Syrian troops start withdrawal from Daraa
Associated Press
Published: 05.05.11, 12:50
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1. I just don't understand why Islam kept quiet
Talula ,   Israel   (05.05.11)
while hundreds and hundreds of Arabs in Muslim countries were slaughtered by their own governments. And how utterly strange that a Fatwa was issued for the death of someone who published a stupid cartoon about Mohammed - and, more recently, Muslim threats to revenge the killing of Osama, but for all the hundreds that were killed, and for the people responsible? NOTHING! And we are supposed to swallow the poppycock that Isam is a peaceful religion? Au contraire, it is being used by violent misfits who use the Koran as justification.
2. Just keep full eyes on the border.
Ypip ,   Canada   (05.05.11)
3. Assad should have tried to buy off the public not sent tanks
zionist forever   (05.05.11)
When will these idiot dictators learn that a harsh response is not the best way to deal with your own people. In Egypt it started small scale Mubarak had the police using maximum force to stop them. The more violence he used the more the protestors joined the anti Mubarak crowd until it reacher a point when there was so much opposition to his reign he could no longer hold onto power. In Syria the protests are small scale, Assad even thought he had avoided the revolts other arabs leaders faced and even boated it could never happen here. His reaction to protests was heavy handed and so they spread and it looks like Assad has now reached a point of no return because of his idiocy. If he had only tried to buy them off he might have stopped all this while he had time. I have no love of Assad but for Israel is probably better off with the enemy we know especially because the west will be turning on Israel big time in an attempt to bring the so called moderates to power. The new Syrian government wants the Golan, a share of Kineret water, US weapons. The west will probably say we must back their demands and force Israel give Syria what they want. Israel will always be the one the west turns on if they want things from the arabs and this will probably be no different.
4. Syria
Derek Roma ,   Antwerpen Belgium   (05.05.11)
No Western power is rushing to help the pro-democracy protesters of Syria who are dying in their hundreds day by day. And the verbal condemnations coming from Washington and European capitals are soon buried under layers of inaction.
5. 4-the 'west' is a figment of your imagination, no doubt.
Ypip ,   Canada   (05.05.11)
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