst yourselves ,let alone with Israel.You Salma don't know how well off you are living in Israel and posting treasonous comments.
53. Truce with pre-condtions
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (05.05.11)
Both sides have their weapons locked and loaded, ready for immediate use if the romance doesn't work out
54. So what now?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (05.05.11)
All smiles in front of the camera? Now what? Unless Hamas accept a 2 State Solution as a all Palestinians not just those from Gaza will be forever condemned to having no future My reading though is that one of the reasons Hamas has joined with Fatah is to ensure that Iran and other extremist forces inside Gaza do not take hold as they were beginning to do and that despite the rhetoric they might be inclined to get into negotiations with Israel My contacts in Gaza say that Hamas and in particular Mashaal are concerned that they distance themselves from Hezbollah and Iran in the expectation that that 'entity' is about to come crashing down leaving them freer to conduct affairs for the people of Gaza rather than Ahmadinejad of Iran
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